Overwatch Brigitte Guide: Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

If you want to master Brigitte in Overwatch, you'll need to follow the tips, tricks and strategies found in this ultimate Overwatch Brigitte guide.

Many Overwatch players consider Brigitte to be one of the most annoying heroes to deal with due to her ability to disrupt and stun-lock enemies with her teammates’ aid.

Despite having poor mobility, Brigitte benefits from having a shield to block incoming damage and carry allies to victory once allowed to set-up properly.

In this Overwatch Brigitte guide, we’ll highlight the best tips, tricks, and strategies for playing as the mechanical engineer turned squire.   

If you would like more tips and tricks, check out our Overwatch Beginner’s Guide, where we dive into hero roles, team composition, and best practices for winning.

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Brigitte Abilities and Role Explained

Brigitte fulfills a unique support/tank niche that allows her to soak up minimal damage and keep her team topped off through both passive and active healing.

Similar to Reinhardt, her access to a shield provides her with extra protection at the cost of reduced mobility.

As a result, Brigitte is most effective when she’s sticking close to her teammates, preferably near the frontlines, where she can disrupt flankers and look out for her teammates.

Brigitte’s kit requires practice and patience to master, especially when it comes to managing the cooldowns for each of her abilities.

How To Use Rocket Flail

Brigitte Rocket Flail

Brigitte’s only means of dealing damage is her Rocket Flail, a quick-moving chain with decent range and minimal damage.

Despite its low damage output, Rocket Flail is useful for triggering Brigitte’s passive ability, Inspire, which creates a healing aura around Brigitte any time her flail strikes an enemy.

Unlike Reinhardt’s hammer, Brigitte’s flail doesn’t have any knockback effects by default, making it ideal for setting up a combo before switching to one of her other abilities.

To get the most out of Rocket Flail, we recommend sticking close to your teammates and engaging in close-quarter skirmishes to quickly build up your Ultimate.

How To Use Repair Pack

Brigitte Repair Pack

In addition to her passive healing with Inspire, Brigitte can provide up to three Repair Pack charges to allies within 30 meters of her location that heal 110 HP over two seconds.

If there’s any extra healing left over once the hero is at max health, it gets converted into armor that lasts for five seconds or until the hero takes damage.

Each charge comes with a cooldown of six seconds, meaning once Brigitte has used up her three charges, her ability to heal dramatically falls off.

Therefore, we recommend always keeping one charge handy in case of emergencies and prioritizing other healers and low health DPS over tanks.

How To Use Whip Shot

Brigitte Whip Shot

Upon activation, Whip Shot sees Brigitte launching her flail forward in the direction she’s facing to knockback enemies.

This ability deals a cool 70 damage upon making contact and assigns a -50% movement penalty to Brigitte while casting.

Although Whip Shot can be useful for knocking enemies off ledges and triggering Brigitte’s healing aura, it also leaves her exposed.

We encourage you to be mindful of where enemies will end up after they’ve been struck and consider using Whip Shot as the final step in your offensive combo.

How To Use Barrier Shield

Brigitte Barrier Shield

Brigitte’s Barrier Shield is much smaller and has less health than Reinhardt’s (250 HP), with its size being just enough to protect herself or a teammate directly behind her.

Whenever her shield is up, Brigitte is assigned a -30% movement penalty, though you can mitigate this by switching back and forth between shield and no-shield as you push forward.

While it may not provide the best protection, Barrier Shield has a cool trick up its sleeve in the form of Shield Bash, which sees Brigitte charging through enemies and leaving them stunned for about a second.

You can also use Shield Bash to interrupt enemy Ults by stunning the enemy right as they start casting, making it the most potent ability in Brigitte’s kit.

How To Use Rally (Ultimate)

Brigitte Rally Ultimate

Rally is one of the best support Ultimates in the game and can quickly turn the tide of a battle in your team’s favor when executed correctly.

Upon activation, Brigitte will generate an aura that provides her and her allies with 15 armor every half a second or until they max out at 100 armor.

During this time, Brigitte gains a +30% speed buff, making it easier for her to play aggressively and heal teammates using Inspire.

We recommend triggering Rally a few seconds before a big brawl to give your team time to stack up armor and build momentum that will see them through the rest of the fight.

Brigitte Strengths

Brigitte excels whenever she’s near teammates who stand to benefit from her passive heals while making up for her suboptimal damage.

Her access to Barrier Shield and relatively high health pool for a support character (200 HP, 50 Armor) allows her to hang out in the frontline as long as she has a tank there to back her up.

With that said, there are some heroes whose playstyle naturally complements Brigitte’s, and below you’ll find a list of the most notable ones.

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Which Heroes Combo Best With Brigitte?

  • Reinhardt – Can have Brigitte cover him with her shield and heal while his recharges.
  • Roadhog – Large health pool and self-heals take pressure off Brigitte; can provide her with some added protection from flankers.
  • Zarya – Can keep Brigitte safe using Projected Barrier; Brigitte can use Shield Bash to deter faster enemies who threaten Zarya.
  • Reaper – Both characters excel at close-range combat; Reaper can play more aggressively with Brigitte’s heals.
  • Sombra – Can hack high mobility heroes that threaten Brigitte, allowing her to take them out with ease.
  • Junkrat – Can take advantage of Brigitte’s ability to disrupt teams and rack up damage undetected.
  • Doomfist – Can team up with Brigitte to apply pressure to the enemy team while benefitting from Inspire/Repair Pack heals. 

Brigitte Weaknesses

While none of Brigitte’s abilities are particularly hard to use, they require you to have a good sense of spatial awareness and cooldown management.

She becomes extremely vulnerable without her shield and can’t realistically be counted on to provide the bulk of healing during a match, making her an automatic secondary healer.

With that said, many heroes can easily get the best of Brigitte in a 1v1 matchup, and below we’ve provided a list of the ones you need to know.

Which Heroes Does Brigitte Struggle Against?

  • Orisa – Can rip through Brigitte’s shield and use Fortify to negate Shield Bash’s effects.
  • Bastion – Like Orisa, Bastion can destroy Brigitte’s shield in seconds, especially at long range.
  • Doomfist – Can take out Brigitte with a well-timed Uppercut/Seismic Slam combo.
  • Genji – Is way too fast for Brigitte to deal with; her safest bet is to keep her shield up and move to cover.
  • Hanzo – Can pick Brigitte off from long-range with just a few headshots.
  • Widowmaker – Can one-shot Brigitte with a fully-charged headshot
  • Junkrat – Can go around Brigitte’s shield by bouncing his grenades off walls; Brigitte is too slow to escape his RIP-tire

General Tips For Playing Brigitte

General Tips for Playing Brigitte

In the right hands, Brigitte can dominate matches and carry her team to victory by sticking close to tanks and damage heroes.

Though her limited mobility and subpar damage often get her into trouble, the benefits of being able to stun enemies and even interrupt Ults using Shield Bash cannot be overstated.

Below, we’ve provided some more general tips to keep in mind whenever you’re playing as Brigitte.

  • Avoid Shield Bashing your way into enemy territory without your team since doing so leaves Brigitte exposed.
  • You can use Brigitte’s shield to cover Mercy while she resurrects a teammate.
  • Brigitte should never be picked as the primary healer due to her lack of burst heals.
  • Rally can be used offensively and defensively to get your team through a fight or simply keep them alive.
  • Try not to use spam Shield Bash and instead save it for interrupting Ults and emergency escapes.
  • While Brigitte plays best near the frontlines, always be on the lookout for flankers creeping into your team’s backline and heal allies within range.

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