Best Settings For Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta is here for PC, but it’s not running properly on a lot of devices.

People are having lag and stuttering issues, so we’ve made this guide to help you get more FPS in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and fix your issues.

The optimizations work on all game modes, including Multiplayer, Warzone and Zombies.

You’ll get a higher FPS, better performance overall and distracting features will be removed or reduced.

Let’s get started with the best optimization that you can do.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best Settings

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Update Your GPU Drivers

Before big game releases, NVIDIA and AMD often release driver updates that fix crashes, FPS issues, and more. We highly recommend that you check whether or not your GPU drivers are updated.

That’s certainly the case for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as well.

Updating your GPU drivers is the first thing that you have to try. There’s often an update available when AAA games release or go into open beta.

To update your GPU drivers, open AMD Radeon Software (For AMD GPUs) or NVIDIA GeForce Experience (for NVIDIA GPUs) and check for any updates. If there is an update available, download and install it.

The update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for NVIDIA is called GeForce Game Ready Driver v. 456.71, as seen below.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver

Once it has finished downloading, simply click on the green Express Installation and you are good to go once it has finished installing.

Best Keyboard & Mouse Settings For Black Ops Cold War

Let’s get started with the optimizations in the game!

  1. Open Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom left
  3. Make sure that you are in the Aim tab under Keyboard & Mouse
  4. If you’ve played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (either Multiplayer or Warzone), then go ahead and choose the same Mouse Sensitivity settings value as you used there as it is the same here, and you don’t want all that muscle training for that sensitivity to be wasted.
    We recommend that you set Mouse Sensitivity to 7.5 if you have a DPI of 450
  5. Set Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier to 1.00
  6. Set Invert Vertical Look to Disabled
  7. Set ADS Mouse Sensitivity (Low Zoom) to 1.00
  8. Set ADS Mouse Sensitivity (High Zoom) to 1.00
  9. Set ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing to Gradual
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Mouse Settings
  10. Under the Advanced section, set Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier to 1.00
  11. Set ADS Mouse Sensitivity Mode to Relative
  12. Set Monitor Distance Coefficient to 1.33
  13. Set Mouse Acceleration to 0
  14. Set Mouse Smoothing to Disabled
  15. Set Mouse Filtering to 0
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Advanced Mouse Settings
  16. Click on the Gameplay tab
  17. Set Crouch Behavior to Toggle
  18. Set Prone Behavior to Toggle
  19. Set Sprint Behavior to Go To
  20. Set Walk Behavior to Hold
  21. Set Airborne Mantle Behavior to Automatic
    CoD Black Ops Cold Movement Settings
  22. Under the Weapons Equipment section, set Aim Down Sight Behavior to Toggle
  23. Set Equipment Behavior to Hold
  24. Set Steady Aim Behavior to Toggle
    CoD Black Ops Cold Weapons and Equipment Settings
  25. Under the Vehicles & Scorestreaks section, set Attack Vehicle Control Mode to Alternate
  26. Set Transport Vehicle Control Mode to Alternate
  27. Set Free Look Activation to Always Enabled
  28. Set Camera Recenter Delay to Short
    CoD Black Ops Cold Vehicles and Scorestreaks
  29. Under the Overlays & Shortcuts section, set Map Behavior to Toggle
  30. Set Scoreboard Behavior to Toggle
  31. Set Danger Ping Behavior to Toggle
    CoD Black Ops Cold Overlays and Shortcuts
  32. Under the Advanced section, set Auto Sprint to Disabled
  33. Set Sprint Cancels Reload to Disabled
  34. Set Mouse Wheel Input Delay to 0
  35. Set Weapon Switch Wraparound to Enabled
  36. Set Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch to Enabled
  37. Set System Key Behavior to Game. You don’t want to accidentally hit that pesky Windows key by accident
    CoD Black Ops Cold Advanced Gameplay Settings

The default keybinds are fine for most people, but if you want to use the same keybinds as shroud, then look at the table below.

CrouchLeft CTRL
Change StanceC
SprintLeft SHIFT
Toggle CameraV
Toggle Firing ModeB
MeleeCaps Lock
Weapon MountE
Armor Plate4
Tactical EquipmentQ
Lethal EquipmentMiddle Mouse Button
Field UpgradeX

Best Graphics Settings For Black Ops Cold War

And now comes the fun part – the graphics settings!

This is where you can really boost the performance of CoD: Black Ops Cold War on your PC.

  1. Make sure that you are in the Graphics tab
  2. Set Display Mode to Fullscreen for the best performance
  3. Set Refresh Rate to the highest native refresh rate of your monitor. So for example, if you have a 240Hz monitor, you should set it to 240Hz
  4. Set Gameplay V-Sync to Disabled
  5. Set Menu V-Sync to Disabled
  6. Set Render Resolution to 100. If you still have performance issues after applying all the other performance optimizations, then this is the setting that you want to lower
  7. Set Aspect Ratio to Automatic
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Graphics Settings
  8. Under the Display section, set Colorblind Type to your personal liking. Even if you are not colorblind, you may still want to try tweaking with this setting as it may make enemies and objects more visible to you
  9. Set Field of View to 100. Having higher values will impact your FPS negatively
  10. Set ADS Field of View to Affected. This ensures that aiming down sights will not zoom in as much, making it easier to control your recoil
  11. Set Brightness to 50 or similar
  12. Set Framerate Limit to Custom
  13. Set Gameplay Custom Framerate Limit to 300
  14. Set Menu Custom Framerate Limit to 60
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Display Settings
  15. Under the Details & Textures section, set Texture Quality to Medium. Set this to Low if you are playing Warzone or if you have a GPU with a low amount of VRAM
  16. Set Texture Filtering Quality to Low
  17. Set Model Quality to Low
  18. Set Special Effects Quality to Medium
  19. Set Screen Space Reflection to Low
  20. Set Object View Distance to Low
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Details and Textures Settings
  21. Under the Shadow & Lighting section, set Volumetric Lighting to Low
  22. Set Shadow Quality to Low
  23. Set Dynamic Shadows to All. You want to be able to see enemy shadows for extra visibility
  24. Set Special Effects Shadows to Disabled
  25. Set Weapon Shadow to Disabled
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Shadow and Lighting Settings
  26. Under the Post Processing Effects section, set Anti-Aliasing Quality to Low for SMAA 1x anti-aliasing.
  27. Set Motion Blur to Disabled. This gives you extra visibility when turning
  28. Set Subsurface Scattering to Disabled
  29. Set Order Independent Transparency to Disabled
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Post Processing Effects Settings
  30. Under the Advanced section, set Display Gamma to Computer (sRGB) if you are using a monitor or HDTV (rec.709) if you are using a TV
  31. Set Display Adapter to your dedicated graphics card if the auto-select option does not choose it for some reason
  32. Set CPU Priority Management to Manual
    CoD Black Ops Cold War Advanced Graphics Settings

Best Audio Settings For Black Ops Cold War

Let’s improve the audio settings a bit to make sure they are properly optimized for everyone.

  1. Make sure that you are in the Audio tab
  2. Set Audio Presets to Bass Boost

This will make footsteps, weapon fire and grenade sounds more easy to hear than the default Treyarch Mix audio preset.

Best Interface Settings For Black Ops Cold War

You can improve the overall gameplay experience by adjusting some of the interface settings, but we find the default settings fine.

You should try to play around with these interface settings and adjust to your liking.

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