Last Cloudia Tier List

If you want to get the best out of your team in Last Cloudia, you will find this ranked list of all heroes to be super useful. Here is our Last Cloudia tier list.

Last Cloudia, the latest game from AIDIS, has a compelling narrative partnered with engaging combat and a robust RPG system. The premise is simple: you go on an epic adventure with your party and you recruit playable units (called heroes) along the way.

To obtain these heroes, the game adheres to gacha mechanics, wherein the player uses in-game or real currency to summon a random hero. Each of these heroes have unique attributes to bring to the table.

However, this balance doesn’t mean that every hero was made equal. There is certainly a meta for the game that includes the best characters — the ones that can breeze through the content.

As such, we’ve prepared this ranking for players who want a glimpse of the best heroes to use in the game.

This list is essential for those who want to min-max their team and assemble the strongest party they can. Let’s dive right into it.

Note that only story, permanent, and Descent of Heroes units are included in this list. Seasonal units are excluded.

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Last Cloudia Tier List Tier S

These are currently the best characters in the game. They have no obvious flaws, and their stats and abilities are useful in any stage of your adventure.

Thunderbolt SeviaSoldierMelee DPS, BreakerLightning
LugerSniperRanged DPSDark
Hero DavanSoldierMelee DPS, TankEarth


Last Cloudia Tier List Tier A

Excellent heroes who can challenge S-Tier ones with the proper setup. They have flaws, but their overall strength cancels that out.

Killer Ice Princess SeviaSoldierMelee DPSIce
Godhunter ShinSoldierMelee DPSNeutral
Dyne of the Three SagesSorcererRanged Magical DPSFire, Dark
Ice General ZekusSorcererRanged Magical DPS, BreakerIce
ZouglasKnightMelee DPS, TankEarth
ZaixSoldierMelee DPS, Breaker, ThiefNeutral


Last Cloudia Tier List Tier B

Good heroes that need fine-tuning to be overpowered. They’re not among the strongest in the game, but they’re still great units, nonetheless.

LukielGodMelee DPS, SupportLight
Master Thief RobinSoldierMelee DPS, ThiefDark
Soul Reaper MelzaGodMelee Physical and Magical DPSDark
Prince GormSoldierMelee DPS, Tank, SupportNeutral
Warlock LeenaSorcererHealerEarth
Princess LilahSorcererRanged Magical DPS, HealerLight
LilyGodRanged Magical DPSLight, Dark


Last Cloudia Tier List Tier C

Average heroes. They won’t blow you away, but there’s no reason to simply disregard them, either.

Doura, the BluebeardSoldierMelee DPS, CounterIce
Goroth, the GiantCreatureTank, Melee DPSNeutral
Mysterious Girl TheriaSorcererHealer, SupportLight
Beast RomelBeastMelee DPS, SupportLight
VaughnSoldierMelee DPS, BreakerFire
SeliosSoldierMelee DPSIce


Last Cloudia Tier List Tier D

Heroes that need some re-work if they want to stand a chance to the other higher-tiered heroes.

Rei, the BeastBeastBreakerLightning
Sky Hero GraevinSpiritMelee DPSNeutral
MaddineSorcererMelee Physical and Magical DPS, Support, TankEarth
ElizaSorcererMagical DPSFire


Last Cloudia Tier List Tier F

These are the weakest heroes in the game’s current meta. We’d recommend replacing these as soon as you can.

Lilebette of the BlazeSniperRanged DPS, SupportNeutral
Blood RoseSorcererMelee Magical DPS, BreakerDark
White Knight MelzaKnightMelee DPS, SupportLight
Swordsman KyleSoldierMelee DPS, BreakerFire

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