What Is The Best OS For Gaming?

Best OS For Gaming

So what’s actually the best operating system for gaming purposes? Is it Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu or something else entirely?

Are Macs Good For Gaming?

Are Macs Good For Gaming

Do you want to buy a Macbook Pro, but not sure if it’s possible to play games on it? This guide will help you find out if Macs are good for gaming or not.

How To Use A PS4 Controller On PC and Mac

use ps4 controller on pc

There are a lot of people who do not limit their gaming experience to a single platform. Some prefer PCs while only using a console for exclusives, and others use the PC only for indie titles while running all the demanding AAA games on a more affordable machine. Whatever the case may be with you,

How To Get iMessage On Your PC

Imessage On Windows 10

We won’t beat around the bush with this one: there is currently no way to use iMessage on a PC natively. Apple is notoriously reluctant to expand the use of its apps on products other than their own. As such, iMessage is exclusively restricted to the growing cluster of Apple products. Unlike numerous apps, particularly

How To Check Your Computer Specs

Laptop Buying Guide

Let’s face it: computers remain complex machines whose inner work is a mystery to the overwhelming majority of users. Even though some are proven PC builders, very few of us could wax lyrical about how the circuit board on a GPU works and what each of the capacitors and components does. Sometimes figuring out what