Langrisser Tier List

We've ranked all heroes in Langrisser in this ultimate PvE Langrisser tier list. The tier list is always up-to-date and free-to-play friendly.

Langrisser is a mobile strategy RPG game whose gacha elements work in tandem with its gameplay. True to its genre, the game allows you to collect several heroes to form the best possible team.

Forming an optimal team is not an easy task, however. You need knowledge of the game’s systems, as well as every hero’s strengths and weaknesses.

That’s why we’ve created a definitive list that ranks all the units in the game in order of their effectivity in battle.

This list was made with PvE play in mind and with consideration of the cost-effectiveness of each hero (meaning it’s free-to-play friendly). Keep reading if you want to form the best team you can in Langrisser.

Note that Hero Skill descriptions are written for the maximum rank of the hero. This is to give you a glimpse of the hero’s potential when fully leveled-up.

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Langrisser Tier List Tier S

These are the strongest heroes in the game. They have unique abilities that would fit any faction team, across multiple in-game situations.

TiarisHealerHealing Light: After taking action, allies within 2 blocks gain [Heal]. After the battle, 100% chance to restore HP amounting to 3x Tiaris’ INT.Tiaris pairs perfectly with your primary tank AND primary damage-dealer.

She’s the best healer in the game, capable of keeping your tank alive for a long time. She can also buff your main DPS character with offensive buffs — enough to even one-shot some of the game’s tougher enemies.
LianaHealerHoly Sister: After taking action, dispels 2 debuffs from allies within 2 blocks and heals them for 3x Liana’s INT.Due to her lower INT stat, Liana doesn’t burst heal as effectively as Tiaris. What she does do better, though, is her AoE heals. She can keep your whole party alive if they have the max health for it.

Additionally, Liana’s dispels effectively cancel out your enemies’ debuffs. This is a huge deal in end-game content where fights get more complex.
LeonPhysical DPSEpic Knight: With every 1 block moved, damage increases by 4% and DEF increases by 20%. Can move another 3 blocks again after attacking.Leon is, without question, the best attacker in the game. His ATK reaches its peak when you’re running the Empire faction, but he’s also powerful with any other faction.

His ability to move again after attacking is a big advantage in the game’s hardest fights. You’ll never have to worry about damage if you have Leon in your team.


Langrisser Tier List Tier A

These are powerful heroes with strong stat growths, useful abilities and good faction synergies.

BozelMageAncient Evil: Replaces INT with 1.5x MDEF. After dealing damage to an enemy, 100% chance to deal 1 random debuff.Bozel’s skill is always useful against any type of enemy. It always casts a debuff to an enemy, so he’s effectively hampering the enemy potential every turn.
LedinTankKing’s Will: Damage taken decreases by 15%. When attacked with a melee attack with Hero’s HP above 50%, counters 2 times.Ledin is a tank class who is also a holy element. This means that enemies cannot counter him — an ideal trait for your main frontline.

He’s not as bulky compared to other tanks, but what elevates Ledin is his great damage potential that provides another dimension to his efficiency.
LunaRanged DPSSylph’s Blessing: MDEF increases by 20%. Allies within 2 blocks gain 30% Magic Damage reduction.Having Luna in your party will increase your overall survivability because of her protection buffs. She’s a support character who can also dish out decent amounts of damage.
CheriePhysical DPSWild Princess: When no allies are within 2 blocks, ATK & DEF increase by 25%. Gain 1 more chance to act after eliminating an enemy (2-turn cooldown).Cherie is your second-best attacker behind Leon and your core DPS for the Glory and Princess factions.

With her skill, you’ll be able to use her as a one-woman-army, decimating enemy forces with buffs and that extra turn.
VargasTankSuperhuman Bravery: Decreases damage done to troops by 30%. Vargas will not die when suffering fatal damage. Instead, his HP reverts to 30% of the max. Can only be used one time in a single battle.Vargas has the highest Physical DEF in the game. This makes him suited to be your tank in most situations. You might want to consider Ledin more often because Vargas has very poor MDEF, meaning he can easily be picked off by mage units.
SonyaPhysical DPSDemon Blood: Each time an enemy unit is defeated, you can move another 3 blocks. At the same time, gain 20% ATK, INT, DEF & MDEF for 3 turns, up to a maximum of 2 stacks.Sonya’s skill is an absolute treasure for an all-offensive party composition. She can buff your units across the stat board. She’s the only hero who has this ability, making her invaluable for late-game content.
ShelfanielMageMagic Lineage: The higher Troop HP is, the higher INT is, increasing by up to 20%. Whenever a skill is used to deal damage, the cooldown of this skill is reduced by 3.Shelfaniel’s calling card is her strong AoE magic attacks. These crowd control spells will often come in handy in most fights.
LanaMageArcane Extension: When entering battle, Magic Damage increases by 30%, and range increases by 1 when casting skills.Lana is the best mage in the game. Her single-target and AoE damage are superb, plus she has a decent set of debuffs to add to her utility.

To reach this potential, however, you need to build around her faction buffs. It’s quite a chore, but the rewards are worth it.


Langrisser Tier List Tier B

These heroes can compete with A-tiers in terms of stats and abilities, but they are only core pieces of their factions.

AngelinaPhysical DPSBattle Goddess: When on terrain with defensive effects, all damage taken is reduced by 20%. Otherwise, ATK is increased by 20%.Angelina is a great flier with possibly the best physical crowd control ability in the game. The reason she’s stuck in B-tier is because of her strong similarities with Cherie — with the latter being the superior unit.
BernhardtPhysical DPS, TankLord’s Will: When entering battle, damage increases by 20%. All enemies within 2 blocks have ATK & DEF decrease by 15%.Bernhardt is a core piece of the Empire faction. He’s a useful tank because of his skill, which buffs the party and weakens the opposing team.
FreyaTankSorrowful Choice: Chance of being critically hit reduced by 50%. Before entering battle, if HP is above 50%, deals damage to the enemy. Damage is equal to 2x Hero’s DEF.Freya has counterattacks that work on fixed damage. This is what makes her really good in certain compositions. Otherwise there are better options out there to tank the damage.
AltemullerPhysical DPS, TankSupreme Overlord: Before entering the battle, ATK increases by 10%. Physical damage taken decreased by 5%. Lasts 4 turns and can stack up to 4 times.Altemuller is a good buffer, especially if you pair him with Leon. You need to invest heavily to show his true potential, however, as he doesn’t shine right out of the gate.
EgbertMagical DPSRaging Inferno: Deals fixed damage once to the enemy equal to 2x Egbert’s INT.You don’t need to spend a lot of resources to make Egbert useful for your team. He contributes as part of the Empire faction or on his own. His AoE attack and debuff spells work great towards the end game.
ElwinPhysical DPSBrave’s Will: When initiating combat, damage increases by 30%. After the battle, 100% chance to restore HP equal to 30% of damage dealt by Elwin.Elwin is a “selfish DPS,” meaning he can work alone and focus solely on offense. This works because he has good damage, decent self-sustain (with his automatic heal) and his debuff skill that is probably the best single-target debuff in the game.


Langrisser Tier List Tier C

These heroes are good up to a certain point in the game. You will be better off replacing them if higher-tiered heroes become available.

SophiaHealer, SupportMerciful Heart:  Grants a buff that heals 30% of HP and DEF increases by 30% whenever that hero casts a skill on a party member. The buff lasts 2 turns.With two other healers dominating in S tier, it’s hard to make a case for Sophia in your team. Sure, she has good heals and an awesome buff, but they pale in comparison to Tiaris’ and Liana’s.
LesterPhysical DPSNaval Expert: During water battles, all units’ ATK increases by 30%Lester has good stat growths for a DPS class but is limited by the niche use case of his skill. He’s a core part of the Glory faction, however, which bumps his viability up a bit.
GrenierPhysical DPS, SupportTenacity: When forced into battle, after the battle there is a 100% chance to increase ATK & DEF by 10% for 2 turns up to a maximum of 3 stacks.Grenier’s buff is a strange one because you need to wait for it to activate. This nullifies quick-strike battle strategies, which is kind of the meta right now.
MatthewPhysical DPSBonds of Friendship: When entering battle, if a friendly unit is within 3 blocks, there’s a 100% chance to increase ATK & DEF by 20%.While not a good DPS unit in his own right, Matthew works best for his buff at the start of the battle. If you position him next to a strong DPS or tank character, you can give your team a headstart in the fight.


Langrisser Tier List Tier D

These heroes can perform well, but only in their niche use cases.

LewinSupport, Physical DPSOrigins of Light: Before attacking, units’ ATK & DEF increase by 15%. Lasts 1 turn. 100% chance to restore 30% HP after the battle.Lewin has underwhelming stats and only slightly useful skills. Consider using him if you have no other units to buff your party. Otherwise, replace him in your rotation.
LanceTankBattlefield Mastery: When battling against Fliers and Cavalry, ATK & DEF increase by 30%.Lance’s skill is nearly useless against most PvE content in the game. The only reason he’s not at the bottom of this list is because of his average stats and slightly useful debuff.
ImeldaSupportQueen’s Gauntlet: Unit damage increased by 20%. After taking action, casts Iron Hand on 4 friendly units within 2 blocks. Iron Hand increases hero damage by 20%, but they lose 10% HP after the battle.Imelda’s best attribute is her ability. Sadly, the Iron Hand buff’s damage boost isn’t worth taking that much damage, especially in tougher fights.
JessicaMagical DPSMagic Master: When Unit HP is 100%, INT increases by 15%. 40% INT is added to MDEF.Jessica’s skill is well-made in the sense that it complements each buff well. Because of Jessica’s poor stats and abysmal offensive capability, however, she’s stuck in tier D.


Langrisser Tier List Tier F

These are currently the worst heroes in the game for PvE content. It’s not worth burning through your resources into raising them.

EmerickPhysical DPSWise Veil: When attacking, ATK 20%. When attacked, damage taken -20%. All enemies within 2 blocks suffer -2 Mobility and cannot Guard.Emerick offers little in terms of party-wide buffs and dispels. He has bad stat growths that are a waste on his “selfish DPS” build.
NarmSupport, Physical DPSDiversionary Tactics: When initiating battle, ATK increases by 15%. Decreases the target’s Mobility by 3 and renders them unable to Guard. Lasts 1 turn.Narm is a good unit to have when starting. Enemy waves and bosses are more susceptible to her abilities. Sadly, she quickly drops off the more you progress in the game.
SilverwolfPhysical DPSWolf’s Nature: For every buff, ATK & DEF increase by 7%, at most by 21%. If attack critically hits, steals 2 buffs from the target.Silverwolf’s ability is more of a gimmick than anything else. It’s highly unreliable and extremely situational. You’d do better by replacing him with an orthodox support unit.
KirikazePhysical DPSDual Wield: Crit increased by 15%. After landing a critical hit in battle, restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt, and grants a 100% chance to decrease skill cooldowns by 1 turn.Langrisser’s meta currently does not handle the Crit stat well. Kirikaze builds around this stat for his effectivity, so he’s currently not a good pick. He’s simply not a consistent source of damage.

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