Shadowverse Tier List

Why not make the best out of your gameplay in Shadowverse? Here is the ultimate Shadowverse tier list which gives you an overview of the best decks.

Shadowverse is one of the most popular competitive games that revolves around card collecting and deck building.

Like most games in the genre, the competitive life cycle for Shadowverse stays fresh because of regular tournaments and deck-shifting, which in turn give rise to a new meta.

This time, we’re taking an in-depth look at the best decks for the April 2021 competitive meta.

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S Tier 7

This deck is the best one in the game right now and it defines the competitive meta.

DeckDescriptionNotable Cards
Face DragonThe Face Dragon deck emphasizes fast and devastating advances to end the game within 8 turns.

This deck sits alone on the top tier because of its inherent advantage over other decks. Its only perceived counter, Sanctuary Haven, will still have a tough time beating an experienced player who’s running Face Dragon.

To make the most out of this deck, learn to time Razia and Tiamat attacks and utility.
Tiamat Omega

Razia, Vengeful Cannonlancer

Forte, Sovereign Supreme

Jerva, Wyrm Transcendent


A Tier 7

While not as OP as Face Dragon, these decks are also excellent in competitive play.

DeckDescriptionNotable Cards
Loxis ForestRiding the theme of the current meta, Loxis emphasizes trying to win before turn 8 ends.

With Varmint-Loxis, this is very likely to happen. Loxis has more pressure to win faster, however, as anything past 8 turns because significantly harder.
Loxis, Homestead Pioneer

Varmint Hunter

Alberta, The Autumnblade

Quixotic Adventurer
Sekka ForestSekka has amazing potential that is unfortunately tied to a bit of luck – drawing Aria. With her, this deck is an absolute wrecking machine.

Looking at the deck in general, Sekka has no glaring disadvantages against any deck but no overwhelming advantages either.

The good thing about this deck is that it has tons of survivability due to its multiple healing cards. Thus, this deck fairs very well even into the late game.
Aria, Miasma Fairy

Retracing the Past

Resolve of the Fallen

Sekka, Fatebound Fox
Sanctuary HavenA big reason that Sanctuary Haven is on this tier is because of its hard counter to the Face Dragon deck.

Beyond that, this deck can be considered a counter for any other deck because of its defensive prowess.

It prioritizes shutting down aggressive decks while biding time to go in for the win.

The trick with Sanctuary Haven is to wisely manage your buffs and heals. When the opportunity presents itself, this deck is no joke on offense despite its defensive nature.
Archangel of Evocation

Jeanne, Despair’s Maiden

Pure Metamorphosis

Jeweled Brilliance

XXI. Zelgenea, The World


B Tier 7

These are good decks that fair well against other decks. They may have matchup problems against some decks, but none too impossible to conquer

DeckDescriptionNotable Cards
Baal BloodBaal Blood is a solid offensive deck that can even outpace some of the best aggressive decks in the game.

Hallessena provides a lot of utility and offensive potential – which in most cases, can make or break the game for you.
Hallessena, Calamity’s Saw


Skull, Freedom Raider
Evolve BloodEvolve Blood is a popular deck for this rotation. It doesn’t go with the fast-paced flow of the current meta. Instead, it is used to counter popular decks like Sanctuary Haven.

Evolve Blood is a control deck. This means that it is really strong during the early to mid-game. When it’s time to clutch up, this deck relies on Grimnir to take home the win.
Grimnir, Voidwrought Wind

Seox, Heavenly Howl

Hallessena, Calamity’s Saw


C Tier 7

These are good decks that can get you some wins but have no outstanding traits between them.

DeckDescriptionNotable Cards
Artifact PortalIt’s hard to pin a definitive game plan for the Artifact Portal deck. It’s a deck that can accommodate a variety of strategies.

This versatility comes at a cost though. With several builds available, more time is needed in experimenting with which ones work and which don’t.

High adaptability is a requirement if you want to run with this deck.
Bahamut, Primeval Dragon

Miriam, Mutinous Being

Rebel Against Fate

Aggro ShadowAggro Shadow is a highly aggressive deck that can net you fast wins if you’re skilled enough.

While the deck works best at a fast pace, it’s usually outclassed by other aggressive decks. It’s also easily shut down by defensive decks like Sanctuary Haven.
Ceres, Bride of the Night

Gold Rush Ghost

Forced Resurrection    
Phoenix Roost DragonDon’t get us wrong, Roost Dragon is still a viable deck in its own right. However, Face Dragon’s recent dominance has given players no reason to run this other dragon deck anymore.

Its most notable (and very niche) use case comes when you’re trying to counter Sanctuary Haven. Anything other than that, Face Dragon does better.

On Wings of Tomorrow

XXI. Zelgenea, The World

Dragon-Devouring Dread


D Tier 7

These decks have almost completely fallen off the competitive meta. They have lacking traits and are outclassed by most of the other decks.

DeckDescriptionNotable Cards
Spellboost RuneThis deck has some hidden gems that can wreck the opposing player if all goes according to plan.

The problem with relying on drawing these cards is that there’s no consistency when using this deck.
Maiser, Neighborhood Hero

Ghios, Sparkling Prism
Mysteria RuneOn paper, Mysteria Rune is a decent deck. That’s just the problem: its potential is clearly know to every player that it’s really easy to counter it.

It doesn’t help that the card composition of this deck does not allow for much flexibility.
Grea, Scorching Fury

Anne, Mysterian Imperatrix
OTK SwordOTK Sword is another predictable deck that does not allow for expanded versatility.

It doesn’t help that this deck’s pace is so slow – way slower than the current 8-turn meta.

Its only redeeming trait is the ability to effectively counter Sanctuary Haven.

Amelia, The Silverflash

Albert, Thunderous Doom

Eahta, God of the Blade


F Tier 7

All other decks not mentioned are part of the bottom tier. These decks have no business in competitive Shadowverse as of this moment.

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