Best Settings For Battlefield 5 – Boost FPS, Increase Performance

DICE’s Battlefield 5 has finally been released for everyone. It brings an action-packed multiplayer experience with it, some great war stories, and an exciting Battle Royale game mode.

In multiplayer, you want the best possible performance that you can get without sacrificing too much of the visuals. You’ll want to use your optimized settings, and that’s exactly what we’re going to present to you right here.

We’ll start by listing the minimum requirements for running Battlefield 5. If your system doesn’t meet these requirements, then optimizing your system won’t help – you will not be able to play the game optimally. It’s preferred that you also meet the recommended system requirements as well. Upgrade your desktop PC if necessary.

Minimum System Requirements For Battlefield 5

Recommended System Requirements For Battlefield 5

For more detailed requirements or Ray-Tracing requirements (DXR), view this page.

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PC Settings

Do you want to run Battlefield 5 on your laptop? Make sure that the battery mode is set on “High Performance.” Also, ensure that all your drivers are up-to-date, especially your GPU drivers as NVIDIA and AMD usually release new drivers ahead of these big launches.

But if you have an NVIDIA graphics card, we recommend that you perform the following optimizations.

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel and navigate to Manage 3D Settings.
  2. Select the tab Program Settings and find Battlefield 5. If you can not find it, click on Add and try to find it here. (try running the game first and close it down again if you can not find it)
  3. Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1.
  4. Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (if applicable).
  5. Set Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single display performance mode.
  6. Set Power Management Mode to Prefer maximum performance.
  7. Set Texture filtering – Quality to Performance.
  8. Disable Vertical Sync.
  9. Enable Threaded Optimization.
  10. Set Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest available.
  11. Apply the changes and navigate to Adjust desktop size and position.
  12. Check the checkbox Override the scaling mode set by games and programs and click on Apply.

Some people have also discovered that their CPU was the issue since it was not running at full capacity. Run a stress test of your CPU and check-in task manager to ensure it runs at 100%. If not, check your BIOS and perhaps reset it to default (just a simple button press).

Optimize Your Battlefield 5 Settings

Battlefield 5

Let’s start optimizing the game now.

  1. Start Battlefield 5.
  2. Open the Video settings.
  3. Set Fullscreen mode to Fullscreen.
  4. Set Fullscreen Resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and with the highest refresh rate that your monitor supports.
  5. Set ADS Field of View to Off.
  6. Set ADS DOF Effects to Off.
  7. Set Chromatic Aberration to Off.
  8. Set Film Grain to Off.
  9. Set Vignette to Off.
  10. Set Lens Distortion to Off.
  11. Now click on the Advanced tab at the top.
  12. Set the Framerate Limiter to 200.
  13. Set Future Frame Rendering to On.
  14. Set Vertical Sync to Off.
  15. Set Graphics Quality to Custom. If you want to use a preset, we recommend going with Medium.
  16. Set Texture Quality to Ultra.
  17. Set Texture Filtering to Low.
  18. Set Lighting Quality to High.
  19. Set Effects Quality to Medium.
  20. Set Post Process Quality to Ultra. If you want a boost of roughly 15% FPS, we recommend setting it to Low, but it will downgrade the visuals significantly, especially reflections.
  21. Set Mesh Quality to Ultra.
  22. Set Terrain Quality to High.
  23. Set Undergrowth Quality to Low. This is highly recommended for multiplayer.
  24. Set Antialiasing Post-Process to TAA High.
  25. Set Ambient Occlusion to HBAO. If you want a boost of around 4% FPS, we recommend switching this setting off.

And that’s it, the best settings for Battlefield 5!

Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization

We need to disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization now. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu and enter Windows Update settings and click on the search result for it.
  2. Click on Advanced Options.
  3. Click on Delivery Optimization.
  4. Ensure that Allow downloads from other PCs setting is off.

Disable OneDrive

We recommend that you disable OneDrive altogether if you’re not using it. Right-click on the OneDrive icon on your taskbar and click on Exit.

Optimizing Discord

If you use Discord, we recommend that you optimize it as well to boost your FPS in all games, including Battlefield 5, while Discord is running.

  1. Open Discord and go to the User Settings page
  2. Open the Appearance tab and uncheck Hardware Acceleration

Optimizing Google Chrome

You should also turn off hardware acceleration in Google Chrome to ensure that background applications run by Chrome do not consume too many resources when you’re playing.

  1. First, open Google Chrome and go to the Settings page.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Again, scroll all the way down and make sure that Use hardware acceleration when available is turned off.
  4. Now relaunch Google Chrome and close it again.

Clean Your Temporary Files

  1. Press on the Start button, type %localappdata%, and press Enter.
  2. Now open the Temp folder.
  3. Press CTRL + A to select all files in the folder.
  4. Press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete these temporary files. Skip the ones it can not delete.
  5. Now empty your recycle bin.

We also recommend using CCleaner – the free version will do the trick just fine.

Now restart your PC and enjoy your optimized Battlefield 5 gameplay.

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