New World Weapon Tier List

Use the best weapons in New World and dominate your games! Here's the ultimate and most up-to-date New World Weapon tier list for PvP and PvE.

New World is a fairly new MMO that’s based around PvP and PvE. Knowing the type of gameplay you wish to follow will be a bit easier after looking at this weapon tier list.

The gap between the weapons is not that big and is mostly made by some minor differences. Every weapon can be good if you put your time into it and play around its strengths and weaknesses.

Having all of this said, this tier list will help you choose the best weapon to compliment your playstyle and grab on to those small advantages each of them gives.

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New World PvP Weapon Tier List

These weapons are ranked in a way that they give you the best damage to mobility ratio. The stronger weapons usually fall behind when it comes to mobility, and that goes vice-versa for the mobile weapons, which lack in damage. 

Some top tier weapons are also used for their unique abilities that don’t follow the rule of damage and mobility.

This Tier List will most definitely bring you the best outcome when going for the PvP playstyle. Keep in mind that no weapon is bad when handled by an experienced player, so don’t be discouraged if your favorite is ranked below others. All you need is some time and practice to use their best potential.


New World PvP Weapon Tier List S Tier

Best weapons in the game for PvP. These will give you some fair advantage over others.

HatchetAs in any other MMO, heals are crucial for fighting and staying alive. That’s where Hatchet comes into play. This weapon can lower the effects of heals while still being a force to be reckoned with when it comes to damage and mobility. 
Ice GauntletIce Gauntlet has a lot of variety. It can crowd control enemies and dish out a lot of damage. On top of all that, being able to regenerate a lot of mana and become invulnerable with the Entombed ability is something that can’t be overlooked. This is a great weapon, and you can’t go wrong with it.
Life StaffAn overpowered weapon in duels, Life Staff is great for those players who wish to go for more of a support-type role. Heals and buffs that it gives are a must-have for keeping the frontline and yourself alive.


New World PvP Weapon Tier List A Tier

Great weapons that really can be top tier but only minor differences are holding them back a tier.

RapierRapier is great for providing a lot of damage combined with huge speed. It also gives you the ability to evade, which can be used for attack canceling and other mechanics. The problem is that rapier lacks in range, so knowing how to use it takes a bit of time.
Great AxeThis weapon has massive amounts of damage, a lot of crowd control, and healing. The fact that it can track enemies so well makes this weapon great.
Sword and ShieldIf you want to be tanky, this weapon is great for you. Sword and Shield have great single-target damage and the ability to stay in the fight for long amounts of time.


New World PvP Weapon Tier List B Tier

Weapons that are viable and have their advantages but are not quite the best options or they require a lot of practice to be used at full potential.

BowBow excels at single target damage. It is versatile and safe because of the range it gives you. High AoE and headshot damage are what makes this weapon so good.
War HammerMassive damage but lacks in mobility. War Hammer can be used for a lot of crowd control and uninterruptable attacks that can bring you victory under the right conditions.


New World PvP Weapon Tier List C Tier

These are good weapons that can be used in combinations with other weapons. They are mostly in this tier because of their requirements or small disadvantages.

Fire StaffFire staff is usually combined with other weapons to be a great pick. This weapon deals a lot of damage and has great potential when used well. The only problem is that it needs to be leveled up to be good.
MusketA great long-range weapon that some players will love because of their ability to aim well. The downside comes when players are not that experienced, and the weapon just can’t output a lot of damage due to players not hitting headshots.


New World PvP Weapon Tier List D Tier

Good weapons that can be used, but they require you to be experienced to use them well.

SpearReally fun weapon to use because of the long range it has. Spear has a lot of crowd control, but mobility is where it lacks. It is quite slow, and that can be a game changer in some situations.

New World PvE Weapon Tier List

Weapons in this type of playstyle can be used for quicker leveling or getting the most of the raid experience. Due to AI not being as hard as other players, PvE can be a great place to practice weapons you like without paying attention to the drawbacks.

With that being said, some weapons excel at PvE more than PvP. If that’s what you’re going for, this tier list will help you choose the best option.


New World PvE Weapon Tier List S Tier

Best weapons in the game when it comes to PvE content. Can’t go wrong with picking any of these.

Great AxeThis weapon allows you to do massive amounts of AoE damage and sustain yourself. The amount of damage this weapon deals compliments the sustain it gets from lifesteal, which makes it a great pick when playing as a frontliner.
War HammerWar Hammer is mostly used in PvE due to the amount of crowd control it has. Paired with massive amounts of damage, this weapon is a great pick.
Life StaffAs in any MMO, a weapon that can bring a lot of heals and buffs is a must have. Life Staff gives you the most out of that with the ability to keep yourself and other players alive. It’s pretty versatile depending on your playstyle since you’re able to be a frontliner that can tank a lot of damage or sit back and support the allies.


New World PvE Weapon Tier List A Tier

Great weapons that do not have a lot of drawbacks and can be used as top tier.

HatchetHatchet is a great weapon that can be combined with some heavier weapons to reach its full potential. It has great sustain and can use berserk to further compliment the versatile playstyle.
Fire StaffFire Staff is focused on dealing high amounts of damage over long range. It is a pretty safe weapon with a lot of versatility. The only drawback is the mana consumption which can be quite difficult to manage sometimes.
Ice GauntletThis weapon excels at debuffing enemies and dealing DoT. Ice Gauntlets are versatile and when paired with some other weapons their playstyle changes completely.


New World PvE Weapon Tier List B Tier

Weapons that are fairly good and can be used depending on your playstyle.

SpearSpear focuses on two stats so pairing it up with other weapons is fairly easy. It’s great for dishing out debuffs and crowd control while staying at a safe distance.
Sword and ShieldSword and Shield is a very versatile option since it can be very defensive or deal a lot of damage depending on the build. This is pretty much the best option for players that want to play as a tank.


New World PvE Weapon Tier List C Tier

Viable weapons that can be really good in some situations.

BowA great option for a secondary weapon that can deal a lot of damage from a long range. It can apply debuffs and scale very well with other dexterity type weapons.
RapierRapier is not a great choice if you’re a beginner. It deals a lot of damage and can deflect and evade attacks. The drawback of this weapon is the difficulty of its usage, which is why it’s recommended for more experienced players.


New World PvE Weapon Tier List D Tier

Weapons that require a bit more practice and skill to be used at their full potential.

MusketMusket is great for starting fights and excels at taking out solo targets due to the high damage it has. It is hard to use, so be cautious when taking this weapon.


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