Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List

Own the lobby in Battlefield 2042 by using the best weapons. Here is the best Battlefield 2042 weapon tier list to give you an overview.

Battlefield has always been the face of chaotic shooters. Sometimes it might be a little daunting when you get into it for the first time.

With the newest title, “Battlefield 2042”, the genre went on more futuristic gameplay which means the weapon variety is sure to leave you in awe.

There might be a slight difference from the usual weapons in other Battlefield games, but that’s why we’re here. This “Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List” will surely help you choose your go-to weapon to dominate the battlefield with.

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Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List S Tier

Best weapons in the game so far, these are just asking to be nerfed.

Weapon Type Description
PP-29Submachine GunPP-29 is what can be considered an assault rifle among the SMGs. It has the longest range in that group of weapons and immense damage. This weapon will most likely see a nerf coming up very soon.
SVKMarksman RifleThis is a great weapon for all the sniper lovers out there. SVK just shreds through the health pool with the base damage of 60 and headshot damage of 90. This gun can kill with one headshot or two body shots.
MP9Submachine GunSMG with a high rate of fire that can be combined with a large magazine. This gun is perfect for rushing into combat and just holding the fire button while the enemies fall to the ground.

Be careful of the low range it has. The MP9 is great at a range radius of about 5m(16ft).


Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List A Tier

Great weapons that can come close to the top tier weapons with only slight downsides.

Weapon Type Description
AK-24Assault RifleGreat magazine size and damage. This gun has everything needed to be great. The issue is the spread just ruins every AR weapon. But putting some time into learning this weapon will be efficient.
LCMGLight Machine GunLCMG is a great pick for all the LMG lovers out there. Properly equip it, and you’ve got a perfect weapon that goes on pair with top tier SMG weapons.
SWS-10Sniper RifleSWS-10 is just a perfect sniper rifle. We could say that it’s the best one in the game at the moment. High damage and great bullet velocity, this weapon is great for all the sniper lovers.
MCS-880ShotgunRush into the enemy lines and just watch them fall with one perfect shot. This is why we all love shotguns. This gun doesn’t disappoint. If you like that type of playstyle, you won’t find a better weapon for it.
K-30Submachine GunK-30 is a great SMG that just falls a bit lower than the other two in the higher tier. Great rate of fire, but the damage falls a bit short.


Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List B Tier

Viable weapons which might leave you at a disadvantage if not used right.

Weapon Type Description
DXR-1Sniper RifleDXR-1 could go in pair with SWS-10, except its bullet velocity is the only thing that kind of takes it back a step. Its stats are almost the same but the SWS-10 is just a bit better, and that is why DXR-1 sits a tier under it.
MP28PistolCurrently the best pistol in the game. It boasts a high rate of fire and great damage.
M5A3Assault RifleThe issue Assault Rifle weapons have is the spread. This weapon can be really good, but the problem is the spread being just too wide to be viable. This makes the weapon very unpredictable.
12M AUTOShotgunAutomatic shotgun, some will love, some will hate. It has high damage and is just made for the aggressive playstyle.
PKP-BPLight Machine GunA light machine gun that kind of stays in the shadow of its better option, the LCMG. Their stats are pretty close to each other, but PKP falls back when it comes to damage.


Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List C Tier

These weapons do not stand out. They can be fun to use but aren’t as good as other weapons in higher tiers.

Weapon Type Description
NTW-50Sniper RifleThis weapon can be considered as a sniper rifle, but the gameplay shows different. It is mostly used for dealing with vehicles. The problem comes with the fire rate and bullet drop. They are quite hard to master, so the gun might take a bit more skill.
DM7Marksman RifleDM7 is a mediocre DMR that doesn’t do a lot of damage. It can be fun to play, but picking this weapon can be a drawback if going for the optimal loadout.
PBX-45Submachine GunA solid SMG that just does what they do the best, stay in the close range, and spray the enemy. It is not as overpowered as the other SMG weapons, but it is not bad either.
AC-42Assault RifleAC-42 can be great in hands of an experienced player. The problem comes with all of the burst fire weapons. Missing shots is way more punishing and requires a bit more practice. Otherwise, this weapon can be good.
M44PistolIf you like using the magnum, this is your go-to probably. M44 has great damage but requires a lot of practice to be used efficiently.
G57PistolProbably the worst of the pistols. G57 has the least amount of damage, and its only positive is the magazine size.


Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List D Tier

Weapons that will surely keep you at a disadvantage, there are far better options.

Weapon Type Description
VCARMarksman RifleVCAR sits on the same bench as DM7. They both are just mediocre DMR weapons with not much to show. The only exception is that the DM7 is just a bit better.


Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List F Tier

In a state that these weapons are, using them is a really bad idea.

Weapon Type Description
SFAR-M GLAssault RifleThis weapon is just asking for a buff. With the bad AR spray this game has, having more downsides just puts it down a lot. You’re better off using any other weapon.
GVT 45-70Marksman RifleLooking to bring back that old-school feel to the new generation of weapons? Well, this lever-action rifle will kind of leave you hanging. It has nothing much going for it and should be used only for fun.

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