Ever since Monster Hunter: World released on PC, modders have been hard at work coming up with unique ways to innovate – and completely break – Capcom’s popular creature slaying action RPG.

Just do a quick search of MHW mods online, and you’ll be rewarded with a seemingly endless amount of options ranging from minor visual upgrades to a mod that turns Nergigante the Elder Dragon into Thomas the Tank Engine.

With so many options available for PC players to intensify their monster hunting experience, we thought we’d highlight some of the best mods for reducing grind, improving visuals, and just spicing things up.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new mods, so make sure to check back.

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Track Monster’s Health (SmartHunter Overlay Mod)

Monster Hunter World Pc Mods

This mod creates an overlay that reveals a monster’s health, including each body part, along with a bar that shows you how close it is to become enraged. This overlay also allows you to keep track of how much damage each member of your team has dealt, making it easier to figure out which one of your buddies isn’t pulling their weight during a tough fight.

Additionally, each widget can be dragged to any area on the screen and customized with different skins. The only downside with this mod is that monster part damage and status effect buildups are only accurate for the host player.

Change Armor Appearance (World of Transmog Mod)

Monster Hunter World Mods

If you’re a Monster Hunter player, then chances are you’ve had to make some very questionable fashion choices with your character to get certain skills or decoration slots.

With this transmog mod, you’ll have total control over the appearance of your hunter’s armor without losing any special skills or slots.

The mod allows you to swap out your current armor or weapon skin in favor of another while retaining the characteristics of whatever you have equipped. It doesn’t work with every item in the game, and you’ll have to extract the armor and weapon files yourself. However, there are plenty of tutorials to guide you through the process.

Gathering Hub NPCs (Improved NPC Locations Mod)

Mhw Mods

As fun as Monster Hunter is, there are a couple of areas that could benefit from an improvement, such as the placement of vital NPCs. It can feel tedious to have to constantly travel from one point to trade in a bounty than to another to craft a weapon, then a third to check out what the Argosy has to offer.

This mod streamlines the entire process by taking important vendors and NPCs you interact with regularly and relocating them to the Gathering Hub. It works with the following NPCs: Smithy, Resource Center, Botanist, Tailraider Safari, Argosy Captain, Elder Melder, and Researcher.

Better Textures and Colors (Clear Hunter Mod)

Mhw Mod

You may have noticed that World doesn’t always do its gorgeous environments justice due to the bleaching effect caused by the game’s engine. This causes colors to appear faded and textures to look less crisp.

However, with this mod that all becomes a thing of the past as colors now pop and textures have much more clarity than before. While the change isn’t as clear as night and day, it’s noticeable enough to consider installing.

Buy Any Item (All Items in Shop Mod)

Monster Hunter World Mods Pc

One of the annoying things about switching from console to PC is losing any progress you’ve made in a game. It can mean losing hundreds of hours of grind and having to start from scratch all over again.

This mod helps reduce some of the work by allowing you to purchase every item in the game’s shop, including decorations, stream stones, and much more. Since this is the kind of mod that could easily get you banned, we recommend you don’t abuse it too much.

More Noticeable Items (Souvenir’s Light Pillar Mod)

Mhw Nexus Mods

Hunting monsters is no easy task: you’re always paying attention to incoming attacks while also dealing damage and being aware of your surroundings.

When you do manage to break off that monster part you’ve been desperately hacking away at for the last 30 minutes or so, the last thing you want is to lose sight of it.

With this mod, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on any dropped items since it places a beam of light over them, making them much easier to track. The effect only works on items within a certain radius, so you won’t have to worry about your screen getting too cluttered.

Manage All Your Mods (MHW Mod Manager)

Monster Hunter World Nexus

If you plan on using multiple mods, there’s a good chance some of them may conflict with one another and might end up messing up your game. To avoid that, we recommend installing a mod manager.

This one is a lot simpler to use than other mod managers you’ll find online and makes it easier to organize and uninstall existing mods. Less time looking through folders means more time fighting monsters.

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