Warhammer: Vermintide 2 True Solo Tier List

There are many classes to choose from in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Here's the best Warhammer: Vermintide 2 true solo tier list which shows the best classes.

Vermintide 2 is at its best when playing with a group of friends or randoms online – building your team around specific tactics to conquer anything the game throws at you.

But what if you wanted a tougher test? That’s where True Solo comes in. It’s a self-imposed challenge wherein you finish a map by yourself. No bots, no other players, just you and your hero.

This tier list focuses on that solo experience. We ranked all classes in the game according to how dominant they would be under this mode.

Now with all that out of the way, let’s jump right in.

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S Tier 2

The best classes in the game for True Solo.

ShadeThe Shade is absurdly broken. It has extremely powerful damage, coupled with the invisibility that cools down almost instantly. It’s the most forgiving unit to play because you basically have infinite chances to make your invisibility + backstab work.   Using its abilities, the Shade can clear wave after wave of elite enemies without breaking a sweat. Seriously, use this class if you want to remove all challenges the game has to offer. We won’t judge you – everyone needs a little unlimited power once in a while.
HuntsmanThe Huntsman is an excellent class that needs a little mastery (especially with the longbow) to truly shine. He has invisibility as well – extra useful for clearing out elite waves. It’s not as good as the Shade’s nor the Handmaiden’s, but it gets the job done.   The Huntsman also has a versatile weapon kit. A blunderbuss is a decent substitute for his bow. His melee weapon options are fantastic as well.
HandmaidenInvisibility is king in True Solo and the Handmaiden has the nearest similar option to the Shade. It has a low cooldown as well. The Handmaiden has impressive melee damage potential especially if you abuse Asrai Alacrity. She’s also a pretty safe character when using the longbow – able to dash into position and snipe enemy waves with ease.


A Tier 2

These classes have excellent tools to use in different scenarios of True Solo.

MercenaryThe Mercenary is best utilized with a handgun in tow partnered with the versatile list of melee weapons at his disposal. He’s a perfect blank slate because every build you put him in can be useful. For those who want a solid all-rounder, the mercenary is for you.
IronbreakerThe Ironbreaker is a solid defensive unit that can save himself from disablers at a moment’s notice. This is valuable in True Solo play because waves often end with these types of enemies. As a true survivalist, the Iron Breaker does very well in these situations.
Witch Hunter CaptainThe Witch Hunter Captain is the epitome of a bulwark unit. He does not need to be as mobile as the Huntsman to be effective. He excels at holding down areas with a crossbow in hand and critical buffs to boot.   Once those elite swarms come up, you can rest easy knowing that Animosity can keep those foes at bay. You should be wary that DPS is not that stellar with the Witch Hunter Captain. Still, he’s a very reliable unit.
ZealotThe Zealot is the right mix of offense and survivability. A Zealot equipped with a crossbow is a nightmare for enemy waves, especially gunners in the back lane.
Battle WizardThe Battle Wizard is one of the most sought-after characters in regular multiplayer play. In True Solo, however, her viability drops a bit. Her best setup is a bolt staff, which isn’t as impressive in True Solo. On the plus side, the Battle Wizard’s strong abilities and ultimate on low cooldown make things a lot more manageable. She’s a good offensive character.


B Tier 2

These classes have good tools but are ultimately lacking in a few aspects to make them oppressive in a run.

Grail KnightThe Grail Knight’s viability is bolstered by his strong abilities that can cut through elite waves with ease.   The Grail Knight has a high skill cap, however. Because most of his plays rely on proper positioning, players have little room for error in True Solo.
Ranger VeteranIn a lot of ways, the Ranger Vet is like a worse version of the Huntsman. His melee and ranged options are similar, but Huntsman does them better. His ultimate is riskier to use as well.
SlayerThe Slayer’s Leap is a useful ability that makes killing special waves a lot easier. The Slayer also does well against bosses thanks to his dual axes. Overall, he’s a no-nonsense fighter who is always going to be reliable.
WaystalkerThe Waystalker has several deadly ranged options at her disposal. Her ultimate can kill special waves with ease, so you can conserve ammo for normal spawns that way. She has decent melee options as well, although none of them excel too much. 

The Waystalker is an offensive character that doesn’t do well when pressured or backed into a corner. She has limited mobility options and few defensive traits to help her out.
Foot KnightThe Foot Knight’s best combo is his dash, then going in with the handgun to finish off enemies. Valiant Charge has a low enough cooldown for it to be reliable all the time. This allows players to create some space between themselves and enemy waves. This is all the Foot Knight has to offer though.


C Tier 2

Pedestrian classes who have serviceable tools; just not enough to write home about.

PyromancerThe Pyromancer struggles in True Solo because of her limited mobility options. She has decent damage but not enough to complete waves of enemies with ease.
UnchainedThe Unchained has great survivability. Her melee options are very good at fending off enemy waves that get too close. Bolt Staff really sucks in True Solo but you will need it to kill special waves.


D Tier 2

This class has obvious flaws that actively make your life tougher in True Solo. Use it if you want to add more challenges to your runs.

Bounty HunterAll the Bounty Hunter’s offensive prowess is wasted on a unit that has trouble escaping pressure situations. He has very bad crowd control options, which in True Solo, is a big flaw to have.


F Tier 1

The worst class in the game for True Solo. Some might say it’s impossible to clear runs using this character.

Outcast EngineerThe Outcast Engineer seems to have been built as a solid team player. This is his eventual downfall in True Solo where there’s no teammate to cover his flanks and support him against enemy waves. He’s often forced into pressure situations where even his shields can’t help him.

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