Azur Lane Tier List

Win those battles in Azur Lane with ease. Here is the ultimate Azur Lane tier list to help you win more battles.

Azur Lane is a charming mix of side-scrolling shooting and RPG with a sprinkle of gacha elements on top.

In this game, you collect human representations of World War II warships called “shipgirls”.

If that’s not enough of a head-turner, you’ll be happy to know that the game also has unique battle mechanics.

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How Battles Work In Azur Lane

In Azur Lane, you position your ships in two rows: the front row (Vanguard) and the back row. There are 3 slots for each of these rows, so you have to strategize which ships you’ll bring and how you’ll place them for the incoming encounter.

Note that certain ships can only be deployed in front while others are the opposite.

Once the placements are finished, the map starts scrolling and enemies will appear in front of the player’s fleet. The player must navigate their ships to destroy enemies and obstacles while mitigating damage on their side. The goal of every encounter is to reach the boss at the end of the level.

Now that you have an overview of how battles work in Azur Lane, you probably have a clearer idea of how you’ll structure your game. Without further ado, let’s dive into the tier list.


Azur Lane Tier List S Tier

You’ll have the best experience playing this game if you have a handful of these ships at your disposal. They have excellent stats and skills that fit in most of the situations that the game throws at you.

HelenaLight CruiserVanguard
CentaurLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Friedrich der GrosseBattleshipBack Row
FormidableAircraft CarrierBack Row
San Diego RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
I-13Submarine CarrierBack Row
RoonHeavy CruiserVanguard
EnterpriseAircraft CarrierBack Row
SeattleLight CruiserVanguard
GeorgiaBattleshipBack Row
NagatoBattleshipBack Row
DrakeHeavy CruiserVanguard
BaltimoreHeavy CruiserVanguard
GascogneBattleshipBack Row
EssexAircraft CarrierBackline
AzumaLarge CruiserVanguard
OdinBattleshipBack Row
RichelieuBattleshipBack Row
HoweBattleshipBack Row
Warspite RetrofitBattleshipBack Row
MonarchBattleshipBack Row
BremertonHeavy CruiserVanguard
RyuuhouAircraft CarrierBack Row


Azur Lane Tier List A Tier

A-Tier ships are good and powerful. They’re not top-of-the-class ships like those in S Tier, but still rank quite high in our list.

ChapayevLight CruiserVanguard
NeptuneLight CruiserVanguard
CheshireHeavy CruiserVanguard
AmagiBattle CruiserBack Row
IllustriousAircraft CarrierBack Row
MontpelierLight CruiserVanguard
Z23 RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
BismarckBattleshipBack Row
SwiftsureLight CruiserVanguard
TosaBattleshipBack Row
PerseusAircraft CarrierBack Row
Laffey RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Saint LouisHeavy CruiserVanguard
Yat-Sen RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Ping Hai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Ning Hai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Bunker HillAircraft CarrierBack Row
AkashiRepair ShipBack Row
ZaraHeavy CruiserVanguard
VestalRepair ShipBack Row
NoshiroLight CruiserVanguard
Saratoga RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
Graf ZeppelinAircraft CarrierBack Row
MinneapolisHeavy CruiserVanguard
Jintsuu RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
An ShanDestroyerVanguard
Duke of YorkBattleshipBack Row
Portland RetrofitHeavy CruiserVanguard
IntrepidAircraft CarrierBack Row
AlabamaBattleshipBack Row
King George VBattleshipBack Row
UnicornLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row


Azur Lane Tier List B Tier

In this tier, we have ships that constitute the game’s current meta. Although they’re not as powerful as those above, they can still dominate the game, especially in the hands of players who know what they’re doing.

Jean BartBattleshipBack Row
BirminghamLight CruiserVanguard
ChampagneBattleshipBack Row
LittorioBattleshipBack Row
DidoLight CruiserVanguard
HoodBattle CruiserBack Row
Z1 RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
CasablancaAircraft CarrierBack Row
Queen ElizabethBattleshipBack Row
ShouhouLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Hyuuga RetrofitAviation BattleshipBack Row
Mogami RetrofitHeavy CruiserVanguard
Little BelLight CruiserVanguard
LondonHeavy CruiserVanguard
ColumbiaLight CruiserElite (Special)
HermioneLight CruiserVanguard
Ark RoyalAircraft BarrierBack Row
AuroraLight CruiserVanguard
IbukiHeavy CruiserVanguard
TirpitzBattleshipBack Row
North CarolinaBattleshipBack Row
ClevelandLight CruiserVanguard
KagaAircraft CarrierBack Row
Nicholas RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Jeanne D’ArcLight CruiserVanguard
ValiantBattleshipBack Row


Azur Lane Tier List C Tier

Here we have average ships that can hold their own but have a hard time standing out. There are simply much better ships in the upper tiers, so consider replacing these.

Newcastle RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
GangutBattleshipBack Row
Little RenownBattleshipBack Row
AlgerieHeavy CruiserVanguard
BelfastLight CruiserVanguard
SheffieldLight CruiserVanguard
KinuLight CruiserVanguard
Hiryuu RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
WichitaHeavy CruiserVanguard
ArizonaBattleshipBack Row
SiriusLight CruiserVanguard
Kizuna AlDestroyerVanguard
Prinz EugenHeavy CruiserVanguard
Souryuu RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
VictoriousAircraft CarrierBack Row
ShoukakuAircraft CarrierBack Row
IzumoBattleshipBack Row
Kagerou RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Curlew RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
SurugaBattleshipBack Row
ZuikakuAircraft CarrierBack Row
RenoLight CruiserVanguard


Azur Lane Tier List D Tier

These are poor choices if you want to build a fleet that would carry you through the game’s endgame content. Consider dropping these ships immediately once better ones come along.

Curacoa RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
MikasaBattleshipBack Row
FumiruiruAircraft CarrierBack Row
AkagiAircraft CarrierBack Row
TaihouAircraft CarrierBack Row
Sendai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
EagleAircraft CarrierBack Row
BiloxiLight CruiserVanguard
Shangri-LaAircraft CarrierBack Row
BataanAircraft CarrierBack Row


Azur Lane Tier List F Tier

Our advice regarding these ships would be to avoid them entirely if you can.

They have very little value except in early to mid-game. If you’re set on building the best fleet you can, then these ships should have no place in your roster.

IsuzuLight CruiserVanguard
ZeppyAircraft CarrierBack Row
ChaserLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Anniversary Kizuna AlAircraft CarrierBack Row


So there you have all Azur Lane’s available shipgirls ranked from best to worst. Consider following this guide if you want to boost your performance in this game.

Of course, there’s more to the game than just owning powerful units. When you have a solid core of ships, you’ll be in a good position to tweak your team to your liking, while avoiding the frustration that comes when the game’s difficulty spike kicks in.

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