Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tier List

Make sure that you use the best heroes in 7DS (Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross) to dominate the enemy. Here's the most up-to-date 7DS tier list.

For all the anime, manga, and game lovers out there, this game is a great way to play your favorite heroes and indulge in the story of Seven Deadly Sins.

Based on data collected after the new Ragnarok update, this is your best bet to compose a team of heroes that will be able to take on any challenge with ease.

Without further ado, let’s get you ready with this 7DS tier list.

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Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List S Tier

These are the best characters in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

Picking and combining any of these will give you a huge advantage over your opponents.

 Zeldris (Elite Demon)StrengthSSRZeldris is a great addition if you’re using commandments.

His ability to deplete ultimate gauges from enemies and debuff removal from friends/foes makes him one of the best options for a lot of team compositions.
Gowther (Halloween)VitalitySSRHis ability to increase skill ranks does make a difference in a lot of fights.

Depending on how many different races you use, Gowther can increase attack stats significantly, making him a great support and damage dealer.
Derieri (Ten Commandments)StrengthSSRDerieri is best picked into a lot of ranged enemies. She can use her damage decrease debuff on them to lower a lot of incoming damage.

She specializes in dealing immense amounts of damage because of her increases to attack-based stats.
Cusack (Napping Reaper)SpeedSSRGreat in compositions that lack critical damage.

His main focus is dealing a lot of damage to multiple enemies and negating the downside of not being able to critically strike.
Chandler (Pacifier Fiend)SpeedSSRChandler can taunt enemies, taking all of the damage to himself, which makes him a great frontline.

The reason he is in the top tier is because of his ability to lower enemy stats if they use a skill.
Elizabeth (Holy Warrior)SpeedSSRAn exceptional healer with the ability to create a barrier to negate a lot of damage.

Elizabeth helps fix the bad decision-making with her ultimate skill that revives allies, making her a must-have for new and experienced players.
Tarmiel (The Four Archangels)SpeedSSRHaving high defenses on this hero is a must. His skills revolve around his defense % and gives you a lot of options based on it.

Healing allies and/or decreasing the maximum health of the enemies can make a huge difference in a fight.
Merlin (Divine Protection)VitalitySSRMerlin can negate damage and gain a lot of attack-based stats.

She is a great addition as a glass cannon hero that deals immense amounts of damage.
Sariel (The Four Archangels)StrengthSSRGoddess type that rewards usage of the same type by stat upgrades.

He has a lot of skills inflicting Sever that increases critical chance by two times. This can also further help you with choosing the right composition around this hero.
Meliodas (Virtual Body Doubles)StrengthSSROne of the best counters to high critical damage-dealing compositions.

He increases the ranks of allied heroes when damaged by critical strikes. His AOE damage is a great addition that will surely make you love running a composition based around him.
Meliodas (Ragnarok)SpeedSSRExcelling in compositions where there are allies with high ultimate move gauge usage, Meliodas gains orbs depending on the highest amount of orbs possessed by an ally hero.
Lilia (Mastermind)SpeedSSRA great all-around hero that focuses on healing and buffing the allies.

Lilia can do great in high damage dealing compositions because of her pierce damage buffs. She can also decrease enemy ranks in battle, giving you an upper hand in those tight situations.
Gowther (The Goat Sin of Lust)StrengthSSRIncreasing ranks for allies is what makes Gowther a great pick.

His unique is an exceptional skill since it revolves around raising attack stats by 10% each next turn if the hero doesn’t get damaged.
Escanor (The Lion Sin of Pride)StrengthSSRWhen entering battle, a huge health pool buff can be activated, making this hero exceptional at tanking the frontline.

His Amplify damage is no joke either because of the effect, which renders all of the buffs twice as useful since they give a lot of damage.
Ban (Purgatory)StrengthSSRPicked into the compositions that use a lot of ultimate skills, Ban becomes a great addition, dealing % damage for each ultimate move gauge point of the enemy.

Additionally, his max HP increases in the same manner.
King (The Grizzly Sin of Sloth)SpeedSSRKing’s Fairy King unique ability works best in Fairy-type compositions because of its basic stat bonus.

His other bonuses work great with healing allies while removing debuffs from them. King can also deal a lot of damage and practically remove an enemy from the battle with Pacify.
Escanor (Holy Knight)VitalitySSRThis version of Escanor excels at removing buffs from enemies and igniting them, dealing immense damage over few turns.

His debuff immunity after having full ultimate gauge is just a bonus that comes in handy in a lot of situations.
Escanor (Invincible Avatar)SpeedSSRThis powerhouse of a hero is great at dealing with debuffs, his unique offers stat increase with each stack and debuff immunity if stacked three times.

Dealing additional damage to high % health enemies is just what puts the cherry on the cake for this hero.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List A Tier

Next to the top-tier heroes, these heroes will also be included in a lot of team compositions.

They are not top tier but a great team composition can almost certainly make them one of the best.

 Arthur (Camelot’s Sword)StrengthSSRArthur is best picked if you’re looking for someone who can buff up your human-type composition.

He greatly increases health pools and attack-based stats for allies.
Derieri (Sweet Temptation)SpeedSSRAwesome addition as a taunt-based frontliner that disables enemies and buffs herself based on the damage she takes.
King (Signs of Maturity)SpeedSSRIf you’re looking for damage over time, look no further, King is the hero that has it by the tons.

Being able to deal huge amounts of DOT (Damage Over Time) and punish enemies at the start of each turn is where he shines.
Arthur (Chosen King)StrengthSSRThis hero does what frontliners do best. He’s able to taunt enemies and punish them for generating ultimate gauge orbs.

Already a great pick, he also has the ability to buff allies (presuming they are human type).
Diane (Ragnarok)VitalitySSRDiane, the not-so-friendly giant, can be picked against compositions that rely on buffs.

She is able to remove enemy buffs and further gain a lot of damage based on the number of buffs she has removed.
Athena (The King of Fighters ‘98)VitalitySSRWhen ally defeats the enemy hero, Athena punishes enemies with her ultimate gauge bar orb removal at the end of each turn.

This by itself is a great ability, but if the enemy has a lot of orbs ready, she deals bonus damage for each one of them.
Drole (Elite Demon)SpeedSSRIn PvP, Drole does great, being able to gain resistance and giving allies huge amounts of damage based on buffs that she has.
Hendrickson (Ashen Desire)VitalitySSRBest used for his boost to debuff damage that allies inflict and dealing great amounts of damage to the enemy after each turn with bleed and shock effects.
Jim (Stranger Things)StrengthSSRJim debuffs enemies making them take more damage while applying a lot of poison damage.

Adding on to the things, he can stun enemies, making them unable to fight, which often turns the tide of the fight.
Eastin (Sunny Vacation)VitalitySSRA great hero that uses debuffs to make enemy heroes susceptible to more damage.

Additionally, she buffs allies with a lot of critical chance, pierce rate, and critical damage.
Eleven (Stranger Things)SpeedSSREleven is one of those heroes that does great in the hands of an experienced player.

Her unique skills help buff allies with the cost of her health pool. The drawbacks are taken off with the ability to deal a lot of damage and heal allies by the % of the damage.
Emilia (RE:ZERO)SpeedSSRFocusing on Emilia is not so good. Her unique skill lets her take debuffs off of her allies and freeze the enemy that has been attacking her.
Ram (RE:ZERO)VitalitySSREvery ally that has an unknown type gets a huge benefit from this exceptional support.

Her stuns and the usage of rupture to deal twice the damage to buffed heroes make her a great pick for those top-tier compositions.
Kyo (The King of Fighters ‘98)StrengthSSRStacking ignite effects on enemies to make them deal less damage is what makes Kyo a great versatile pick.

The more you’ve stacked on the enemy, the more damage he deals and scales off of that.
Zeldris (Executioner)VitalitySSRAdded into compositions that do a lot of debuff-type damage, Zeldris becomes a beast.

The only drawback to picking him is when your heroes deal critical damage with skills.
Rugal (The King of Fighters ‘98)VitalitySSROnce per turn, this hero removes debuffs, gains a lot of damage, and heals himself to full health.

By itself, the unique skill is great but being able to ignore enemy defenses and deal huge pierce damage is what makes him such a great pick.
Roxy (Halloween)VitalitySSRPerks of having the same race types hit the ceiling with this one.

Roxy’s thrill of the fight rises when combined with allied human race heroes, and she deals a lot more damage for each one of them.
Lilia (Advent of Destruction)StrengthSSRLilia’s damage scales depending on the number of orbs the enemy has in their ultimate gauge. She will deal bonus damage or reduce the attack stats of all enemies at the end of the turn.

Dealing damage also makes her heal the ally with the lowest health pool. Because of this, she is a great support in some situations.
Sigurd (Wielder of Gram)StrengthSSRGiving out buffs to allies depending on how many debuffs the enemy has on them is what best describes the playstyle of this hero.

Sigurd’s strength is in playing around enemy buffs and debuffs and using them to his advantage.
Merlin (Collector)StrengthSSRMerlin scales off of her ultimate gauge orbs, increasing her own pierce damage, which by itself is a great addition to a damage-oriented hero.

A bonus to her high damage is that she can also bring some type of crowd control to the fight.
Valenti (Magic Weapon MK-II)VitalitySSRMore critical resistance means more damage. In this case, Valenti gains immense amounts of damage based on her critical resistance.

If you’re looking for a tanky damage dealer whose skills complement that playstyle, she is the pick for you.
Ludociel (The Four Archangels)SpeedSSRLudociel’s playstyle compliments a composition with a higher combat class.

Based on the combat class level, he reduces the enemy’s defenses, making them more vulnerable to damage.
Meliodas (Knight of Wrath)SpeedSSRIn the early game, when ultimate gauges have lesser orbs in them, this hero shines. Meliodas gains immunity to attack-based debuffs while he has less than 4 orbs in his ultimate move gauge.

He is a great damage dealer that works around piercing the enemies and dealing AOE corrosive damage.
Meliodas (Assault Mode)VitalitySSRCombined with demons and/or commandments is what’s recommended when playing this hero. Scaling his damage based on the type of allies is always a go-to when planning a good composition.

Meliodas deals bonus damage to enemies that are affected by buffs and gains more damage depending on the number of buffs he has.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List B Tier

Heroes that can be combined with some of the heroes in the higher tiers in order to excel, but they lack in some of the aspects that make them great for use.

 Merlin (The Boar Sin of Gluttony)VitalitySSRMerlin expands the use of the ultimate move gauge by giving her allies 1 orb at the start of each battle.

Her unique skill by itself is not such a big deal, but her defensive and disabling skills are what make her somewhat viable.
Rem (RE:ZERO)StrengthSSRMoving skills because of ranking up gives Rem a solid % increase to her attack damage.

She can also be used because of her resistance ignore skills and bonus damage against buffed heroes.
Arthur (Destined Heir)SpeedSSRArthur’s damage is good. It depends on the number of orbs that he has ready in his ultimate move gauge.

Other than that, he has no skills that make him stand out in the long run.
Arthur (Light of Hope)VitalitySSRThis hero can do well in specific compositions, but his skills shine when in a composition where other heroes are alive.

He can buff allies and lower some of the damage they take.
Gilthunder (Chivalrous)VitalitySRGreat for his ability to buff up ally defense ratings and inflict shock to the enemy.

This is a good hero that needs to be played well to excel at what he does.
Estarossa (Elite Demon)VitalitySSRIn situations where allies use stance skills, Estarossa can be used pretty well.

He further makes the allies immune to debuffs and lowers enemy stats if he hits them with a skill.
Fraudrin (Elite Demon)VitalitySSRBased on combat class level, if his combat class level is higher than the enemy’s, they cannot gain ultimate move gauge orbs for a couple of turns.

His power comes from decreasing enemy stats and further buffing his own when attacking.
Mono (Ashen Desire)SpeedSSRThis would be a great hero, but her damage goes down a bit because of her unique skill not being able to work in PvP conditions, otherwise a solid pick for dealing damage and inflicting high amounts of damage on enemies.
Monspeet (Elite Demon)VitalitySSRIf played into compositions with high amounts of ignite damage, Monspeet can do great.

His only drawback is that there are just better team compositions that do play around one mechanic only.
Shin (Dungeon Raider)VitalitySSRShin can rank up ally heroes, but that doesn’t do well because of the amount of time needed to do that.

He is a good pick but be careful how you pair him with other heroes, or he won’t do very well.
Valenti (Earthshaker)VitalitySSRGreat for lowering the amount of pierce damage the enemy does and the defense stats of enemy heroes when inflicting damage.
Gloxinia  (Elite Demon)StrengthSSRGloxinia is best used in compositions that need healing, removing debuffs, and help with filling the ultimate move gauge.

She can also do a lot of AOE damage and disable enemies.
Griamore (RE:ZERO)StrengthSRThis hero can be picked into compositions that are PVP-focused because of his buff to the health pool, but when not playing PVP, there are far better picks.

He can deal huge amounts of damage and protect allies.
Helbram (Reincarnation of Revenge)StrengthSSRHelbram is viable when all of his allies are alive, but his power dramatically goes down as his allies do too.
Will (Stranger Things)VitalitySSRGreat at helping those glass cannon heroes survive if their health pool drops below a certain point.

He otherwise does well in battles making enemies unable to fill up their ultimate move gauge.
Zeldris (The Ten Commandments)SpeedSSRA hero that revolves around gaining damage if his ultimate move gauge drops by 1 point.

This can work by any type of depletion besides him using his ultimate move. Zeldris is a good damage dealer and can be picked in some compositions.
Brunhild (Guardian of Battlefield)VitalitySSRBrunhild is a great pick for those fights that end up having few of the heroes go down. The problem is that she scales well into those fights, but that doesn’t count for PvP battles.
Derieri (Elite Demon)VitalitySSRCan be a good pick if needed in teams where you want your enemy to be unable to fill their ultimate move gauge while using moving skills.

Deals great AOE damage and can amplify it depending on how many buffs she has on herself.
Drole (The Ten Commandments)VitalitySSRDrole is good for disabling the enemies who gain a lot of ultimate move gauge orbs, making them unable to use the skill if they reach a certain amount.
Diane (The Serpent Sin of Envy)SpeedSSRA good hero that needs a couple of turns to get the best use of skills.

Diane has great damaging skills but as said, her downside is that her attack scales off of rounds.
Diane (Creation)VitalitySSRA solid pick for being a frontliner because of her taunt skill that also gives her a barrier to deny some of the damage.

She can tank a lot of damage and can be paired well with other damage-dealing heroes.
Eastin (Ruler of Stormy Seas)SpeedSSRThis hero can do well in the hands of an experienced player since she scales off of the enemy and ally buffs.
Howzer (Tempest)StrengthSSRSolid damage and used for his ability to decrease enemy ranks.

Paired with other human race types, he can even be considered an upper-tier hero.
Mikasa (Greatest Soldier)SpeedSSRThe more damage allies take, the stronger Mikasa becomes.

The only downside to that is the need to take damage can sometimes leave you vulnerable before she becomes strong.
Merlin (Beach Girl)SpeedSSRMerlin can be picked to greatly disable enemy compositions because of her unique skill. This is, unfortunately, not enough for her to be viable.
Eastin (Oceanic Harmonizer)StrengthSSREastin can do great in certain situations where your team composition is perfectly fit for her.

She is a solid pick that needs tuning and experience.
Mai (The King of Fighters ‘98)SpeedSSRIn situations where her skills rank up, Mai can be viable and give you a lot in terms of damage.

That is too much to rely on sometimes.
Melascula (Elite Demon)StrengthSSRMelascula can revive allied heroes but the problem with this is that they are capped at 1 health and only in certain situations this can be a game-changing mechanic.
Eren Jaeger (Cadet Corps)SpeedSSREren is good against teams that have a lot of unknown types.

That’s the only reason he stays in the lower tiers and doesn’t get picked that much.
King (Harlequin)StrengthSSRA great pick in PvP but lacks in other modes. His unique skill makes the enemies get their pierce rate halved, which is a great addition if playing against pierce-heavy teams.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List C Tier

These are fun but they put you at a disadvantage when playing against heroes from the upper tiers.

 Arthur (King of Prophecies)SpeedSRThe amount of buffs this hero provides is somewhat alright, and his damage is pretty good, but the other aspects of running him into your composition are just not worth it.
Ban (Outlaw)SpeedSSRDepending on how the battle goes, Ban can do solid or can be pretty bad.

If he gets hit every round, he just becomes a punching bag with nothing much to offer.
Ban (Ale Collector)SpeedSSRBan can tank a bit of damage with his unique skill, which makes him gain a small portion of the defense stat from the enemy. Other than that, not a great pick.
Beatrice (RE:ZERO)SpeedSSRBeatrice depends on her usage of lifesteal to heal other unknown type allies in the battle.

This can be good if combined with a certain composition but otherwise doesn’t do so well.
Deathpierce (The Pleiades of the Blue Sky)VitalitySSRHe can be great for debuffing enemy heroes’ critical defense and resistance.

Paired up with some heroes that deal a lot of critical damage, he can be a somewhat good pick for a lot of compositions.
Elaine (Halloween)SpeedSSRElaine is a well-rounded hero that buffs ally heroes and is able to increase her own stats after taking damage.

Her other skills are quite mediocre, but for some compositions, she can be an okay pick.
Elaine (Sweet Temptation)StrengthSSRAble to deal solid damage and decrease enemy defenses, nothing too much in terms of power for this hero.
Elizabeth (Liones)VitalitySSRElizabeth can be picked if you want to have fun and get a lot of ultimate move gauge orbs per turn.

Her heals are alright but certainly not the best pick for a support role.
Elizabeth (A New Adventure)SpeedSSRGood hero pick for disabling enemy debuff-type skills and healing/cleansing allied heroes.
Eren Jaeger (Titan Form)VitalitySSREren can be a fun pick because of his ability to transform into Titan Form.

He deals moderate damage and scales off of the number of orbs he has.
Galland (Ten Commandments)SpeedSSRGalland has a good taunt skill that disables enemy debuff use but is limited to one use only.

He can inflict bleed and amplify his damage, but the scaling isn’t that great.
Elizabeth & Hawk (Mobile Tavern)StrengthSRThe unique skill would be great if it wasn’t practically useless if Elizabeth takes damage.

This makes her kind of unusable if going for the best composition.
Guila (Rapier)SpeedSRGuila also suffers like Elizabeth (Mobile Tavern).

Her unique skill would be useful if it weren’t for the downside of it, combined with not a lot of versatility, and damage takes her to lower tiers.
Galland (Elite Demon)StrengthSSRPretty much used for fun in some strength-based compositions. His unique skill can be good since it’s giving allies the ability to ignore enemy defense if they attack with a skill.
Gustaf (Knight of Ice)VitalitySRGustaf lowers enemy resistances and can freeze heroes, and his AOE damage is somewhat okay.

Besides his unique skill set, there’s not much going on for this hero.
Helbram (Forest Guardian)VitalitySSRHelbram can deal solid poison AOE damage and further buff himself in battle.

His unique skill makes him able to stay in the fights longer and continuously cancel multiple enemy buffs. Unfortunately, there are far better options if looking for this playstyle.
Elizabeth (New Legend)StrengthSSRShe can increase the amount of recovery rate for allied heroes, but that doesn’t feel that good since a lot of other heroes just heal for massive amounts, and waiting for her buff to kick in just isn’t worth it.
Elizabeth & Hawk (Reverse)SpeedSSRScales with the number of buffs applied to the hero and buffs allied heroes by the number of debuffs.

The core mechanic can somewhat be tricky to achieve and doesn’t pay off, so this duo stays in lower tiers. 
Jenna (Sweet Temptation)SpeedSSRJenna is pretty straightforward. She can only have one debuff on her and gains some damage while being rebuffed
There’s nothing much going on for this hero. With that being said, she is pretty simple to play and can be a solid pick for a new player.
Jericho (Godspeed Knight)VitalitySSREach time a skill is used, it increases the critical chance for this hero.

Jericho is a solid pick that doesn’t have a lot of drawbacks or advantages.
King (Forest Guardian)VitalitySSRKing lacks in sustain and deals additional damage to targets which are debuffed. This would be good if his skills didn’t remove the debuff afterward.
Levi (Greatest Soldier)StrengthSSRLevi focuses on dealing with the enemy that has the lowest health pool in the team. The problem comes when trying to fit him into your team composition.

Levi just seems like a solo-type hero that doesn’t benefit the team.
Jericho (New Legend)SpeedSSROther than dealing mediocre damage, Jericho can decrease the recovery rate of enemy heroes and increase the allied critical chance.
Lilia (Bringer of Disaster)VitalitySSRCould be considered one tier above if her unique skill wasn’t limited by only being available in PvP.

Lilia deals a significant amount of damage, decreases enemy skill ranks, and has a solid AoE.
Jericho (Knight of Frost)StrengthSSRJericho counts on the ability to deal critical damage with skills that make her too risky to use when going for the best team composition.
Liz (Memory Fragment)VitalitySSRPretty much used only in Death Match with team compositions that are based around the vitality type attribute.
Melascula (Ten Commandments)SpeedSSRMelascula takes a bit of time to become viable, which kind of takes her down to the lower tiers.

She doesn’t have a lot of upsides since there are far better heroes to play in the later stages of the game too.
Elizabeth & Hawk (Mascot)VitalitySRSolid damage overall, but their unique skill only counts in PvE, so there’s not much use for them overall.
Meliodas (The Dragon Sin of Wrath)StrengthSSRBeing dependant on your ally hero’s death is overall not a great mechanic.

This can be useful in some situations if you’re willing to risk it.
Mike (Stranger Things)StrengthSSRMike can restrict enemy recovery and reduce their attack-based stats by a small portion. This makes him an okay pick with nothing more and nothing less to give.
Meliodas (New Legend)VitalitySSRWith the ability to gain ultimate move gauge orbs by killing the enemy heroes, Meliodas seems to be an okay pick if paired well.

The problem is that there’s not a lot of good compositions for him, and there are far better heroes to pick.
Mono (Deathbringer)StrengthSSRMono can easily be a higher-tier pick if she is picked into compositions that have a lot of bleeding, poison, and shock damage.

If you lack any of those effects, she becomes much weaker.
Oslo & Hawk (Awesome Party)SpeedSSRRoxy can give her allies evasion for one turn, which can be good sometimes.

Her damage isn’t that great, and she has no significant abilities.
Roxy (Midsummer Sun)SpeedSSRRoxy can give her allies evasion for one turn which can be good sometimes, her damage isn’t that great and she has no significant abilities.
Roxy (Mad Destroyer)StrengthSSRFun to play but not that good, Roxy has a bit of sustain and can cancel the stance skills.
Slater (Overpower)SpeedSSRBest used against enemies which have no orbs in their ultimate move gauge or have just used the ultimate skill.

Countering Slater is rather easy, which is why he is in this tier.
Shin  (Halloween)StrengthSSRShin deals additional damage to enemies that are debuffed and has solid AOE damage.
Thonar (Warrior of Justice)VitalitySSRBound to Death Match, Thonar does a lot of damage and buffs allies’ attacks and attack-based stats. Her only drawback is the lack of unique skill in other modes.
Valenti (Sunny Vacation)SpeedSSRValenti can counter some of the enemies that rely on recovery stats. Other than that, there are no other advantages.
Zaneri (Sweet Temptation)VitalitySSRThis support hero gains ultimate move gauge orbs when removing debuffs from allies.

Zaneri’s heals are not that strong, but her ultimate can be rather useful.
Zaratras (Reincarnation of Conviction)VitalitySSRLike the other heroes that have their unique skill work for certain modes, Zaratras is no exception.

Everything about this hero can be good in PvE, but he becomes unusable in PvP modes.
Nanashi (Swift Sword)SpeedSSRNanashi can buff allies, deal a lot of damage, and play around depleting enemy ultimate move gauge.

A really solid pick for some team compositions but nothing too powerful.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List D Tier

Heroes that are not going to be fun playing and require some buffs to be in the meta.

Alioni  (Beard of the Mountain Cat)VitalityRA fairly weak hero that can increase damage to vitality-type heroes and taunt enemies.

Alioni can be good when added to certain compositions.
Ban (The Fox Sin of Greed)VitalitySSRIf Ban takes no damage, he will decrease the enemy’s health pool-based stats.

This effect will rarely happen, and when it does, the difference is minimal.
Dogedo (The Pleiades of the Blue Sky)StrengthSRBuffs up strength-type heroes by giving them more defense. Dogedo can be switched with a lot of other heroes to make a far better composition.
Golgius (Weird Fangs)SpeedRGolgius works best in Death Match, but his best is just not enough.

This poorly made hero just can’t make a big difference in any team composition.
Marmas (Boom Boom Pow)SpeedRA small buff to speed type allies is the only positive for this hero.

With no significant damage or any other game mechanic to stand out, Marmas is just a solid low-tier hero.
Twigo (Confirmation)StrengthRLike some of the other heroes in R rank, Twigo’s only upside is granting a buff to certain types of heroes. 

In this case, he grants a small portion of a health boost to all strength-type heroes.
Oslo & Hawk (Knighthood of Scraps Disposal)StrengthSSRThese two can expel an enemy from the battlefield, reducing the number of skill uses.

Other than that, there’s nothing else you’ll remember them for.
Dreyfus (Omen of Chaos)StrengthSRDreyfus can be paired with other strength-type heroes to further increase their defense stats.

He deals moderate damage and can apply infect to restrict recovery.
Gowther (Liones’s Hero)SpeedSSRGowther helps allies that have lost a lot of health.

His unique skill recovers health to allies based on the number of debuffs he removes from herself.
Matrona (Fang of the Land)SpeedSSRMatrona can be paired with other giant-type allies in modes other than PvP.

Her unique skill grants basic stats to giants and can be very beneficial in PvE modes.
Vivian (Reincarnation of Obsession)StrengthSRThe more ultimate move gauge orbs this hero has, the more damage she deals.

Unfortunately, the damage doesn’t scale very well and takes time to reach the point of being useful.
Weinheidt (Roars of Dawn)SpeedSRAble to buff the allies pierce rate by a small portion and deal moderate AoE damage.
Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)VitalitySSRMeliodas gains a critical chance depending on the % of health lost.

This can sometimes be tricky to handle since he is a bit squishy.
Gowther (Wanted Man)VitalitySRBound to PvP mode, Gowther lowers enemies’ defense and lowers their ultimate move damage.
Dreyfus (Break)VitalitySRDepends on the ultimate move gauge to be able to buff the allied heroes, which takes a lot of time and is not the best.
Ban (Nunchaku)StrengthSSRTaking damage will fill up Ban’s ultimate move gauge at the start of the turn.

This by itself is not so great since he needs constant healing to be viable.
Bellion (The Six Knights of Black)SpeedSSRBellion deals a fair amount of damage and can recover a solid amount of health for each debuff that is removed from the hero.
Elizabeth (Boar Hat Tavern)StrengthSRA very mediocre healer that doesn’t do well in variety.

This version of Elizabeth is one of the worse support-type heroes.
Guila (Explosion)StrengthSSRBeing able to increase the health pool of other allies in Death Match mode is what Guila is kind of useful for.

Nothing else really stands out for this hero.
Meliodas (Boar Hat Tavern)SpeedSRThe problem with this hero comes with the fact that his greatest buff gets reset after taking damage. This can be a real problem in a lot of situations.
Meliodas (Halloween)StrengthSSRMeliodas gains a lot of damage after each turn which is great but waiting for the late stage of the game is not ideal when going for the best compositions.
Guila (Halloween)VitalitySSRGuila can be used as a tank because of her damage reduction, but that still leaves her in a weird spot since it needs to be stacked a lot.
Elizabeth & Hawk (Summer Vibes)StrengthSSRVery versatile, but they lack in other aspects. Not so great damage and the versatility appear as a liability.

This hero needs to be combined with the goddess or unknown type heroes to be somewhat useful.
Cain (Burning Ember)VitalitySRHe increases attack stats for other allies but is limited to Death Match mode.

This is the only reason Cain is in the lower bracket.
Denzel (The Pleaides of the Azure Sky)StrengthSSRAn okay pick for a hero that uses corrosion damage and lifesteal.

Denzel can increase the recovery rate of all allies, which can sometimes be useful.
Diane (Heart of the Land)StrengthSRDiane increases the pierce rate of all allies if she’s taking damage.

This is always a bad idea for a pick since taking huge amounts of damage can leave you with a hero who cannot do well or ends up being taken out quickly.
Diane (The Seven Deadly Sins)VitalitySSREvery debuff on Diane further increases allies’ defense.

This can be a good pick if used by an experienced player.
Estarossa (Ten Commandments)StrengthSSREstarossa is not a great pick since there are heroes that outclass him in every aspect.
Fraudrin (Elite Demon)SpeedSSRThe amount of situations when you’ll use Fraudrin is minuscule because of his dependence on hero death.

It’s just not worth taking a hero that needs to wait for a certain situation in a game like this.
Gerharde (Memories of Three Thousand Years)VitalitySSRGiving allies a heal % for each ultimate move gauge orb they have is okay, but the problem is that it takes a lot of time for that effect to be noticed.
Helbram (Royalty)SpeedSSRHelbram is a fine pick if you want to have fun with high healing/lifesteal heroes and just sustain a lot.

As fun as it sounds, his playstyle is just not viable.
Hendrickson (Omen of Chaos)VitalitySRA hero that scales off of skill usage. The more skills you cast, the more pierce rate he gets.

The only issue is that it takes a lot of time to stack the buff.
Jericho (Adventurer)StrengthSRGood in strength type compositions because of her buff to attack stats. Jericho has a lot of bleed-inflicting skills but the damage isn’t that great.
Milim (Tyrant of Destruction)SpeedSSRMilim can deal a lot of critical damage and scales well with it.

Her huge damage is just countered by the fact that she is fairly squishy and has no variety in terms of gameplay.
Monspeet (Ten Commandments)StrengthSSRMoonspeet is just there to tank up those ultimate moves and to stop the enemy from filling the gauge with skill usage.
Rimuru (Ruler of Monsters)SpeedSSRThis hero has some solid skills that allow her to taunt, stun, and further use the frontline to her advantage.

Taking damage just makes her tankier, but the issue is the buff is only applied to her.
Diane (Matrona)SpeedSSRDepending on her critical resistance, Diane gains an increase in critical chance.

This doesn’t really make her a viable pick since there are a lot of heroes with a similar skill that just scales better.
Gilthunder (Thunderbolt)StrengthSSRGilthunder counts on the ability to fill out the ultimate move gauge in order to tank a lot of damage.

This is not ideal since it takes a lot of time to start being useful.
Jericho (New Generation)SpeedSRAble to buff speed-type allies’ attack stats and heal a bit of health, Jericho is an okay pick that doesn’t need that much in terms of skill to be played at her peak.
Rimuru (Slime)VitalitySRRimuru can heal allies by a great portion.

He can also counter enemies that stack ultimate move gauge orbs, and that’s all there is in terms of variety. His skills can be used well, but as expected, a lot of other support heroes can do far better.
Diane (Kungfu Master)StrengthSSRHas great pierce damage and can inflict shatter on enemies.

The problem is that her unique skill stacks only if Diane has taken damage, which can leave her in some awkward situations due to taking a lot of damage.
Gilthunder (Star of the Kingdom)SpeedSRGilthunder has a lot of shock damage and can buff the defense stats of allied speed-type heroes.
Jillian (Roars of Dawn)VitalitySRJillian is a solid pick but in compositions that have a lot of vitality-type heroes, she can further buff their health pool increasing the tankiness of her allies.
Ruin (Weird Fangs)VitalityROnly used in Death Match, Ruin decreases the number of damage allies take by a significant amount.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List F Tier

The worst heroes to play. Without any buffs, these will not be viable.

Slater (Roars of Dawn)StrengthSRSlater is not going to be viable. He just lacks in so many aspects that picking him is going to make your battles harder.

Depending on his critical chance, his unique skill is rather useless.
Diane (Eternal Promise)StrengthSSRDiane can provide bonus damage to giant types, but composition like that rarely becomes viable. Almost any option in the upper tiers will do better.
Gloxinia (Ten Commandments)VitalitySSRHer bleed damage is not that good, and other aspects of the skillset that this hero provides are just lacking a lot to be meta.
King (Disaster)StrengthSSRKing’s ability to remove debuffs at the start of each turn is not that great. He lacks in damage, and his heals are less than okay.
Arden (The Pleiades of the Blue Sky)SpeedSRArden lacks in basic stats, his damage is not good, and there’s not much in skill variety with this hero.
Hugo (Roars of Dawn)VitalityRDepending on the ultimate move gauge to gain defense. Hugo is just anything but viable at this point.
Howzer (Liones Royalty)VitalitySRA very squishy hero that lacks in skills that make him stand out. On top of being pretty forgettable, Howzer’s damage is really bad.
Jude (Weird Fangs)StrengthRA unique ability to buff allies and make them reflect some of the damage taken is something that won’t even be noticeable if you pick this hero.
Ban (Undead)StrengthSRBan’s stats are too low for his unique ability to have an impact. He is too squishy and deals less damage than expected which renders his playstyle kind of bad.
Benimaru (Liones’s Hero)StrengthSSRHas an okay health pool but needs a relic buff to make him viable. At this stage, Benimaru doesn’t even do an okay job.
Deldry (Fang of the Land)StrengthSSRDeldry works for PVP as maybe one tier up, but her usage altogether just isn’t good and she can be swapped with literally any of the higher tier heroes.
Ban (Snatch)VitalitySSRBan can sometimes make a comeback, but that’s just a liability when going for the best composition for your team.
Elaine (Fairy of Blessings)StrengthSSRApplies debuffs on enemies. She is very dependent on the team composition to apply certain effects for her, not a good pick at all since other heroes can do the same but better.
King (Protector of Dolls)VitalitySSRHe has to have his ultimate move gauge filled to be considered an okay pick. Not worth it in the long run.
Elaine (Fairy King’s Forest)VitalitySSRIf running a full fairy type composition, Elaine can see some play. When not running that type of composition she is just a bad pick.
King (The Seven Deadly Sins)SpeedSSRPretty much a punching bag that can somewhat be viable for the compositions where you want to try out stuff for fun.
Friesia (Weird Fangs)SpeedSRA very situational unique skill that doesn’t excel at anything since it counts on Friesia taking a lot of damage.
Taizoo (Vaizel Fight Festival)StrengthRSquishy with a bad unique skill. This hero probably won’t survive for long enough to do something.
Griamore (Iron-Wall Knight)VitalitySSRFine at tanking enemies and taunting them, but because of his stats, there are just far better picks.
Simon (Roars of Dawn)StrengthRSuffers from being really squishy and not having a lot to bring to the battle.
Griamore (Adventurer)SpeedSRGriamore can be used to taunt enemies and deal moderate AOE damage, but he lacks in survivability and those two just do not combine well.
Hendrickson (Melt)SpeedSSRFocuses on recovery rate to gain increases to lifesteal but doesn’t do that much damage for it to be noticeable.
Howzer (Star of the Kingdom)SpeedSRHowzer is a pretty much worse version of other heroes that use similar unique skills to lower the enemy’s critical chance by their resistance. Any of those options are much better.

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