Project JoJo Tier List

Use the best Stands in Project JoJo in order to maximize your combat potential. Here is the best Project JoJo tier list with all Stands ranked.

One of the best qualities that keeps fans hooked on Project JoJo is the dense and nuanced roster of Stands the game has. Stands are entities you can summon in the game that will heighten your combat potential.

As each Stand in the game offers a different toolkit and stat upgrades, it’s essential for beginners to know which ones will benefit them in the long run.

For this purpose, we made a tier list that ranks the Stands from best to worst. This way, you could skip experimenting and proceed to obtaining and growing the best Stand for you. Let’s dive right in.

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These are currently the best Stands in the game. Their overall power and the usefulness of their skills surpass all others.

Made in HeavenHeavenly Barrage, Throat Slit, Time Acceleration, Knife Throw, Universe Reset, Light Dash
Gold Experience RequiemSuper Muda Barrage, Super Sensory Overload, Scorpion Strike, Healing, Life Restoration, Ant Disintegration
Star Platinum (Prime)ORA Barrage, ORA Strike, Star Finger, Power Guard, Power Inhale, ORA Beatdown
Tusk (Act 4)Infinite Rotation Barrage, Infinite Rotation Punch, Infinite Rotation Fingernail Shotgun, Infinite Spin Nail Shot, Fingernail Glide
King Crimson: Over HeavenReality-Splitting Chop, Reality-Shattering Jab, Universe Breaker, 21st Epitaph, Swift Time Erasure
D4CChop Barrage, Clone Attack, Dimensional Exchange, Misfortune Redirection, Clone: Duplicate, Body Swap, Advancing Heavy Punch, Head Clone
Weather ReportWindforce Push, Weather Reload, Lighting Thrust, Weather Control, Frog Weather Control, Dioxygen Zone, Heavy Weather, Wind Suit, Wind Projection
Soft & WetSkin-Bubble Barrage, ORA Kick, Debris Smash, Plunder Bubble, Underground Bubble Bombs, Bubble Trap, Bubble Barrier
Crazy TrainAtom Smashing Barrage, Molecular Disassembly, Origin Point, Relativity Shift, Precision Tremors, Origin Point of View, Fission Missiles


These Stands are not as powerful as S-Tiers, but they’re close. They have the proper tools to be useful, especially at higher levels.

The World: Alternate UniversePrecision Muda Barrage, Flanking WRY Punch, Leg Slash, Knife Throw, Revolver Shot, Gasoline Throw
Cream: Over HeavenBleeding Darkness, Perfect Void, Dream Eater, Infinite Void, Numbing Mind
The World: Over HeavenReality-Warping Muda Barrage, Existence-Erasing Wryyy Punch, Heavenly Orbs, Heavenly Lightning, Reality Overwrite, Time Stop
King CrimsonSevering Chop, Now I’m Really Angry!, Severing Kick, Epitaph, Barrage, Only the Results Remain
Guest PlatinumHoming Ora Barrage, Heavy Ora Punch, Precision Bearing Shot, Time Stop, Instant Time Stop Strike
Killer QueenWeak Punch Barrage, Stray Cat Bubble Bomb, Sheer Heart Attack, Coin Bomb Throw, Killer Queen Has Already Touched That, Killer Queen Bites the Dust
RumbleEarth Breaker, Power Slam, Seismic Pulse, Rock Throw, Hyper Guard, Hyper Quake
Smashing PumpkinSpooky Barrage, Pumpkin Smash, Decapitation, Flaming Skulls, Sneaking Shadows
WhitesnakeBarrage, Illusion Strike, Acid Spit, Fire a Gun, Stand Disc, Disc Throw, Stand Flight, Stand View
Gold ExperienceMuda Barrage, Wry Barrage, Sensory Overload, Heavy Muda Punch, Tree, Heal, Self-Heal, Life Giver (Snake), Life Giver (Vines)
The Grateful DeadUser Barrage, Heavy Slam, Give Ice Cube, Deathly Choke, Ground Slam, Weak Stand Jump, Aging Aura
C-MoonSurface Inversion Barrage, Gravity Impact, Gravity Manipulation, Punishing Impact, Super Gravity Manipulation, Remote Stand Fly, Toggle Stand View, Stand Jump
Star-Spangled BannerIndependence Barrage, American Heavy Punch, Constitutional Bullet Rain, 2nd Amendment, 10th Amendment
KarsFlesh Cutter, Bone Blade Barrage, Photon Slash, Bright Execution, Gamma Breaker, Mask Creation, Dash
Stone FreeOra Barrage, Ora Punch, String Pull, String Slice, Tether Hold, Stand Jump
Wonder of UPunching Barrage, Strong Punch, Illusion Creation, Object Throw, Select Object, Dododo De Dadada, Endless Calamity
Green DayScalpel Stabbing, Strong Arm, Arm Amputation, Mold Wound Stitching, Pummeling, Sledge Hammer, Mold Injection, Mold Manifestation, Stand Jump
Sticky FingersAri Barrage, Decapitating Zipper Punch, Vacuum Zipper, Backdoor Zipper, Zipper Glide, Extended Rush, Low Kick, Dismembering Zipper Punch
The WorldMuda Barrage, Wry, Knife Throw, Kick Barrage, Blood Suck, It’s A Road Roller, Time Stop


These Stands will serve you will under several situations. They help round out the top meta in the game right now.

Tusk (Act 3)Fingernail Cannon, Fingernail Shotgun, Spatial Wormhole, Fingernail Glide, Time Stop Movement
Ultimate LifeformLight Defying Barrage, Piranha Bite, Hamon-Infused Punch, Evolved Light Slash, Octopus Tentacle Grab, Flight, Air Splitting Feather Bullets
Diver DownKick Release, Killing Blow, Protection Dive, Spinal Spring, Healing, Self-Healing, Diver Barrage, Ground Dive, Stand Jump
Caesar’s HamonHamon Breathing Technique, Bubble Launcher, Bubble Cutter Gliding, Bloody Bubble Launcher, Take It From Me, Dazzling Kiss, Bubble Beam, Hamon Jump
WamuuVampiric Barrage, Divine Sandstorm, Wind Blast, Wind Suit, Atmospheric Rift, Swift Absorption
Pillar ManRib Stab, Meat Invade, Sun Vulnerability, Absorption, Vampiric Barrage, Storage
White WeddingOra Chop, Atom Breaker, Ionic Bond, Hydrogen Armor, Photon Cannon, Ora Barrage, Quantum Entanglement
Symphony of DestructionFission Grab, Radioactive Tremor, Nuclear Claymore, Nuclear Warhead, Atomic Bomb, Stand Jump
20th Century BoyRapid Revolver Shots, Rifle Shot, I Always Take Revenge, Weak Stand Jump, Absolute Defense
Star Platinum: The WorldPunch Barrage, Ora Punch, Bearing Shot, Spear Throw, Stand Jump, Teleportation, Bring Forth the World’s Ability
Spice GirlKick, Elastic Punch, Pole Shank, Barrage, Elastic Jump
Joseph’s HamonHamon Breathing Technique, Ripple Beat, Clacker Volley, Clacker Boomerang, Rebuff Overdrive, Heavy Zoom Punch, String Trick, Hamon String Trick, Grenade Toss, Hamon Grenade Toss, Secret Joestar Technique, Super Aja Guard, Super Aja Beam, Tommy Gun, Hamon Tommy Gun, Your Next Line is…
Crazy DiamondBasic Barrage, Heavy Punch, Bearing Shot, Wall Creation, Homing Blood Missile, Wall Breaker, Healing Mode
Echoes (Act 2)Whoosh, Sizzle, Boing, Act Switch
Star Platinum: Over HeavenReality Warping Barrage, Reality Warping Ora Punch, Star Blast, Healing Barrage, Self-Healing Barrage, Time Stop, Timestop Movement


These are average Stands that are fun to use but excluded in the competitive meta due to their flaws.

Purple HazeViral Mist, Summon Purple Haze, Rampage Rush, Bulb Shatter, Bulb Shot, Viral Chokehold
The HandPunching Barrage, Eraser Swipe, Space Eraser Swipe, Reverse Space Eraser Swipe, Eraser Barrage, Reverse Eraser Barrage
Ball BreakerGolden Spin Barrage, Left Super Spin Ball, Right Super Spin Ball, Super Spin Tornado, Infinite Rotation Blast, Super Block
Scary MonstersDinosaur Transformation, Ushaa Barrage, Fierce Pounce, Tail Whip, Fossilization, Hunter’s Prowl
MetallicaIron Cloak, Scalpels, Scissors, Razors, Metallica-Infused Nail, Metallica-Infused Limb, Iron Deficiency
Boku no Rhythm wo KiitekureBarrage, Sticky Bomb Punch, Sticky Bomb Toss, Exploding Smoke, Bomb Jump
AnubisWhirlwind Slicer, Dash Strike, Riposte, Grand Deflection, Power Jump, Mind Control, Passing The Torch, Wide Slash
HamonHamon Breathing Technique, Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, Scarlet Overdrive, Zoom Punch, Hamon Leap, Life Energy, Vampire Slayer
Heaven’s DoorOpen Book, Manuscript Book Transmutation, Heavy Punch, Go Flying Back, Safety Lock, Set On Fire, Rip Out Pages
White AlbumBlizzard, Impact Freeze, Skate Kick, Skate, Flash Freeze, White Album Gently Weeps
Boy II ManYeet, Soul Absorption, Soul Absorption (Second Version), Soul Absorption (Third Version), Life Steal, Mega Soul Absorption
MandomRevolver Pull, Revolver Shot, Time Reverse Countdown, Grenade Toss, Quick Draw, Analysis
Silver ChariotSummon Silver Chariot, Rush Attack, Flanking Slash, Blade Ejection, Armor Off
Echoes (Act 1)Siren Punch, Crowd Punch, Knocking Door Punch, Love Punch, Switch Acts
Echoes (Act 3)Three Freeze, Remove Freeze, 5-meter Three Freeze, Switch Acts


These Stands have almost completely fallen off the current meta. Use them if you want a challenge in your fights.

Magician’s RedFireball, Crossfire Hurricane, Red Bind, Crossfire Hurricane Special, Fire Triplet, Fire Punch, Flamethrower
Tusk (Act 2)Fingernail Shot, Fingernail Shotgun, Fingernail Glide
VampireLife Drain, Freezing Fist, Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, Body Steal
AerosmithFire Left Gun, Fire Right Gun, Aerosmith!, Aero Cam, Propeller Cutter
HarvestHarvest Injection, Harvest Throw, Harvest Item Search, Harvest Carry, Harvest Money Theft, Set Item Receiver
Speed KingMeraryarya Barrage, Heat Storage, Blood Boil, Plasma Flash, Heat Release
Chocolate DiscoActivate Grid, Acid Bottle, Nail Rain, Projectile Dislocation, Organism Dislocation, Revolver Shot
KissRegular Punch, Barrage Punch, Kiss Stamp, Extra Arms, Stamp Punch
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath Summon, Arrow Load, Lighter Stalk, Banana Consumption, User Projection, Revolver Shot, Camera, Stand Jump
ShotgunFire Shotgun, Marksman Shot, Slug Shot, Shotgun Smack
Highway StarSummon Highway Star, Body Dismantlement, Nutrient Drain, Back Leech, Scent Tracking, Critical Life Drain, Remote Mode, Switch View
Hey Ya!Lucky Dodge, Lucky Uppercut, Revolver Shot, Quick Nap, Encouragement, Self-Encouragement
The SunSun Beam, Place Mirror, Remote Sun, Heat Wave, Bright Burner


The worst Stands to use in the game right now. They have little redeeming qualities – making them a waste of time if you’re looking to play competitively.

OsirisSoul Barrage, Soul Clap, Chip Throw, Dice Bomb, Chip Explosion
Tusk (Act 1)Fingernail Punch, Sharp Punch, Fingernail Glide
Atom Heart FatherPhotograph, Arrow Stab, Knife Throw, Photographic Prison, Requiem Arrow Throw, Arrow Throw
RattSummon Ratt, Melting Dart Shot, Melting Dart Barrage, Melting Dart Ricochet, Sniper Dart, Decomposition, Feast, Rat Agility
Mr. PresidentTurtle Stance, Self-Entry, Chosen Entry, Force Room

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