Paladins Tier List

Win more games by choosing the best champions in Paladins. Here is the most up-to-date and ultimate Paladins tier list to help you out.

The team shooter Paladins has continued its stride as one of the best free-to-play games in its genre. Since its release in 2018, Paladins has introduced a healthy roster of 45 playable characters and a host of gameplay mechanics.

This list will rank the characters in the game (called Champions) to provide a quick overview of the game’s current meta.

This information is valuable to new and returning players alike. It will help you decide which Champions to practice with and what optimal team setups are possible.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Champions’ tier list for Paladins.

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Paladins Tier List S Tier

These are currently the best Champions in the game and will most likely give any player an edge over the opponent team.

KogaFlankSubmachine Guns/Hellkite Claws Shadow Step/Skewer Dragon Stance Agility Cyclone Strike (Ultimate)Adrenaline Junkie Blood Reaper Dragon Fangs
AtlasFront LineChrono Cannon Setback Stasis Field Second Chance Exile (Ultimate)Unstable Fissure Temporal Divide Deja Vu
MakoaFront LineCannon Dredge Anchor Shell Shield Shell Spin Ancient Rage (Ultimate)Pluck Half Shell Leviathan
InaraFront LineStone Spear Earthen Guard Impasse Warder’s Field Seismic Crash (Ultimate)Mother’s Grace Tremors Treacherous Ground
CassieDamageCrossbow Disengage Blast Shot Dodge Roll Scout (Ultimate)Exaction Impulse Big Game
Bomb KingDamageSticky Bomb Detonate Grumpy Bomb Poppy Bomb King Bomb (Ultimate)Chain Reaction Royal Subjects Accelerant
BarikFront LineBlunderbuss Barricade Turret Rocket Boots Dome Shield (Ultimate)Architectonics Tinkerin Fortify


Paladins Tier List A Tier

Powerful Champions that can match S-Tiers (with the proper team setup, of course). Don’t skip these Champions — their effectivity in battle is still one of the most coveted in the game.

ImaniDamageFrost Bolt/Pyre Ball Frost Bomb/Inferno Cannon Elemental Shift Frostfire Glide Dragons Call (Ultimate)Splitting Ice Pyromania Mana Rift
LianDamageHeirloom Rifle Valor Presence Grace Enlightenment (Ultimate)Alacrity Eminence Precision
ViktorDamageAssault Rifle Iron Sights Frag Grenade Hustle Barrage (Ultimate)Cardio Burst Mode Shrapnel
YingSupportIllusory Mirror Shatter Illusion Dimensional Link Illusory Rift (Ultimate)Focusing Lens Life Exchange Resonance
SerisSupportSoul Orb Restore Soul Rend Soul Shadow Travel Convergence (Ultimate)Soul Collector Mortal Reach Agony
AndroxusFlankRevolver Defiance Reversal Nether Step Accursed Arm (Ultimate)Cursed Revolver Godslayer Defiant Fist
Mal’DambaSupportSpitting Cobra Mending Spirits Gourd Slither Dread Serpent (Ultimate)Spirit’s Chosen Ripened Gourd Wekono’s Wrath
AshFront LineBurst Cannon Kinetic Burst Siege Shield Shoulder Bash Assert Dominance (Ultimate)Battering Ram Slug Shot Fortress Breaker
FernandoFront LineFlame Lance Shield Fireball Charge Immortal (Ultimate)Aegis Scorch Formidable
IoSupportLight Bow Moonlight Guardian Spirit Lunar Leap Begone (Ultimate)Life Link Goddess’ Blessing Sacrifice
TerminusFront LineMassacre Axe Calamity Blast Power Siphon Shatterfall Reanimate (Ultimate)Undying Crush Decimation
KhanFront LineHeavy Repeater Bulwark Battle Shout Commander’s Grab Overpower (Ultimate)Lian’s Shield Storm of Bullets Vortex Grip  


Paladins Tier List B Tier

These Champions are still viable for any kind of competitive match, but you need a decent amount of practice and team optimization for them to work.

StrixDamageTalon Rifle/Pistol Scope/Flare Quick Switch Stealth Flashbang (Ultimate)Nocturnal Unauthorize Use Crack Shot
WilloDamageWand of Overgrowth Dead Zone Seedling Flutter Fae Flight (Ultimate)Nightshade Blastflower Scorn
Sha LinDamageLong Bow Crippling Arrow Rapid Shot Withdraw Heat Haze (Ultimate)Desert Silence Recurve Sand Trap
FuriaSupportPyre Blade Kindle Soul Pyre Strike Wings of Wrath Inflame (Ultimate)Cherish Exterminate Solar Blessing
GroverSupportThrowing Axe Crippling Throw Blossom Vine Whirlwind (Ultimate)Rampant Blooming Ferocity Deep Roots
JenosSupportStar Splitter Astral Mark Void Grip Stellar Wind Through Time and Space (Ultimate)Luminary Binary Star The Power Cosmeum
PipSupportPotion Launcher Explosive Flask Healing Potion Weightless Evil Mojo (Ultimate)Mega Potion Catalyst Combat Medic
TorvaldFront LineGauntlet Nullify Protection Recharge Hyper Beam (Ultimate)Thanks, Grandpa Direct Current Field Study
DrogozDamageRocket Launcher Fire Spirit Salvo Thrust Dragon Punch (Ultimate)Combustible Fusillade W.Y.R.M. Jets
KinessaDamageSniper Rifle Sniper Mode Oppressor Mine Transporter Headhunter (Ultimate)Steady Aim Reposition Eagle Eye


Paladins Tier List C Tier

Champions that have a niche use case. You need a lot of practice and smooth teamwork to be able to make these units dominant in battle.

EvieFlankIce Staff Ice Block Blink Soar Ice Storm (Ultimate)Over the Moon Snow Globe Wormhole
LexFlankMagnums In pursuit Retribution Combat Slide The Law (Ultimate)Discovery Heroism Death Hastens
TalusFlankVeracharger Blitz Upper Overcharge Rune of Travel True Power (Ultimate)Inner Strength Faustian Bargain Nothing Personal
ZhinFlankInferno Blade Counter Billow Whirl Spite (Ultimate)Guillotine Yomi Smolder
RaumFront LineHellfire Gatling Ignition Soul Harvest Juggernaut Cataclysm (Ultimate)Enforcer Earthsplitter Subservience
DredgeDamageCursed Howitzer Broadside Harpoon Shortcut Kraken (Ultimate)Scuttle Hurl Abyss Spike


Paladins Tier List D Tier

These Champions will rarely steal the spotlight in matches. They can be good as side characters that would help the team win, but won’t be able to carry the whole squad.

TyraDamageAuto Rifle Nade Launcher Fire Bomb Hunter’s Mark Crossfire (Ultimate)Mercy Kill Hunting Party Burn. Monster!
VivianDamageLight Machine Gun Precision Sights Deflector Shield Sensor Drone Sentinels (Ultimate)Suspect Everyone Booby Trap Opportunity in Chaos
RuckusFront LineMiniguns Missile Launcher Emitter Advance Hexa FireFlux Generator Rocket Barrage Aerial Assault
GrohkSupportLightning Staff Shock Pulse Healing Totem Ghost Walk Tempest (Ultimate)Totemic Reward Spirit’s Domain Maelstrom
BuckFlankShotgun Net Shot Recovery Heroic Leap Buck Wild (Ultimate)Ensnare Bulk Up Bounce House


Paladins Tier List F Tier

These Champions would need solid buffs in the future to be able to rank higher on this list. They seldom get picked in competitive matches because you can’t build around them, nor do their abilities shine.

SkyeFlankWrist Crossbow Poison Bolts Smoke Screen Hidden Time Bomb (Ultimate)Debilitate Smoke and Dagger Preparation
MojiFlankFamiliar Spit Familiar Spray Magic Barrier Scamper Bon Appetit (Ultimate)Snack Attack Boom Boom Toot
MaeveFlankDaggers Pounce Nine Lives Prowl Midnight (Ultimate)Cat Burglar Street Justice Rogue’s Gambit  

With this list as your guide, you will now be able to strategize which Champions will play well together to earn more wins in matches.

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