Another Eden Tier List

We have ranked the best heroes in Another Eden in our ultimate Another Eden tier list for PvE right here. We've included all the best 4 and 5-star units!

Another Eden is a free-to-play game that is lauded for putting the focus on JRPG elements first rather than on gacha ones.

This works well as the developers have crafted a compelling story to go along with a robust gameplay system. This marriage of story and combat sets the stage for the game’s third component: its colorful cast of characters.

While every unit in Another Eden is unique, you may want to optimize your team to get the best possible experience out of the content.

To help you, we’ve created a tier list that ranks the heroes from strongest to weakest.

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What To Expect From The Tier List

This ranking was made with PvE content in mind, considering Another Eden is primarily a story-driven experience.

You’ll also notice that there will be several heroes with AS tagged near their name — this stands for “Another Style,” meaning that this is a different version of the hero, with slightly tweaked stats and skills.

Finally, only 4 and 5-star units made it into this list. This is because we want to rank heroes at their maximum potential. You, as the player, should be preparing for the end game, after all.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the list.


Another Eden Tier List Tier S

These are the most powerful heroes in the game right now. They have excellent stat growths and useful skills for all situations.

Chiyo (AS)EarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Nagi (ES)EarthAxe,NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
FlammelapisWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Myunfa (AS)EarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
DaisyEarthHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Hardy (AS)FireFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Dewey (Alter)Fire, CrystalFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Tsubame (AS)EarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
PizzicaFireBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Mistrare (AS)Wind, CrystalBow, RingLuring Shadow5-star
SuzetteWindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
GarambarrelWindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Tsukiha (ES)WindBow, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Isuka (ES)Fire, ShadeSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
NecocoEarthAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
MelissaWind, CrystalKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Isuka (Alter)Earth, ShadeKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Suzette (Alter)WindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Thillellille (AS)Fire, ShadeSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star


Another Eden Tier List Tier A

These heroes are slightly weaker than S-tier ones but still useful for most situations. Sometimes, they can outperform others in S tier with the right setup.

Victor (AS)Wind, ThunderKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Miyu (AS)FireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
KidFireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Shigure (AS)WaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Akane (AS)FireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Isuka (AS)WindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
CurioWind, ShadeKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
RadiasFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Zeviro (AS)WaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Kikyo (AS)WindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
ThillelilleFire, ShadeSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
SergeNoneSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
AldoFireSword, BangleGuiding Light4-star
IluluWindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
ShionFireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Ilulu (AS)WindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
CyrusWaterKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
Hismena (AS)WaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Foran (AS)WaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Ciel (AS)EarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Suzette (AS)WindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
MistrareWind, CrystalBow, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Laclair (AS)WaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
ManaNoneBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
YukinoWaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
HismenaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Sheila (AS)WaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Hozuki (AS)FireBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
MilshaEarth, ShadeLance, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Ewan (AS)FireHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Melina (ES)Water, ThunderFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
PraiNone, FireHammer, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
FelminaWindFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Rosetta (AS)FireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Dunarith (AS)WindStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Radica (AS)FireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
MelodyWindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Yuna (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
MightyWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Veina (AS)WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Myrus (AS)EarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
HarleFire, ShadeStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Clarte (AS)Earth, CrystalStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star


Another Eden Tier List Tier B

These are balanced heroes. They’re not overpowered but still good choices for your team.

GariyuFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow3-star
DunarithWindStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
FeinneNoneStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
Mighty (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
MyrusEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
BivetteFireStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
Toova (AS)EarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
MarielNone, WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
HardyFireFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
RosettaFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
DeweyWaterFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
YiphaWindHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
MyunfaEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Claude (AS)WindBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Tiramisu (AS)EarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
TiramisuEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Gariyu (AS)FireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
GuildnaFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
KikyoWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
ShanieWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ShannonWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Shion (AS)FireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Nagi (AS)EarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Shanie (AS)WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
CynthiaWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Levia (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
RadicaFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
YunaNone, WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star



Another Eden Tier List Tier C

These are average-to-slightly-weak heroes who have situational uses in the game.

Mighty (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
ToovaEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
FeinneNullStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
BivetteFireStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
DunarithWindStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
MyrusEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
GariyuFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
RiicaEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
AmyWindFist, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
EwanFireHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
CerrineEarthFist, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
SkullThunderHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
MayEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
LaclairWaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
BertrandEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ClaudeWindBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
JadeFireLance, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
PremayaEarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
GuildnaFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
KikyoWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
ShanieWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ShannonWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Shion (AS)FireKatana, RingGudidng Light5-star
Nagi (AS)EarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Shanie (AS)WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
CynthiaWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
SophiaWaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shaodw5-star
Shannon (AS)WindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
AnabelWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
MillaNone, WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
DeirdreEarthSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
ElgaEarthKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
YuriWindKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star



Another Eden Tier List Tier D

These heroes have almost completely fallen off the meta. Use them if you have no other option or if you simply want a challenge.

HelenaEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
LeviaWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
VeinaWindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Saki (AS)WaterStaf, RingGuiding Light5-star
Mariel (AS)WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
ClarteEarth, CrystalStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Lokido (AS)EarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
LokidoEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
MelinaWaterHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
TsubameEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
LovelyFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
BiakaWindHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Felmina (AS)WindFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
CielEarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
BriaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
CetieFireLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
AltenaNullBow, RingLuring Shaodw5-star
Cetie (AS)FireLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
TsukihaFireKatana, RingLuring Shaodw5-star
AzamiWindKatana, RingGuiding  Light4-star
Elga (AS)EarthKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Ruina (AS)WindSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
ShigureWaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
ZeviroWaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shapow5-star
MorganaWindSword, BngleLuring Shadow5-star
NagiEarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shaodw5-star
IsukaWindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
JokerFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
MiyuFireSword, BngleGuiding Light5-star


Another Eden Tier List Tier F

These are the worst heroes at the moment, considering the game’s current meta. If you have these units, we recommend replacing them as soon as better units are available.

ErinaNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
KrervoNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
ChiyoEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
RavenEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
SevynWindStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
LeleWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
NonoldNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
SakiWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
PomNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
Good MackyWindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
SamoraFireHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
RufusFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LingliFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
NopaewWindHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
NeroWaterFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
DarunisWindBow, RingGuiding Light4-star
ForanWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
RovellaWaterBow, RingLuring Shadow4-star
KomachiEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
NomarWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
ParisaFireBow, RingLuring Shadow4-star
LoviniaWindBow, RingGuiding Light4-star
SheilaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
SoiraWindLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
GalliardEarthLance, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
MyronEarthSword, BangleGuiding Light4-star
BenedictWindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
YazukiWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
YioEarthAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
CyucaWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
DennyWaterAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
ZilvaEarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
OtohaEarthKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
MirandaFireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
AkaneFireKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
NikehWaterKatana, RingLuring Shadow4-star
BreenoEarthSword, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
RuinaWindSword, BangleLuring Shadow4-star

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