Maxnomic Dominator Review

So is the Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair worth your money? For this price range, you're probably better off with another gaming chair, and here is the reason why.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Maxnomic Dominator is a decent gaming chair, but there could be improvements, especially at this price range.

Therefore, you’re probably better off with a higher-quality chair.


If you’ve been looking for a solid gaming chair, you’ll know how hard it can be to find one that works for you. Some offer too little functionality while others are just too expensive. The Maxnomic Dominator, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds with a price of exactly €329. It is quite similar to DXRacer chairs.

maxnomic dominator
Dimensions13.3 x 21.6 x 22.8”
Weight Limit330lbs
ColorsBlack, Red, Blue, Orange, Green
MaterialFaux leather (Vinyl, PU)

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Although this chair isn’t as padded as some of its rivals, it’s actually very cozy. It’s filled with cold-cured foam, which retains its shape and structure even after long periods of time. This means that the Dominator will feel just as good even years after you purchased it.

maxnomic dominator review

Regardless of how you like to sit, this chair can be customized to fit. It comes with 4D armrests that move in, out, up, down, and which can even be angled. The backrest tilts up to 67°, and this model comes with a removable lumbar support cushion. In short, it ensures you’re as comfy as possible at all times.


As far as gaming chairs go, the Maxnomic Dominator is pretty plain. It has a two-tone design with a logo on the headrest, which is fairly standard. While it comes in five different colors, they are all very bright and might not look great in every room. As such, the black variant is the most versatile option.

need for seat maxnomic

That’s not to say it’s an ugly product! It actually does a great job at blending a professional appearance with excellent postural support and comfort. We really like the racing style seat – this redistributes pressure and makes sure you don’t develop lower back problems after sitting for long periods of time.


This chair is pretty easy to set up. It takes a few minutes with an Allen key, and that’s it. Maxnomic offers various additional extras to improve your experience, though. There are several sets of upgraded casters and even a motor that shakes the chair if that’s your kind of thing.

maxnomic review

The Dominator is a solidly-built chair. It has a weight limit of 330lbs, which is more than most of its competitors. It is pretty large, though, so you’ll want to take a look at its dimensions before buying. After all, nobody wants to end up with a product they can’t use.


Often, gaming chairs have eye-catching designs to lure you in, but they often fall short in terms of comfort. The Maxnomic Dominator chair is not one of these chairs. It’s sturdy, customizable, and best of all, affordable.

While the optional extras are a little expensive, the base chair is good enough for everyday usage, whether you work from home or just want something to slump into when gaming. All in all, it’s a decent choice for most homes, but you could get a better chair for this kind of money.

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