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Do you enjoy playing Roblox? If you do, you will love this list of the best games like Roblox to keep you entertained for years to come.

Do you want to play the best online games similar to Roblox that also offer something new? Check out our recommendations for the best games like Roblox to play in 2024.

Roblox is a free online MMO that lets you make your own mini-games using a wide array of tools and exclusive features

In this list, we’ll be recommending the top games like Roblox to play on PC and current-gen consoles.Every title included is similar to Roblox in one way or another but adds some sort of twist to stand out.

Make sure to check back as we continue to update this list with new games in the future.

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Minecraft is undoubtedly the most popular sandbox game available and features a robust crafting system that allows for all sorts of unique creations. While it may not officially support in-engine game creation, there are workarounds to designing your own mini-games using custom servers and mods.

It also has a similar art style as Roblox and gives you the option to share procedurally-generated maps with other players. If you like exploring new areas, crafting weapons and tools, and first-person combat, then Minecraft is an excellent substitute for your Roblox addiction.

Trove is a unique sandbox-MMO hybrid with vibrant voxel-based graphics reminiscent of Roblox. Although it doesn’t offer as many in-game creation tools, you can explore an abundance of dungeons, improve your abilities through loot drops, and even build your own home called a ‘cornerstone.’

The game features a remarkable number of character classes to level up and gain mastery over, in addition to stylish late-game perks like ridable mounts and enhanced player customization. When you consider the fact that Trove is free to play, the amount of content you get by default is pretty astonishing.

If you’re a fan of Roblox, then there’s a good chance you’re also into the Lego video games too since they have a lot in common visually. There are many Lego games you can check out, but the one we recommend is Lego Worlds, which introduces a unique crafting system that uses…you guessed it, Lego blocks.

To make the game feel as close to Roblox as possible, play on sandbox mode and start building to your heart’s content. You’ll find many more materials and items to craft than other sandbox games like Minecraft and Trove, giving Lego Worlds an edge in the creativity department.

So far, we’ve mainly focused on traditional games that feature some form of a creative mode. However, if you’re already accustomed to Roblox’s extensive toolset, you may want a replacement with a bit more meat on its bones.

In that case, Garry’s Mod will help you live out all of your game-making dreams. Whether you’re looking to make your own game, design levels, browse creations, or just cause chaos with friends, there are plenty of mods and assets to explore.

Similar to Roblox and Minecraft, KoGaMa uses voxel-based graphics to render its blocky, pixelated worlds. In many ways, it’s primarily influenced by both games, making it worth checking out if you want a new game that looks similar.

In it, you can create your own mini-games, including personalized gameplay mechanics and level environments. The game also supports online multiplayer and is completely free-to-play, meaning you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

If Roblox’s flat 3D visuals aren’t enough for you anymore, go retro with 2D pixel art and try Terraria. It has similarities to Roblox in crafting but provides a bigger virtual sandbox to explore and enjoy.

The game takes the best parts of action games and open-sandboxes to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to appeal to fans of Roblox. It’s also very similar to Minecraft, so if you like that one already, we highly recommend giving Terraria a shot.

Offering yet another free to play survival sandbox, Creativerse takes Roblox’s blocky levels to new heights with more detailed environments and characters. Procedural generation is used to render each world, and players can interact with them in various ways.

This includes growing plants, raising animals, and collecting different resources that can be used to craft weapons and build your own base. There’s a decent amount of freedom regarding how materials get used and where you can place items. Blocks can be rotated with delicate precision, lights sources connect using wires, and logic gates allow you to devise traps and other special mechanisms.

Looking for a game similar to Roblox but with no fighting? Check out Staxel on Steam, which takes inspiration from Minecraft’s sandbox elements. It lets you become a farmer who moves to a new village and starts giving it a much-needed upgrade.

To turn things around, you’ll have to gather natural resources, use them to craft better gear, and plant crops for next season’s harvest.  There are other areas to branch out and explore, including livestock, gold farming, and a player-driven social system. Like Roblox, the game offers online multiplayer, meaning you can bring some of your friends along for the ride.

Satisfactory tasks you with surviving an alien planet by building a self-sustaining network of machines to gather and refine materials for you. It’s similar to Roblox in many ways, just on a bigger scale with higher stakes than you may be used to.

At first, the whole thing seems a bit daunting, but many of the systems may be familiar to you if you’re a Roblox pro. With a little practice, you’ll soon find yourself creating elaborate production chains that surpass even your most incredible Roblox creation.

Although it may not be that similar to Roblox in terms of visuals or gameplay, Fortnite is still worth mentioning for anyone who hasn’t explored its custom game mode. Here, you can create your own mini-games using Fortnite’s built-in systems and compete with your friends in random challenges.

The construction equipment is easy to use and allows for adjustments to suit your preferences. Like Roblox, Fortnite has a huge community, so there’s no need to worry about finding compatible games or teammates.

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