Best Games Like Skyrim

If you like Skyrim, you will love our definitive list of all the best games like Skyrim. Find your next game to play in this list!

Set 200 years after its predecessor in a region called Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls V is considered one of the best fantasy games of all time.

While its legacy continues to live on through various rereleases and Skyrim mods, there are plenty of other open-world games and action RPGs that explore similar game mechanics and themes.

In this list, we’ll help you find your next favorite game by highlighting the best games like Skyrim to play in 2022, including the best games like Skyrim for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite games similar to Skyrim!

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Whether you’re already a Dark Souls fan or just looking for a similar game to Skyrim, you’ll likely enjoy the modern remake of one of FromSoftware’s most pivotal titles.

Originally released for the PS3, Demon’s Souls sees you on a heroic quest to save the kingdom of Boletaria from an evil being known as the Old One.

The remake was developed by Bluepoint Games and adds a host of quality of life improvements such as better performance and high-res graphics that bring it more in line with modern games like Skyrim.

However, at its core, the game feels nearly identical to the original, including the layout of its environments and the challenging combat design synonymous with FromSoftware.

Similar to Skyrim, the Assassin’s Creed games place a large emphasis on open-world exploration and action-driven combat with elements of stealth and RPG progression.

A great execution of this tried and true formula is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which casts you as a Viking raider searching for a new home for their people in 9th century Britain.

However, in the backdrop, a war is brewing between the Templars and the Brotherhood that causes your character to take action.

Throughout the game, you’ll go around completing story and side missions while exploring a sprawling map, collecting gear from chests, and establishing a network of settlements for your people.

Exclusive to PC, Valheim is an open-world survival RPG that casts you as one of Odin’s fallen Viking warriors whose soul ends up in the tenth Norse world.

Much like the region of Skyrim, this sprawling primordial pool is teeming untapped resources, immeasurable threats, and boundless adventures.

You’ll need to keep your character fed, well-rested, and safe from enemy raids by constructing powerful tools, weapons, and fortified camps to defend against menacing trolls, sea monsters, and more.

Although the game is a bit light on story compared to games like Skyrim, it features an abundance of bosses to tackle, streamlined RPG progression, and an approachable crafting system.

Tribes of Midgard is another open-world survival RPG with some similarities to Skyrim while supporting up to 10 player co-op, a feature that’s long been requested by Skyrim players.

While it features a different cel-shaded art style and isometric POV, from a gameplay perspective, the two have much in common.

In it, you play as a Viking tasked with exploring an expansive fantasy world teeming with unique biomes, natural resources, and powerful gods and monsters.

As you work tirelessly to craft new gear and upgrade equipment, you must also defend your village from Giants who seek to destroy the Seed of Yggdrasil, a beacon that protects the Gods from invading realms.

Much like Skyrim and countless other RPGs, Obsidian’s black comedy The Outer Worlds puts a lot of stock into player agency, assigning pretty much every action its own set of consequences.

The story sees you taking on the role of The Stranger, a blank slate and unlikely hero who finds themselves entrusted with determining the fate of a space colony and its starved citizens.

Throughout the game, you’ll make your way around a solar system encountering various characters, factions, and alien creatures with unique motivations that shape the story and individual quests.

Every challenge can be tackled in a variety of ways based on your preferred playstyle, allowing you to talk yourself out of a jam using words or bend enemies to your will using brute force.

The Forgotten City has one of the more interesting development stories of games on this list; conceived as a mod for Skyrim, it would later become a standalone game led by developer/writer Nick Pearce.

In it, you find yourself transported to an ancient city subjected to the Golden Rule: a religious mandate that punishes citizens for any sin committed by turning the entire population to gold statues.

The game presents many opportunities to affect the outcome of the story during NPC interactions and open-ended quests with multiple ways to achieve completion.

While the game goes to great lengths to introduce its own cast of characters, environments, and even new game mechanics, the visual similarities with Skyrim persist.

If you’ve ever wanted to play a more realistically-accurate version of Skyrim, then Kingdom Come: Deliverance checks that box while still being a fun medieval RPG in its own right.

Set in an open-world interpretation of the Holy Roman Empire, it casts you as the son of a blacksmith as he joins up with a group of rebels following the death of his family and village.

The game incorporates many simulation-driven systems to create a unique survival game experience where players have to maintain their character’s hunger, thirst, sleep, and hygiene.

While you won’t find any of Skyrim’s dragons or spells, there’s a surprising amount of depth to Deliverance’s first-person combat that can be both fun and challenging to master.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s primitive, post-apocalyptic setting may not be as populated as the region of Skyrim but offers just enough lore to satisfy any Elder Scrolls fan’s appetite.

It also happens to serve as the perfect backdrop for intense stealth and action sequences that pit the player against larger-than-life enemies that would otherwise overpower them.

To close the gap, you’ll have to explore every tool at your disposal and seek out different strategies for defeating the many mechanical monstrosities that await Aloy.

Although the character is limited to just a bow and arrow, she makes up for it with an abundance of ammo types, traps, and gadgets that allow her to overcome any threat.

If you’re looking for a satisfying fantasy RPG that shares plenty of similarities with the Elder Scrolls franchise, look no further than the original Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

In it, you take on the role of the Fateless One after they’re resurrected and thrust into a ravaged world on the brink of collapse.

The game features robust character customization, an extensive open-world ripe for exploration, an engaging story, and immersive combat that emphasizes player choice at every turn.

While you’re more than welcome to check out the original, a remastered version titled Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning can be picked up for PC and modern consoles.

The feeling of being able to go anywhere you want at any given time is hard to capture in most open-world games, with the two most obvious exceptions being Skyrim and Breath of the Wild.

The Nintendo exclusive offers a fresh take on the Zelda series that encourages you to explore any chance you get using a satisfyingly fluid movement system that allows you to scale just about any object.

Of course, the main quest centers on defeating Ganon and restoring Hyrule to its former glory, but just like Skyrim, most of the fun to be had is out in the world during unscripted exploration.

Both games also do an excellent job of rewarding you for your curiosity; stumble upon a hidden tomb, house, or cave? There’s a good chance you’ll find a cool new piece of gear hiding in a chest.

Next up, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is an open-world action-adventure RPG set in the fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

It continues the story of Shadow of Mordor while expanding upon the Nemesis system to create impressively varied enemy leaders with distinct personalities, traits, and backstories.

Additionally, players are bound to encounter a wide range of characters throughout Middle Earth’s open-world, ranging from elves to orcs and everything in between.

There are also countless side quests and opportunities to venture off the beaten path and delve deeper into the dark fantasy lore behind one of the most popular franchises.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning another fantasy RPG that’s considered a masterpiece by many, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

While it may not be as flexible with its character creator and focuses much more heavily on storytelling via cutscenes, The Witcher 3 is sure to scratch that Skyrim itch while delivering an original narrative.

Between major plot points, players are free to explore the game’s vast open-world sandbox to hunt wildlife, gather ingredients, and soak up the scenery.

Even if magic works differently in both games, Skyrim fans will likely enjoy The Witcher 3’s emphasis on melee sword-based combat.

If you love role-playing survival games but don’t want to go through the trouble of installing mods in Skyrim, then Conan Exiles is a great alternative.

Set in a brutal medieval open-world brimming with monsters, it sees you carving out your path by gathering resources and using them to arm yourself and build bases.

While the game is primarily multiplayer, there’s also a single-player mode with Skyrim-like progression that lets you hone your skills in the areas you enjoy most.

For you, this might be exploring till your heart’s content, decking out your home with fancy furniture, or going around capturing NPCs and making them your slaves.

GreedFall is an indie action RPG set during an alternate, magic-infused version of the 17th Century and sees players taking on the role of a noble plagued by a mysterious family illness.

Desperate to find a cure, they set off for a recently settled island shrouded in mystery and quickly find themselves caught in the middle of a war between the island’s natives and encroaching colonists.

Like Skyrim, the focuses heavily on player freedom, allowing you to side with either faction or even remain neutral through to the end of the story.

Although GreedFall’s indie budgeted open-world may not be on the same massive scale as Skyrim, you’ll have no shortage of beautiful vistas and unscripted adventures.

If you’re looking for other RPGs that draw inspiration from classics like Baldur’s Gather and Planescape: Torment while including a few modern amenities, consider picking up Divinity: Original Sin II.

Much like Skyrim, the game assigns unique consequences for just about every action taken by the player, with some having small effects and others completely reshaping the world.                          

This design extends to Original Sin 2’s end-game states, which include seven main endings, five character-specific endings, and many more that affect specific regions or races.

It’s the perfect game for Skyrim fans who also enjoy the rest of the Elder Scrolls series as well as traditional RPGs packed with lore and world-building.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an action RPG developed and published by Capcom that takes place in a fantasy setting reminiscent of Skyrim.

In it, you play as a customizable hero called the Arisen as they’re assigned the monumental task of defeating a dragon, not unlike Elder Scrolls V.

However, before that, you’ll have to make it past a host of mythological monstrosities that occupy and roam the game’s open world.

The awesome thing about Dragon’s Dogma is how robust its combat and party systems are, allowing you to physically latch onto monsters’ bodies and develop unique builds for each character in your party.

Despite being created by BioWare, published by EA, and part of one of the most beloved RPG franchises, Dragon Age: Inquisition is often overlooked and underrated by fans of the genre.

Admittedly, the game is a little rough around the edges, more so if you tried playing it during launch in 2014.

Similarly to Skyrim and countless RPGs, it starts with you choosing your race and class before setting off to investigate a mysterious ripple in the sky that’s causing demons to invade the world.

All flaws considered, Inquisition is worth checking out for its exciting blend of tactical RPG mechanics with real-time combat that offers a ton of flexibility for devising different builds for each party member.

Our final recommendation to Skyrim fans is Fallout: New Vegas, another Obsidian-developed RPG that transports players to a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas ravaged by years of nuclear war.

In it, you take on the role of the Courier, a mysterious stranger tasked with delivering a package across the Mojave Wasteland to the owner of New Vegas, Mr. House.

In the background, a war is brewing between the paramilitary group New California Republic and local tribes Caesar’s Legionnaires and the Great Khans, with the player caught in the middle.

Like Skyrim, gameplay centers on real-time combat, RPG leveling, and non-linear progression in which players can venture off the main path to complete various side quests from a host of eccentric NPCs.

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