Best Mods 2023

Want to take your driving to the next level? Then check out this list of the best BeamNG Drive mods for PC.

Whether you’ve been playing for years or you just bought the game, you’ll find it’s one of the best driving sims on the market with realistic physics and excellent modding support.

Since its release, players have taken the liberty of expanding on BeamNG’s foundation with an exhaustive number of mods that add new vehicles, parts, maps, etc.

In this list, we’ll showcase the best Beam NG Drive mods for PC that take the game to the next level by introducing cool new cars, locations, and features for all your driving needs.

For more modding recommendations, check out our growing library of curated gaming lists, and comment below with your top mods for!

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There’s nothing wrong with keeping it old school, especially in a game like BeamNG where the sky is the limit and any old junker can be made to run like new.

So if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for 1950s-1970s car culture, check out these mods that add a 1953 Burnside Special, 1958 Satsuma 210, 1975 Oldsmobile Regency 98,  and 1976 Ibishu Claria.

You’ll find some include multiple variants with tuning capabilities and automatic/manual gearboxes to give you more control over performance.

Sometimes the right vehicle for the job is nothing more than a big ol’ truck capable of withstanding even the toughest of terrain.

Your options for heavy-duty trucks in BeamNG are not limited by any stretch of the imagination but for something you can count on, we suggest the Dodge Ram 1500 TRX and Chevy Duramax.

These mods add two American-made behemoths with giant tires and headlights, detailed interiors/exteriors, and come in several configurations.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What good is having a heavy-duty truck if you don’t have any heavy-duty jobs?”

Well, with the Bagtrailer mod you can tap into the fascinating world of BeamNG car-towing and start hauling vehicles around the map.

This adds a handy trailer with a fully independent airbag suspension setup that allows you to load incredibly low cars.

Whether you need to get the kids to little league or have a little more ‘junk in the trunk,’ a minivan is a perfectly suitable choice that can still be stylish if done correctly.

At least, that’s what we like to think when firing up the Volkswagen T3 Transporter and Ibishu Kashira mods, which admittingly cover two distinct flavors of ‘van life.’

The first is an updated version of the old Volkswagen minivan from the late 1970s-1990s with a better engine while the latter is a suped-up, Japanese compact minivan from the mid-1990s.

At some point or another, every BeamNG player asks themselves, “what would happen if I drove a massive bus off this cliff right now?”

While you’re welcome to see the results for yourself, might we recommend the perfect vehicle for such an occasion? Meet the Capsule.

This giant capsule-shaped bus comes complete with openable passenger doors, wheelchair ramps, digital gauges, a heads-up display, and most importantly, dummy drivers/passengers.

A quick search will show you that if there’s one thing BeamNG modders like, it’s recreating street racing-inspired vehicles with cool-looking spoilers, neon lights, and all the works.

As fun as these are, we thought we’d shine a light on more subdued street racing cars, namely the Honda Civic EK9 and Audi RS6 C8 4K Avant.

Each comes with several configurations that let you inject some fun colors and cosmetic parts as well as fine-tune the performance settings.

Sports cars are another BeamNG category that’s quite popular among modders and has produced some of the best vehicle mods for the game.

The first one we recommend installing is the 1994 ETK K-Series, a fun little roadster that comes with a bunch of custom parts and configurations to keep you entertained.

The second is the more modern 2022 Hirochi CCF, a mid-grade compact sports roadster with a very tech-forward interior design.

Nothing leaves a lasting impression like a powerful muscle car that’s as loud as it is fast, especially one spinning six wheels at a time.

By which we mean the Bruckell Firehawk V12, a six-wheeled muscle car with extra suspension and an upgraded Spitfire V12 engine complete with exhausts and a cooling system.

If that’s too over the top for you, consider going with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a mod that adds the popular muscle car with nine configurations to explore.

What would this list be without some supercar mods for releasing that inner speed demon that lives within every BeamNG player?

Our first recommendation is the Oracle, an all-black v12 supercar that vaguely resembles the Batmobile and reportedly goes “so fast it explodes.”

For the traditionalist, we’re also including the Widebody Ferrari 458 Twin Turbo, which modifies the Italian beast with a custom V8 engine and comes in four configurations.

Of course, BeamNG is not limited to just cars as modders have spent years adding just about every type of vehicle you can imagine.

This includes motorcycles like the Suzuki GSX-R750, a superfast bike with high-quality textures and all the bells and whistles one would expect.

Naturally, the bike mod comes with a rider, oddly enough one based on the Top Gear character “The Stig,” as well as the Crash Test Dummy.

If you’re looking to add some diversity to your BeamNG police role-playing or simply enjoy watching cop cars crash, these next two mods will do you good.

First up is the Global Police Skin Pack, which adds 130 skins with customizable sirens based on law enforcement organizations around the world.

It pairs nicely with the Fiction Police Livery Pack, another cop car mod that adds police skins from popular movies and games like Resident Evil, Batman Arkham, and Grand Theft Auto.

After conquering every sliver of road BeamNG has to offer, the only thing left to do is take to the skies with some flying vehicles.

While your options are pretty wide, nothing beats the Legendary Flying Brolide, a rocket-powered supercar with extendable wings that allow you to soar in the air.

For an alternative that’s more grounded in reality, you can install the Me262 ‘Schwalbe,’ a lightning-fast, heavily armed WWII fighter jet.

Seeing as BeamNG is all about car customization, we thought to include one of the most customizable vehicles in the game, the Gavril Vertex NA2.

Based on the Ford Focus NA2, this otherwise boring economy sedan serves as the perfect canvas for making your own dream builds.

This includes a ton of built-in configurations spanning multiple styles along with a bunch of tunable parts and some fun Easter eggs put in by the original creator.

Speaking of parts, this next trio of mods is perfect for injecting some personality into your car builds while also improving their performance.

The first one is the Sunburst Engine Pack, which adds new custom engines, turbos, long blocks, and gearboxes for the Hirochi Sunburst.

There’s also the D-Troxx Wheel Pack, adding 50 new wheels to BeamNG and CJD Special Tunes, an exhaustive parts mod that includes hundreds of “overlooked,” parts for various vehicles.

One of BeamNG’s biggest selling points is its realistic soft-body damage modeling, which allows for impressively detailed crashes.

The only downside to this is once you’ve had your fun smashing a car to bits, you’re left with a deformed pile of junk that can no longer drive.

Enter in Beam Regenerator, a mod that lets you repair any external damage to a vehicle and bend it back into shape in real time with just the click of a button.

One of our favorite things to do in BeamNG is go off and explore a random new map for the first time just to see what challenges it has to offer.

As you’ll see from this list, there’s no shortage of great BeamNG map mods, including the two off-road maps Naorl OffRoad Adventure and OffRoadArena.

The first is more of an adventure map that offers many trails for rock crawling and rally circuiting while the second features off-road obstacle courses of varying difficulties.

As is the nature of sandbox games, BeamNG maps are not particularly known for their sense of atmosphere, which makes sense in a game all about driving and crashing cars.

However, if you’d like to shake things up and explore a map overflowing with lore and mystery, then Atlanto is one of your best options for BeamNG map mods.

It adds a fictional island in the North Atlantic Ocean comprised of three towns: Atlanto, Tuscon Heights, and Harleem, each with its own distinct sights, scenarios, and spooky urban legends.

Reshade mods are always a great way to spice up the look of your game, especially for one that’s been around as long as BeamNG.

The mod we’re showcasing here is BeamNG Drive Reshade Cinematic Realism, which makes your gameplay look like the set of a Hollywood movie.

This is achieved by adjusting color and contrast values along with some grain and depth of field effects that give BeamNG a nostalgic and filmic look.

Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap is a mountain pass along the North Carolina-Tennessee state line that offers 318 curves across 13 miles, making it a popular hotspot for motorcyclists and sports car drivers.

You can add BeamNG players to that list as the route can be visited firsthand using the custom Tail of the Dragon / Deal’s Gap map mod by Bob Blunderton.

Offering an abundance of gorgeous vistas, densely forested areas, and enough winding roads to make your head spin, this map is a drifting paradise that’s sure to challenge any player.

BeamNG modders sure do love Tennessee, so much so that they made a 1.1GB-sized recreation of Roane County spanning 200 miles of roads, twice the size of GTA 5’s map.

The aptly named Roane County, Tennessee, USA mod is another creation from Bob Blunderton that positions itself as “the largest reasonably detailed map you can get your hands on” in BeamNG.

While you would expect most of it to be empty highways, which it is, the map also includes several detailed bridges, landmarks, urban areas, and intersections based on real-world locations.

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