Valkyrie Connect PvP Tier List

To help players choose the best heroes in Valkyrie Connect, we created the ultimate and most up-to-date Valkyrie Connect PvP tier list.

With over 600 heroes available, making your dream team in Valkyrie Connect can be a daunting task.

To help players with this, we’ve made a list that ranks the essential heroes in the game from best to worst. This list has PvP content in mind, as high-level play in Valkyrie Connect tends to revolve around it.

If you see your favorite unit in the lower tiers, don’t fret. This does not mean that they’re weak. Every hero in the game can be useful. However, since only the best heroes for PvP are included in this list, great heroes can be easily outclassed by the truly OP ones.

Now with all that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

Note: Due to the sheer volume of heroes available, only the viable units will be listed here. Heroes that are excluded from this list can be considered lower than F-tier in terms of PvP.

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S Tier

The best heroes in the game. Excellent stats, utility, and synergy with any team make them coveted units in the game.

Dragon Girl NuutMeleeFire
Awakened Shalltear BloodfallenMeleeLight
Omnicatalyst SortishiaMagicOther
Catalyst SortishiaMagicLight
Vindicator SeraphielMagicLight
Catalyst AlfanaMagicLight
Holy Night SortishiaMagic 
Vindicator ManagarmRangedOther
Sloth Scion VelfellRangedEarth


A Tier

Excellent heroes that lack just a little bit of utility to match with S-tiers.

Bird God XingfuMeleeFire
Infected SifMeleeDark
Vindicator FotmaMeleeEarth
Vindicator BorrMagicLight
Titan-Attacking DielleMagicOther
Wave Daughter BylgjaMagicOther
Star Saint NoaMagicOther
Awakened NarberalMagicLight
Vindicator GefionMagicDark
Awakened EsquireRangedLight
Catalyst VerosaRangedFire
Awakened LeviRangedLight
Terrible TornadoRangedEarth
Awakened Vampire Lord EvileyeRangedFire


B Tier

These are good heroes who have a few flaws hindering them. They still have the potential to wreck any opposing team – as long as they’re given enough investment and proper setup.

Creation God IzanagiMeleeLight
Tortoise God GuangmeiMeleeEarth
Vindicator ValtusMeleeLight
Red God FreyMeleeFire
Vindicator ThrymMeleeFire
Omnipotent ViliMagicOther
Catalyst ElineigeMagicWater
Shrine Girl KannaMagic 
Jolly Caroler MikuMagicDark
Sunlight God SolMagicLight
Catalyst ViliMagicLight
Awakened Mavis VermillionRangedLight
Time Knight ChrossyRangedOther
Summer Scion FriggRangedLight
Vindicator HrimthursRangedWater
Catalyst MelverynRangedDark
Mad Pumpkin MogthrasirRangedDark


C Tier

Average heroes that don’t stand out but are still very effective in battle.

Catalyst BergelmirMeleeEarth
Awakened RoveriaMeleeWater
Judging God ForsetiMeleeLight
Catalyst SanngridMeleeDark
Imperial Knight ViolaMeleeLight
Deceased God IzanamiMagicDark
Awakened Valkyrie MikuMagicEarth
Awakened Bewitching CS Mage LucyMagicWater
Fairy CeniaMagicEarth
Star God KaworuMagicDark
Catalyst MorpheaRangedOther
Mistletoe Wielder MistelRangedEarth
Sun God AsukaRangedFire
Awakened Lustful Succubus AlbedoRangedDark
Dark Beast Tamer LuceRangedDark
Valkyrie HerjaRangedDark
Raindropper PasoRangedWater


D Tier

These heroes can be considered barely viable for PvP content. Use them only if you have no other choice for a particular slot.

Erza ScarletMeleeFire
Vindicator CelestiaMeleeLight
Prison Empress AvenciaMeleeDark
Awakened UlinMeleeWater
Valkyrie RotaMagicWater
Spirit Master GaiaMagicLight
Gatherer AludraMagicFire
Sunny Summer NoaRangedOther
Acrobat KururuRangedWater
Dark Star HelblindiRangedDark
Pirate LoroneRangedOther
Boar God KubiraRangedEarth
Musician MusikaRangedWater
Dual Horn RaspiRangedDark

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