Best First-Person Shooters 2022

Do you like modern FPS games? Here's the ultimate and definitive list of the best modern first-person shooter games that you can play right now.

First-person shooters have come a long way since the early days of Doom and Quake. Today’s shooters are a lot more twitchy and fast-paced, requiring players to possess quick reflexes and itchy trigger fingers. 

As one of the more popular genres in gaming, new shooters are continually being released, making it hard to keep up.

So here, we’ve highlighted some of the best first-person shooters to play in 2022.

Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list with new releases in the future.

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Rage 2 takes place 30 years after the first game and sees you taking control of Walker, the last surviving ranger in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by deadly mutants. Things kick-off when Walker’s home is invaded and ultimately destroyed by a corrupt military group called the Authority, prompting him to seek out vengeance. 

The game has you using special powers called Nanotrites in conjunction with high-tech weapons and gadgets. Among these is the flight stick, a boomerang-like object with deadly blades capable of slicing through enemy flesh before returning to the thrower.

Bright Memory is a Steam Early Access title that follows the story of Shelia, an operative for the Natural Science Research Organization (SRO), as she tries to prevent a secret military group from bringing ancient creatures back to life to be used as weapons.

Caught in the middle of a war between technology and ancient civilization, Shelia will have to use her combat training to survive long enough to uncover the truth. Gameplay is reminiscent of titles like Shadow Warrior, with an emphasis on using swords, guns, and special abilities that Shelia acquires over the course of the game. 

The Killing Floor series has been around for quite some time, with Killing Floor 2 receiving consistent updates even now in 2019. The game sees up to six players working together to complete a variety of mission objectives as waves of zombies, or Zeds, flood in from every direction.

Featuring fast-paced and aggressive combat, KF2 is an engaging first-person shooter in which team coordination is essential, especially on higher difficulties. Since the game’s 2016 release, developer Tripwire has added a plethora of new weapons and enemy types in addition to more PVE and PVP modes.  

The Metro games have only gotten better with each new installment and Metro Exodus is by far the most impressive entry in the series. Aside from upgraded current-gen graphics, the game features larger sandbox environments to research as well as a more focused story and stealth-based gameplay.

You play as everyone’s favorite Russian post-apocalyptic scavenger Artyom, encountering new hazards and enemies in the wasteland of the former Russian Federation. With resources extremely scarce, you’ll have to make every bullet count and scour every nook and cranny for supplies to keep you in the fight.

The popularity of battle royales has led several developers to throw their hat in the race and offer their take on the genre, including Respawn. Apex Legends sees three-man squads of players dropping down in a large map consisting of swamplands, close-quarters villages, and high-tech facilities.

The game is constant mad-dash to collect better loot, as you search containers and enemies’ bodies for that next great weapon, attachment, ammo, or armor to keep yourself alive long enough to have a chance at victory. You won’t find any chicken dinners here, just solid shooting mechanics from the same team that brought us Titanfall

Serving as a follow-up to The New Order, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is set in an alternate version of 1961 where the Nazis won WWII. The game has you controlling BJ Blazkowicz as him and a ragtag team work together to bring down the Nazi regime in America. 

The game features the ability to dual-wield seemingly every combination of weapons as well as vaulting over objects to use for cover. Most impressive is how vividly New Colossus manages to portray its dark and twisted version of America, with propaganda posters plastered on city walls and KKK members casually strolling through city-blocks.

Far Cry 5 is the most recent installment in Ubisoft’s long-running FPS series. And much like a Hollywood blockbuster, it aims to take you on an exciting adventure packed with plenty of explosions and bear mauling in its open-world Montana, USA setting. 

Although the game’s been criticized for having a weak story compared to previous entries, it features refined shooting mechanics you’d expect from a series that’s been around as long as Far Cry has. Aside from its campaign, which can be played in both solo and co-op, FC5 features a map editor that allows players to create their own challenges and share them with the world.

After switching to a live service model, Siege’s success has skyrocketed as the tactical shooter’s player base keeps increasing and Ubisoft Montreal consistently puts out new content. Offering a number of multiplayer modes and class-based operators, the game has built a strong foundation that has led to a thriving community of both casual and competitive players.

What makes Siege stand out from other games in the online-FPS space is its ability to create tension in matches and emphasize team cooperation. Operators have widely different skills that result in some serving as hard counters to others, forcing teams to devise new strategies in order to bridge the gap and claim victory.

Overwatch may have not been the first hero-shooter, but it’s certainly the most appealing of the genre, reaching a wide audience with its colorful art style and low-entry skill requirements. This is not to say the game is easy, as each hero has a specific role to fulfill and mastering a character’s kit can take awhile. 

With themed holiday events throughout the year as well as new character skins and emotes to unlock, Blizzard takes several measures to ensure the game doesn’t grow stale. As of today, Overwatch features 30 playable characters as well as a thriving e-sports community.

There are certain things we’ve come to expect from a Doom game: ultra-violent first-person action filled with gore, overpowered weapons, and a generic story that serves as an excuse to rip demons in half. While id Software’s 2016 Doom reboot still checks all those boxes, it manages to bring some new stuff to the series too.

Aside from amazing modern graphics, Doom offers a more fleshed out upgrade system than previous games, allowing you to invest in weapons you love and play however you want. The game also features Glory Kills for the first time, giving you the chance to slay underworld monsters with captivating and gruesome, over-the-top attacks. 

It may not look like it but Dusk is a 2018 release. The game obviously draws a lot of inspiration from 90s FPS titles like Doom and Quake in both art style and mechanics. However, where Dusk differs is in its modern approach to implementing the concepts found in traditional first-person shooters.

Movement and shooting both feel extremely responsive and have your character traveling and firing at rapid speeds. Some people may not like the blocky 3D-graphics, but spending any time with Dusk will reveal how addictive its gameplay can be. Objectives are fairly simple, boiling down to finding a required key or slaying a certain enemy, however, there are plenty of secrets to find in Dusk’s environments.

Even though the battle royale fad had already plateaued before Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode released, seeing Call of Duty’s take on the genre was still impressive. For the most part, its standard battle royale: up to 100 players fall out of the sky, land somewhere on the map, loot and shoot until one person is left standing.

However, where Blackout mode differs is in its map size, which happens to be the largest map of any Call of Duty game before, littered with iconic locations from its long line of games. Additionally, the game features more stable frame rates and a better selection of weapons than other popular royale games. 

Prey is an open-world FPS with some stealth, survival, and RPG elements. You take on the role of Morgan Yu, a human aboard the Talos 1 space station, which becomes overrun by a species of violent aliens known as the Typhon. Your task is to survive by collecting resources and using weapons in order to defeat the Typhon and uncover the secrets behind Talos 1’s history.

The game offers a lot in terms of player choice. You can pick Morgan’s gender, what weapons and upgrades you want to utilize, and make decisions in the world that affect how the story plays out. Among Prey’s best features are the Typhon aliens you encounter, which have various sub-species, including shape-shifting creatures called Mimics. These spider-like aliens can take on the appearance of common items in the open-world, attacking when you least expect it.

Borderlands 2 manages to create a vibrant depiction of Pandora’s world and when compared to the first game, is much more ambitious across all fronts. Characters feel more fleshed out and have increased dialogue exchanges, new enemy types keep things interesting, and more side quests give you opportunities to explore beyond the beaten path.

What’s bound to be most divisive for players is the game’s cel-shaded art style. While textures don’t always look the best, depending on your preference, the style either enhances Borderlands 2’s gameplay or completely ruins it. Overall, the game is a great improvement over the first, and doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel but rather streamlines concepts introduced in the original.

Although Destiny 2 was received fairly well at launch, the months that followed saw the game getting panned for its lack of worthy end-game content as well as a lackluster first expansion with Curse of Osiris. Since then Bungie has been working hard to get the first-person shooter where it needs to be, and the Forsaken update shows they’re on the right path.

In addition to offering a more interesting narrative, Forsaken completely overhauls Destiny 2’s weapon system, letting players use different types of guns in each weapon slot. Given that Destiny has always been known for having the best-feeling shooting, it’s good to see the game is in a better place in 2019 and hopefully, Bungie keeps building on Forsaken’s momentum.

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