World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands DPS Rankings

Not all DPS classes are equally viable in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands when it comes to DPS.

Some are vastly superior to others and this World of Warcraft: Shadowlands DPS rankings will give you an overview of the current DPS rankings.

The list is based on simulations by SimulationCraft and is up-to-date with the latest 9.0.2 patch. The DPS is calculated from a single-target Raid Fight in Patchwerk style with a fight length of 240 to 360 seconds.

All classes assume an item level of 226 and the simulated raid is Castle Nathria.

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WoW Shadowlands DPS Rankings

Class and SpecializationDPS (Damage Per Second)
Feral Druid (Owlweave)7.021 DPS
Shadow Priest7.004 DPS
Balance Druid6.942 DPS
Unholy Death Knight6.876 DPS
Feral Druid6.823 DPS
Shadow Priest (Necrolord)6.804 DPS
Subtlety Rogue6.757 DPS
Fire Mage6.670 DPS
Frost Mage6.604 DPS
Arcane Mage6.580 DPS
Outlaw Rogue6-579 DPS
Elemental Shaman6.571 DPS
Enhancement Shaman6.542 DPS
Arms Warrior6.517 DPS
Affliction Warlock6.497 DPS
Frost Death Knight6.468 DPS
Marksmanship Hunter6.464 DPS
Retribution Paladin6.299 DPS
Fury Warrior6.260 DPS
Enhancement Shaman (VDW)6.429 DPS
Windwalker Monk6.240 DPS
Beast Mastery Hunter6.145 DPS
Destruction Warlock6.062 DPS
Assassination Rogue5.972 DPS
Havoc Demon Hunter5.925 DPS
Windwalker Monk (Serenity)5.911 DPS
Havoc Demon Hunter (Momentum)5.883 DPS
Survival Hunter5.767 DPS
Demonology Warlock5.709 DPS
Protection Paladin5.285 DPS
Brewmaster Monk4.428 DPS
Guardian Druid4.234 DPS
Protection Warrior4.017 DPS
Blood Death Knight3.835 DPS
Vengeance Demon Hunter3.641 DPS

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