uBlock Origin Not Blocking Twitch Ads [Fix]

If you use the uBlock Origin browser extension, you’re used to ads being blocked when browsing online (including this site).

But Twitch engineers are always looking for ways to show you ads, even if you have an ad blocker installed. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, and you’re probably on this page because the uBlock Origin filters haven’t caught up with the latest Twitch update yet.

This guide will show you how to fix your uBlock Origin extension to start blocking ads on Twitch again. Now you can watch your favorite gamers again without getting interrupted by ads, and you can switch channels without fearing that you’ll be met with a 30-second ad.

Hopefully, uBlock Origin catches up soon! Until then, it’s best to use the solutions presented below. Check back to this page often for updates & more potential fixes. We’ll also add a note at the top whenever uBlock Origin fixes the issue.

We’ll be using Google Chrome for the purpose of this guide, but you should be able to replicate the steps if you’re using another browser.

There are several ways you can fix this issue. We recommend that you go with our first solution.

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Fix 1: Install TTV Ad-Block Browser Extension

There is a very small browser extension (thanks to /u/thesbros) that allows you to block ads on Twitch. The extension is very simple and safe as it only changes your browser’s user agent to something else, tricking Twitch to not serve you any ads.

If it suddenly stops working, you will need to wait for the developer to update it and for Google to approve the update, which usually takes a few days.

Ensure that you’re not using the next fix and that you do not have Alternate Player for Twitch.tv enabled.

Follow these instructions to block Twitch pre-roll and mid-roll ads:

Google Chrome

  1. Add the extension from the Chrome web store here.
  2. The extension is now installed and ads on Twitch should now be blocked.

As mentioned previously, if you used the old fix, make sure you remove that one first. This fix will update automatically like all your other Chrome extensions.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Add the add-on from the Firefox add-ons store here.
  2. The extension is now installed and you should no longer see ads on Twitch.

Just make sure you remove the old extension if you used this fix previously. The add-on will auto-update like all your other Firefox add-ons.

Fix 2: Use Twitchls.com

This fix is also really simple and just requires you to use another website to watch the stream. It’s still live and chat will still work so no need to worry about that.

Here is how to block ads on Twitch:

  1. When you encounter an ad in Twitch, just add ls before the .tv in the address bar and replace the .tv with .com.
    So for example, you just change https://www.twitch.tv/channelname to https://www.twitchls.com/channelname
  2. The stream will now load on an embedded player on the site and you should not get any ads. It’s as simple as that!

We have tested this fix a lot and it successfully circumvents the ad at the moment.

Fix 3: Use A Custom User Resource

Note: This fix is not working at the moment, but the author is currently working on updating it so be sure to check back for an update.

To undo the fix, set a value of unset in step #6, and then follow the rest of the steps. You might get pre-roll ads again, though.

uBlock Origin userResourcesLocation unset

This fix has been reported to work in most cases. It takes two minutes to do as well, so we recommend that you try this first.

  1. Click on the uBlock Origin extension icon to open up the extension box.
  2. Click on the bottom-right icon showing three sliders to open the dashboard.
    Open uBlock Origin Dashboard
  3. Click on the Settings tab.
  4. Check the I am an advanced user (requires reading) checkbox
  5. Click on the settings icon right next to this text above
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and set userResourcesLocation to
    Twitch Ads uBlock Origin Fix November 2020
    If you already have it set to something, then just add a space and add the URL above after the whitespace.
  7. Click on the Apply changes button at the top
  8. Exit the tab
  9. Click on the Filter lists tab
  10. Click on the Purge all caches button
  11. Click on the Update now button and wait a bit
  12. Exit your browser (all windows)

And that’s pretty much it!

All pre-rolls should now be removed and you can safely browse Twitch channels without getting any pre-rolls. Whenever you get a purple screen with the Twitch logo at the top, it means that the ads are actively being skipped.

Just press F5 (refresh) to load the stream instantly without an ad. This is just Twitch annoying uBlock Origin users to disable the extension.

If you have the FFZ extension installed on your browser, you can also just double-click on the “Reset Player” button. That’s much faster and the chat will not be reset.

Twitch FFZ Reset Player

You can automate this process and therefore watch Twitch again without any interruptions, but it requires a few more steps. Read on to know how to do it. (credits to /u/SimpleHacker)

How To Auto-Reload The Twitch Player When The Purple Screen Appears

Twitch Third Party Tool
You can avoid seeing this screen and refreshing the page or player every 20 minutes
  1. Install the FFZ (FrankerFaceZ) chrome extension if you do not already have it
  2. Install the Tampermonkey chrome extension if you do not already have it
  3. Visit this URL and copy the contents of the page (press CTRL+A to select all and then CTRL+C to copy)
  4. Click on the Tampermonkey extension icon and then click on Create a new script…
    Chrome Create a new Tampermonkey script
  5. Clear the file editor and paste the text you copied
  6. Click on File and then on Save
    Chrome Save a Tampermonkey script

And that’s pretty much it. The script monitors the Twitch player and if it detects the purple “third party tool” screen, it will automatically refresh the player without refreshing the whole page.

The process is very fast and the script shouldn’t introduce a noticeable performance hit as it is pretty basic and lightweight. If you experience any problems, you can always just disable the script or uninstall Tampermonkey.

The audio does seem to reset so if it seems low, you can go to FFZ settings and enable the audio compressor by default. Here’s how:

Twitch FrankerFaceZ Enable Audio Compressor

Alternatively, you can use the Volume Master Chrome extension.

Fix 4: Use The Alternate Player for Twitch.tv Extension

This fix has been reported to work in most cases as well.

This fix involves an alternative player Chrome extension for Twitch.tv, which will switch the default Twitch player with a custom one. One major disadvantage is that the stream will be delayed a bit (around 30 seconds).

The custom/alternate player does not insert ads so it will also get rid of the Twitch ad problem for you.

After installing the extension, a new toggle/button will appear in Twitch streams at the top-right corner. Right-clicking on that will make the alternate player the default one.

Alternate Player for Twitch Toggle

To exit the alternate player and go back to the default Twitch player, you need to click on the channel name on the top-left.

Fix 5: Watch The VOD

If you can avoid the chat, can deal with a bit of delay, and want the option to skip forward and rewind, you can watch the VOD (Video On Demand). uBlock blocks any VOD pre-roll and mid-roll ads if there are any.

Even if the stream that you want to watch is live, the VOD is still being produced and you can play that instead.

To play the Twitch VOD, click on the streamer’s icon below the player. Then click on the Videos tab and choose the latest VOD.

If the streamer is live, the thumbnail of the VOD will be gray with a player icon.

Fix 6: Use An Alternative

There are other popular gaming livestream platforms to use other than Twitch that you can try out.

The most popular ones are YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming, where your uBlock extension should still work and block all ads.


The two fixes presented above are the best ways to get rid of Twitch ads.

Sometimes, however, embedded pre-roll ads may not be detected so those will be played. Hopefully, these issues will be fixed soon so you can switch channels without any risk of ads playing before the stream starts playing.

If you’re watching on mobile and want a fully ad-free experience regardless of device and channel, you can check out Twitch Turbo.

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