Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

This ultimate and up-to-date Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list will give you a quick overview of the best fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a celebration of the Dragon Ball universe over the years. It perfectly encapsulates the franchise through its flashy, over-the-top style of fighting.

Behind this stylish veil lies a technically complex fighting game that is very rewarding to play and master. The large roster of over 35 fighters makes this even more appealing for fans of Dragon Ball and fighting games alike.

Much like the series, not all fighters are created equal in Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you’re a player looking to get more out of the competitive aspect of the game, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a tier list that will give you a good grasp of who the best fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ are. Keep in mind that, being a technical fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ still relies heavily on player skill as a measurement for success.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List S Tier

These are currently the best fighters in the game, given the current meta.

Fighter Description
Ultra Instinct GokuUI Goku, as he’s known in the community, is an excellent defensive fighter who uses strategic counters to devastating effect. He has a top-notch neutral game that leads to some powerful pressures in the corner. UI Goku is mostly picked as a meta breaker in competitive combats because he matches up well with most of the top-tier fighters. Under a skilled player’s hands, UI Goku competes with Bardock as the top fighter in the game.
GT GokuMobility and versatility are GT Goku’s calling cards. With the smallest hitbox in the game and a variety of leaps and quick attacks, he can be a nightmare to play against. If you’re not using him as your main, you’ll be happy to know that he has excellent assist moves as well.
BardockBardock is arguably the best fighter overall thanks to his dominance in the neutral game. Upon winning the middle of the stage (which happens often), Bardock can immediately put pressure on the opponent with a combination of close and far-reaching attacks. What elevates Bardock even higher is his accessibility. You can be a beginner or a seasoned veteran and you’ll still likely win some matches with him.
Kid BuuKid Buu excels at terrorizing his opponent with aggressive combos that rack up the pressure. He has a small hitbox, solid mix-ups, and a surprisingly good neutral game. His low damage output may be off-putting to some, but if you can master his combos, this won’t matter at all.
CellCell has a well-rounded toolkit that you can use for different scenarios. He has fantastic mix-ups that are complimented by equally good frame data. His neutral game leaves something to be desired, however. You have to gain momentum early on to unleash Cell’s true potential. Once you have your opponent in the corner, that’s when Cell is truly devastating.
Adult GohanHaving the most unique mechanic in the game – Potential Unleashed, Adult Gohan is a fighter that demands a lot of skill from the player. The effort in mastering him will be rewarded because of his high solo damage output, partnered with fast attacks at varying ranges. It is a bit of a gamble because you have to ”level up” in the match, but that won’t be hard to do once you get better at controlling him.
Teen GohanTeen Gohan is the only fighter in this tier that doesn’t rely heavily on his range. The flip side to this is that his close-ranged game is phenomenal and can easily overpower an opponent. Despite lacking in long and medium ranged abilities, Teen Gohan has excellent gap closers that complement his in-your-face style of fighting.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List A Tier

Powerful fighters that are viable for most situations. They have good matchups against the rest of the cast. They have clear weaknesses that prevent them from being in the top tier, but they’re still a solid choice for any match.

Fighter Description
Base VegetaUnlike his Super Saiyan version, this Vegeta specializes in aggression to create openings for massive combos. He has good damage that is complemented by a superb neutral game. His mix-ups are also very good, allowing for a little room for creativity on how the player wants to handle fights. Keep in mind that he is harder to master than most fighters in this tier.
Android 21Android 21 demands a vast understanding of the game and all the fighters. Her Steal Ability gives her versatility a massive boost because the copied abilities are better than the originals. Outside of this, Android 21 has a good neutral game, fantastic mix-ups, and a strong long-range game. If you’re planning to master Android 21’s toolkit, be prepared to commit a lot of time. The good news is all that practice will be worth it in the end.
VegitoYou’ve probably been on the receiving end of Vegito’s flashy and punishing combos at some point in your DB FighterZ career. He is annoying to play against because of his excellent neutral game with massive damage output. The problem is that all that damage comes at the expense of slow and predicable moves that are easily punished by the best players.
VegetaVegeta’s Super Saiyan form is one of the most fundamentally sound fighters in the game. He has a good offense and better defense, so you can play it safe while feeling your opponent out. Because he’s good at everything, Vegeta is outclassed by specialists in the game.
GotenksSimilar to Vegito, Gotenks likes to annoy opponents with his quick and very long combo sequences. He has all the tools to pressure the opponent once he gets the momentum. You might feel weird to play him at first because of the quirky moves and hitbox, but he feels better to play as once you have a few hours under your belt.
Super Baby 2Super Baby’s arsenal is made out of using the unique Ki BlastThe best thing about this character is the ability to return the Ki Blast and further apply pressure on the enemy even if it misses. Super Baby can also use the enemy assists to aid him in battle while still having his assists.
VidelThere are only a handful of players who main Videl, and that’s understandable. Her poor damage and defensive options are a license for opponents to bully her. Videl does redeem herself by being the queen of mix-ups. On top of being unpredictable, Videl doesn’t get picked often, which leads to success if your opponent doesn’t know how to play around her weaknesses.
GokuSuper Saiyan Goku is a well-rounded fighter who is solid on all fronts. Again, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s meta consists of the top specialists, so Goku is usually reserved for beginners. He has a good combo that is easy to execute but doesn’t allow for many mix-ups.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List B Tier

These fighters are good, but they don’t have the traits to make them shine as much as the others. You’ll still find success when mastering them, but it won’t be as easy as with S or A-tier fighters.

Fighter Description
TrunksTrunks is a mobile character with good gap closers and a variety of mix-ups. His poor defense leaves something to be desired, however. He’s susceptible to combo starters and punishes because his moves take a long time to recover.
PiccoloPiccolo is up there with the tricksters of the roster. His mix-ups can be a nightmare for opponents, leaving him with several openings to follow up on. As good as he is in mix-ups, he’s notoriously bad at the neutral game, which makes him easy to counter especially during the early game. His moves are also resource-heavy, often consuming a meter to string some combos.
KeflaKefla is a good zoner in a game that doesn’t reward zoners as much. She has excellent frame data and zoning tools that keep the opponent at bay. She has a good neutral game as a result of this. The worst part about her game is defense.
Master RoshiMaster Roshi is a good fighter that will surely take a bit of your time to figure out. He may be a bit complicated to play because of his substitutes for dashing. Master Roshi uses Reverse Kamehameha (and hops) instead of dashing, which can be quite hard to grasp, but this gives you an attack that also makes you dash in any direction.   This also comes with weaknesses. Roshi needs great positioning and game knowledge to not be predictable, especially because he lacks the superdash.
SS4 GogetaGogeta has powerful combos, a good variety of mix-ups, and an excellent neutral game. Why isn’t he placed higher? Well, that’s because of his awful frame data that forces players to commit moves too much. Because he has poor recovery, Gogeta is easily pressured, especially by the more aggressive fighters in the roster.
Goku BlackGoku Black’s beginner-friendly move set adds to his viability as a fighter. He has a solid neutral game that adjusts well when you pin or get pinned by an opponent in the corner. His combo structure may be basic, but it works.
Fused ZamasuFused Zamasu’s ability to fly freely throughout the match makes him one of the most mobile fighters in the game. This mobility perfectly sets up his excellent combo sequences to pressure the opponent into the corner. Despite these, Zamasu still lacks a decent neutral game to take the upper hand in close fights.
Android 16Android 16 players need to spend a lot of time practicing if they want to master him. He’s one of the few grapplers in the game and he does his job well. The problem is you have to be familiar with very advanced techniques to utilize his damage potential to the fullest.
Goku (SSGSS)Commonly known as “Blue Goku” in the community, this fighter has air-tight frame data, which makes him very satisfying to play as. To complement his quick moves, he can combo from medium to close range well, so there’s plenty of room to catch your opponent off-guard. The downside to all his tight frames is that you have to execute his combos perfectly to get that high damage output.
BrolyBroly is an interesting fighter to play as because he’s a zoner and a grappler. This means that he’ll have good control of the stage because of his varying range of attacks. Broly does suffer from a gigantic hitbox and meter-intensive play, so be careful when picking him.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List C Tier

The fighters in this tier are pedestrian by the game’s standards. Prepare to spend more time in practice learning how to bring out their potential against other fighters who outclass them.

Fighter Description
Super BrolyYou can play Super Broly as either a rushdown fighter or a grappler. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll need to utilize his close combat efficiency to deal massive damage. While he has a high damage output, Super Broly suffers from the lack of mix-ups and bad frame data.
Base GokuThis version of Goku is likely the only true support character in the game. His damage from supers is excellent and he has a variety of mix-ups available. His assist moves are great, but your team has to be the optimal setup to make him shine.
HitThe assassin Hit has one of the best neutral phases in the game because of an unorthodox move set and great range. He is difficult to play because of how unique his mechanics are, so keep this in mind if you want to main him. You also need to settle on the fact that Hit barely has any aerial arsenal, so you need to rely on his ground combos all the time.
TienYou get what you see with Tien, so that makes him one of the easiest fighters to play. His best attribute comes from the ability to dish out insane damage with supers and mix-ups. Unfortunately, he has a poor neutral game and lacks defensive options.
JirenJiren is a defensive fighter who banks on his counterattacks to win matches. He has good damage to follow up on his counter mix-ups, but these moves are extremely committal and situational. UI Goku plays the same as Jiren but better in every way.
YamchaYamcha never seems to have much value outside of decent team composition. He’s fast and can pin down opponents, but that’s all offset by his short-range and resource-intensive move set.
JanembaJanemba’s good at every aspect of the play. His grabs have long range and a good mix up that can be difficult to see sometimes. Keeping that in mind, that’s his weakness, only being just good at all of those. Janemba doesn’t have anything unique going on to be any higher in the list.
CoolerUnlike his brother Frieza, Cooler relies on his neutral game and corner pressure to beat his opponents. He has a great defense in line with his size but can be extremely slow against most of the roster.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List D Tier

Fighters that are seldom picked in competitive matches because they have glaring flaws that handicap the player.

Fighter Description
FriezaYet another zoner, Frieza excels at long range to harass opponents. Skilled players can easily find a way around his range though, so he’s often at a disadvantage in matches.
Android 18Android 18 has excellent mix-up tools to break the opponent’s defenses. Her damage output isn’t high, though, and her neutral game leaves a lot to be desired.
BeerusBeerus’ damage relies heavily on how well you can set up around his orbs. The orbs themselves are easily destroyed by the opponent, so the setup doesn’t usually pay off. Beerus can get away with some wins against less experienced players, but he’s completely helpless in competitive matches.
Majin BuuWhen Majin Buu sets up his combos perfectly, he can be a damage-dealing monster. He has healing that helps out in a pinch as well. He’s a risky fighter to use because of his unorthodox move set.
Captain GinyuUnder the hands of an extremely skilled player, Ginyu can be the best damage dealer in the game. To get to this point in a match, you have to have all the momentum on your side, which is no easy task. He might be the most fun and creative character to play as, but he lacks the “normal” toolkit to match up with the more powerful fighters.
Blue VegetaBlue Vegeta likes to pressure his opponents into the corner at the start of every match. While he does fair well on the offensive, his poor neutral game robs him of that opportunity to set up his opponent.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List F Tier

These are currently the worst fighters in the meta. Only use these if the characters hold a special place in your heart or if you just want to flex your skills.

Fighter Description
Android 17Android 17 needs to be constantly moving to pose a threat. He has decent meter buildup through his combos and good assists, but he struggles on his own.
KrillinKrillin is a zoner who has a small hitbox. He can heal himself or his teammates an infinite number of times, which can actually be annoying. There’s not much to write home about Krillin’s other characteristics either.
NappaNappa has plenty of moves that play well into his mix-ups. He has good damage, but he often finds himself pressured by the enemy because of his speed and poor defense.


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