Best Games Like Overwatch

We love Overwatch and so do you. Thankfully there are lot of other games just like it. Here's the ultimate list of the best games like Overwatch.

Ever since Overwatch was released in 2015, Blizzard has managed to catapult the hero shooter into popularity by leaning into competitive eSports as a way to foster the game’s community.

While this has added value to Overwatch’s longevity and player engagement, every video game reaches a point where it starts to lose its charm and feel past its prime.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best games like Overwatch to play in 2022, including new games like Overwatch and the best free games like Overwatch.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any games!

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One of the first games that come to mind when comparing Overwatch to everything else on the market is Team Fortress 2, released in 2007 and is still going strong in 2022.

Considering its age, the game has played a large role in shaping team-based shooters of today and continues to emphasize coordination and proper positioning as crucial strategies for winning.

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Many of the game’s characters share similarities with Overwatch’s heroes, and one could argue that Valve created a foundation for Blizzard to build off of.

There are also cosmetic items for different characters, custom maps, and various game modes; since it’s free-to-play, you have nothing to lose by checking out the game that inspired Overwatch and countless other shooters.

Since its launch, the free-to-play game Paladins has repeatedly been accused of stealing Overwatch’s mojo despite being in development long before Blizzard even announced their game.

Whether or not you think Hi-Rez copied Blizzard’s homework or vice versa, there’s no denying the two have a lot in common, namely the design and abilities of certain heroes.

While Paladins’ modes owe more to MOBAs than shooters, Overwatch fans will feel right at home in 5v5 modes like Siege, Team Deathmatch, and Onslaught.

The game features a diverse roster of over 40 heroes called “Champions,” as well as a unique deck-building system that lets you make fine-tune adjustments to your character’s playstyle.

Although Ninja Theory was a bit late to cash in on both the MOBA and hero shooter crazes, they still managed to create an enjoyable multiplayer game with the added bonus of being backed by Microsoft.

Like Overwatch, Bleeding Edge features an eccentric cast of characters with intriguing backstories and dedicated classes categorized as Damage, Support, and Tank.

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Matches are 4v4 and see players competing in one of two modes currently in the game: Objective Control and Power Collection.

Although the game had a rocky launch, its presence on Xbox Game Pass has helped attract new players while Ninja Theory continues to work on new content and improvements to its progression systems.

Apex Legends takes the best parts of PUBG, Titanfall, and Overwatch to create a fast-paced battle royale that can be played for little to no cost from season to season.

In it, squads of up to three players dropped on a map consisting of murky swamplands, compact villages, and sprawling tech facilities.

It’s a constant mad-dash to find that next great weapon, attachment, ammo, or armor that will see you through to the end.

Similar to Overwatch, the game receives consistent updates that add new heroes, limited-time events, and seasonal rewards to set your sights on.

Warframe is a free-to-play shooter with fluid movement and frenetic combat that continues to age well despite being almost a decade old.

In it, you play as one of over 30 fully-customizable space ninjas and explore sprawling levels set on different planets that are occupied by alien and robot enemies.

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Although that may sound like a recipe for repetition, Warframe keeps things interesting by offering various activities for players to check out, including PvP modes that demand team coordination.

Additionally, the Warframe community is about as welcoming as they come, with many players willing to answer questions, guide you through challenges, and refer you to useful wikis.

While it may not be the most recent entry in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, Garden Warfare 2 is still regarded as the series’ best take on third-person shooters.

Gameplay is similar to the original Garden Warfare and sees you playing as one of several character classes belonging to either Plant or Zombie factions.

In addition to solo PvE, the game also includes several objective-based PvP modes that support up to 24 players online.

Like Overwatch, heroes have distinct playstyles and abilities that come with their own strengths and weaknesses that factor into your team’s strategy. 

Valorant is modeled after the best shooters of the last decade, including Overwatch, but isn’t afraid to put its own spin on team-based gunplay.

Presented as a tactical 5v5 shooter, the game sees you assigned to either Defending or Attacking sides as you compete in objective-based modes using unique “Agents.”

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Similar to Overwatch’s heroes, Valorant Agents possess distinct kits that allow them to excel in one or more areas such as scouting, flanking, and territory control.

Matches tend to last longer than your average Assault, Control, or Escort game in Overwatch, often resulting in tense and dynamic rounds in which either team can catch up at any moment.

Rainbow Six: Siege has always taken a more tactical approach to combat than Overwatch while scratching the same hero shooter itch.

It’s just as focused on making big team plays in order to maximize your chances of winning, but throws additional factors into the mix, such as destructible environments that can create new lines of sight.

Similar to Overwatch, Siege’s meta is continually evolving as new operators, maps, and modes are added on a year to year basis. 

If you enjoy the competitive aspects of Overwatch and want a hero shooter with a relatively high skill ceiling, then Siege may be worth getting into.

Ever since it went free-to-play, CS: GO has seen an uptick in player count that’s help bolster the game’s community and encourage Valve to keep supporting it after all these years.

New characters, maps, and modes have been introduced over the years, and Valve puts out frequent updates in order to keep the gameplay balanced.

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Like Overwatch, modes are objective-based and require teammates to communicate and work together to achieve their goal as attackers or defenders.

If you’ve never played a single round of CS: GO or dropped off in the past, now is as good a time as any to hop in and see why the game is so revered.

This one’s a bit of a cheat on our part considering Overwatch 2 is technically just more Overwatch and Blizzard has yet to even offer up a release date.

Still, it’s never too early to start planning for the future, especially after seeing Overwatch 2’s gameplay reveal and announce cinematic video.

The sequel appears to be a continuation of the original formula with a bigger emphasis on co-op in the form of new PvE story content set after the first game’s events.

There’s also the usual fare of new heroes, maps, and modes to master; thankfully, Blizzard isn’t forcing players to migrate and will add the bulk of Overwatch 2’s multiplayer content to the original.

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