Best Hero Combos In Overwatch

If you're playing with a friend or multiple friends, you can benefit by using strong hero combos in Overwatch. Here are the best hero combos in Overwatch.

Team composition is one of the most critical aspects of winning matches in Overwatch, so it’s best to stay updated on the game’s current meta and where your favorite heroes rank.

While a highly-skilled healer, tank, or damage hero may be able to carry a team to victory, more often than not, your team will lose if none of its heroes have synergy.

In this list, we’ll be highlighting the best hero combos in Overwatch to experiment with and start reaping the benefits in 2024.

By no means are these the only viable characters in the game, and you should always keep an open mind about trying new heroes and mastering as many as you can.

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Brigitte and Reinhardt

Overwatch Brigitte and Reinhardt

Brigitte and Reinhardt make for a dynamic shield duo that encourages teams to play more aggressively and hold a position for as long as necessary.

With Brigitte by his side, Reinhardt can go on the offensive with the peace of mind of knowing Brigitte is nearby to lend a hand and heal him.

Additionally, Brigitte’s kit is great for crowd control, namely her Whip Shot and Shield Bash, meaning she can help keep flankers at bay.

And in the event things go south, the deadly combination of Earthshatter and Rally is typically more than enough to make a comeback.

D.Va and Winston

Overwatch D.Va and Winston

D.Va and Winston have the highest mobility of all the tanks, making them viable for dive comps and affording them some natural synergy.

While Winston’s giant leaps typically leave him exposed, a crafty D.Va can keep him shielded with Defense Matrix.

They’re also great at picking up the slack in areas where the other tank falls short; Winston’s Tesla Cannon is great for close-range while D.Va’s Micro Missiles and Fusion Cannons cover the long-range.

This, coupled with Ultimates that focus on area denial, makes the pair excellent at targeting specific enemies dominating the point.

Orisa and Roadhog

Overwatch Orisa and Roadhog

The benefits of running an Orisa and Roadhog may seem obvious until you witness firsthand how lethal the halt and hook combo can be.

Beyond the gimmicks, the two cover each other’s weaknesses in several ways; Orisa can keep the enemy focus on her and her shield while Roadhog deals with any flankers who get too close.

While Orisa is excellent at holding a point, she’s not naturally inclined to be on the run and moving, at least not to the same degree as Roadhog.

Lastly, both characters have Ultimates that complement one another; Orisa can deploy her Supercharger right before Roadhog triggers Whole Hog and sends the enemy team back to spawn.

Doomfist and Zarya

Overwatch Doomfist and Zarya

Although Doomfist has the potential to deal large bursts of damage and OHKO squishier targets, his relatively large hitbox and overly telegraphed attacks often expose his tactics to the enemy.

However, with Zarya in play, Doom can afford to be more aggressive knowing that Zarya’s bubble will keep him safe.

In turn, Zarya benefits from the free damage buff as well as having an ally to deal with close-range threats until her Particle Cannon is at max charge.

Even though there are plenty of Ultimates that synergize with Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Doom’s Meteor Strike is arguably the most potent since it covers a wide radius and deals tremendous damage.

Hanzo and Echo

Overwatch Hanzo and Echo

One of the most effective strategies for winning in Overwatch is to deal large bursts of damage in rapid succession and hope the enemy team buckles before yours.

Two heroes that benefit from this approach and will often tip the scales in your team’s favor are Hanzo and Echo.

Hanzo has the advantage of his Storm Arrows, which after his buff, can now destroy shields and beefy tanks in a matter of seconds.

At the same time, Echo can use her Tri-Shot and Sticky Bombs to whittle away enemy health bars from different angles using her flight ability.

Sigma and Wrecking Ball

Overwatch Sigma and Wrecking Ball

Sigma and Wrecking Ball naturally excel in death ball comps centered on mobility and status effect attacks such as stun.

They also share a somewhat symbiotic relationship, with Sigma drawing fire with his shield while Wrecking Ball disrupts the enemy team until both heroes Ult and the roles switch.

Minefield lets Wrecking Ball lock enemies in or out of a targeted area before Sigma swoops in with Gravitic Flux to capitalize.

If the drop from Gravitic Flux isn’t enough to kill an enemy, any remaining mines from Wrecking Ball’s Ult are sure to finish the job.

Ana and Reinhardt

Overwatch Ana and Reinhardt

Whenever Ana and Reinhardt are on the battlefield, you can expect to see plenty of synergy between them.

Aside from providing Rein with some much needed heals using her Biotic Rifle and Grenade, Ana can pick off targets from long range or put them to sleep.

This creates an opening for Rein to finish off the enemy with a Fire Strike or go in for a Charge and pin the sleeping target to the wall.

And last but not least, we can’t overlook the value of a Nano Boosted Reinhardt with Earthshatter, raising his hammer to 112 DPS and granting a 50% reduction in damage taken. 

Mercy and Zenyatta

Overwatch Mercy and Zenyatta

If you’re looking for a reliable support combo, look no further than Zenyatta and Mercy.

This is due to them having the best heals in the game when properly positioned behind their tanks.

Zen can patch Mercy up anytime her health drops and vice versa, resulting in fewer instances where your team is left stranded while the healers return from spawn. 

And this is all without diving into the benefits of Mercy’s Damage Boost and Zen’s Discord Orb, which are both excellent at applying pressure on the enemy team.

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