Best Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mods

Here's a list of all the best Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods that you can get right now. Updated regularly to bring you the best mods!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is one of the best video game remasters and goes a long way toward updating the original trilogy of games.

While the series is revered for its expansive universe of characters, locations, and events, fans have never shied away from criticizing its technical shortcomings.

To remedy any bugs you’re experiencing and improve each game, we’re highlighting the best Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods, including the best Mass Effect weapon and armor mods.

We’ll continue to update this list as new mods catch our eye, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite Mass Effect PC mods!

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Like many of our recommended mod lists, this one includes a mod manager that streamlines the entire process of installing and removing Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager supports all three games in the series, including the original releases, legendary versions, and the Legendary Edition launcher.

While it’s primarily designed to make it easier to install and track mods for end-users, it also has tools for developers making their own Mass Effect mods.

This includes advanced game diagnostic features that can come in handy with troubleshooting games as well as the program itself.

As we mentioned at the top, Mass Effect’s legacy has been somewhat marred by an abundance of bugs appearing throughout each installment.

While their effect on players can range from mildly annoying to outright frustrating, fan-made patches are the perfect solution for anyone in need of a fix.

The two we recommend installing are LE1 Community Patch and LE3 Community Patch, which address a myriad of bugs and glitches from the first and third entries respectively.

You won’t find any complete community patches for Mass Effect 2 at the moment, though one is currently in development.

Anyone who played the original Mass Effect games will remember how deceptive sprinting was outside of combat, as holding down the button simply zoomed out the camera to create the illusion of running.

While the Legendary Edition addressed this issue by allowing players to actually sprint both in and out of combat, it also set a ridiculously short limit on how far Shepard could sprint before getting winded.

To change that, we suggest installing the Unlimited Sprint and Boost Duration mod, which extends the sprint duration considerably (technically it’s not unlimited).

As a bonus, it also removes the boost limit for the Mako in ME1, ensuring you can get around each planet quickly and efficiently.

Released as a DLC expansion for the original Mass Effect, Pinnacle Station was excluded from the Legendary Edition due to corrupted source code that would have caused the remaster to be delayed.

That was a big ask for a DLC that was by all accounts less popular than the critically acclaimed Lair of the Shadow Broker or Citadel expansions.

However, thanks to modders, the Pinnacle Station DLC was added back into the game along with a host of bug fixes, enhanced music, and combat rebalances.

It adds a virtual training simulation where Shepard can hone their skills while hunting Saren, a small apartment to unwind, and a side quest involving a soldier accused of hacking the station.

One of the more tedious aspects of the original Mass Effect is going back and forth between your journal and the galaxy map to figure out where you need to go to complete certain side quests.

With the Galaxy Map Trackers mod, all that busy work becomes a distant memory as you’ll find every UNC assignment conveniently labelled.

This even includes side quests that haven’t been triggered yet, which get marked as ‘Anomaly.’

The only real downside to this mod is that in the event an assignment takes place in the same cluster as a story mission, the side quest’s label will be prioritized.

Another area for improvement in the Mass Effect games is the camera angle, particularly the tight POV players are given during combat.

Considering how few camera options the vanilla games offer, it was only a matter of time until modders took it upon themselves to address it.

Lo and behold the Better Camera mod, a game-changer feature that allows the user to adjust the in-game camera angle to their heart’s content.

With it installed, you’ll be able to extend the FOV to zoom out further and get a better view of the battlefield across all three games in the Legendary Edition.

Speaking of cameras, the Legendary Edition introduces a photo mode that can be extremely useful for snapping pics of your galactic shenanigans despite a few limitations.

To get the most out of photo mode, we recommend installing the Photo Mode QoL mod, which disables collision to let you move the camera further away as well as speed things up with the number pad.

The first one is compatible with the original Mass Effect but there’s also Improved Photo Mode (LE2) and Improved Photo Mode (LE3) for the two sequels.

And while you’re at it, consider applying the Vignette Remover mod to get rid of the darkening effect on screen corners during gameplay, an option that’s typically only accessible during photo mode.

If you’ve grown tired of playing the same Mass Effect minigames every time you want to examine an alien artifact or hack a locked door, this next one is for you.

With the Skip Minigames LE1 mod installed, you’ll have the option to either play the minigames normally or bypass it using Omni-gel, only now the Omni-gel cost is reduced to zero.

The great part is you’ll still receive XP as if you completed the task normally; keep in mind that this mod doesn’t apply to mission-related mini-games such as the Towers of Hanoi puzzle on Noveria.

While the first one is compatible with Mass Effect 1, you can find mods that Skip Minigames for LE2 entirely or let you complete them with a single click.

The next quality of life mod we suggest installing is One Probe All Resources, which streamlines the entire workflow for scanning planets and dispatching probes.

Longtime fans will recall just how tedious this process was in Mass Effect 2, with resource gathering requiring you to painstakingly scan planets to locate the best spots for mining.

On top of that, players would then have to buy huge heaps of probes just to have enough to cover one or two planets before running out.

With this mod, only one probe is needed to find all of a given planet’s anomalies and minerals before they’re seamlessly deposited into your inventory for later use.

Mass Effect 3 made further changes to how scanning planets works by adding the risk of triggering a Reaper invasion anytime a planet is scanned.

From a story perspective, it makes a lot of sense but gets old very quickly during gameplay as players are forced to flee the system every time a Reaper dreadnought appears lest risk a game over.

Those who wish to be left alone while scanning planets should consider installing the No Reapers and Unlimited Scan Range mod.

With it, the threat of Reaper invasions is removed altogether, allowing you to explore planets at your leisure with peace of mind.

We’ve already covered a lot of quality of life improvement mods on this list but for the sake of being thorough, we’re also highlighting the Expanded Galaxy Mod LE mod.

It features a major overhaul of the Normandy and its amenities by adding a new firing range to the ship, the ability to assign secondary officer positions, additional outfits for your squad-mates, and more.

There’s even an included option that lets you decide whether or not you have to slow down every time you pass through the scanner, making it one of the most detailed mods on this list.

Bear in mind, this mod is only compatible with Mass Effect 3 and is still in active development, with more content planned to be added in the future.

Moving on to more cosmetic-focused mods, our next recommendation to Mass Effect Legendary Edition players is the Saren Stages LE1 mod.

Taking inspiration from the antagonist’s concept art for the original Mass Effect, it aims to visually portray Saren’s transformation throughout the game using new character meshes and HD textures.

This covers everything from his early forms before the heavy Geth implants to his Sovereign upgraded appearance during the finale.

The mod also adds the option to give Saren black robes or keep his military look and only tone down the more mechanical elements in his armor.

For those craving a bit more armor customization options than the ones afforded in Mass Effect 2, the Expanded Shepard Armory ME2LE mod is worth checking out.

It unlocks a suite of armors for players to use with both genders based on official DLC packs Inferno, Collector, Cerberus, Terminus, and Blood Dragon, along with helmet-less variations for each one.

On top of that, the mod also introduces a handful of casual outfits ported from Mass Effect 1, 3, and Andromeda.

Every piece of armor has been remastered with brand new textures and materials, ensuring you look your best while traveling across vast stretches of space.

If it wasn’t clear by now, the original Mass Effect boasted an exhaustive amount of armor and weaponry options by the time of its final update.

What’s more, the game features even more weapons and armor that cannot be obtained by the player by normal means.

However, with the All Unobtainable Equipment ME1 LE mod, players can access this cut equipment and expand Shepard’s arsenal even further.

It features a wide selection of gear crafted by manufacturers like Jormangund Technologies, Cerberus Skunkworks, HK Shadow Works, and Geth Armory.

If your video game fashion taste goes beyond the canonical space military garb of the Mass Effect series, then you’ll be happy to learn you’re not alone.

In fact, there is an assortment of mods tailored specifically for expanding Shepard’s wardrobe with unconventional attire such as superhero costumes and tight-fitting suits bordering on NSFW.

The one we’re highlighting is Fanciful EDI Armor Variations for FemShep, which adds a ton of new outfits for female Shepard to wear based on Marvel and DC characters as well as other video game mascots.

To get it to run properly in Mass Effect 2 and 3, you’ll first need to install Invisible Vanilla Armor Parts LE2 and Invisible Vanilla Armor Parts LE3.

Whether cutscenes, splash images, or introductory launcher videos, if there’s one thing gamers hate it’s having control ripped from their hands while an unskippable piece of media is displayed.

Seeing as this trend will likely never go away, we’ll just have to keep relying on modders to find a workaround to prevent us from viewing the same intro video for the umpteenth time. 

The aptly named Skip Launcher Intro mod does just that, replacing Legendary Edition’s original launcher video with a single frame of black video.

It’s a simple yet effective fix that will shave off a few minutes of your life wasted and years of therapy from being driven insane by unescapable video game intros.

While Legendary Edition’s extensive visual upgrades over the originals may be more than worth the price of admission, when it comes to PC gaming, there’s always room for improvement.

For those who agree and would like to get the best graphical quality the Mass Effect trilogy has to offer, we recommend installing two all-in-one mods: A Lot of Textures and A Lot of Videos.

The former bumps up the texture quality and retools Mass Effect’s lighting and shadows while the latter swaps out each entry’s pre-rendered cutscenes for 4K versions running at 60fps instead of 30.

To get the most from these mods, we suggest starting a fresh new game where you can fully take in the crisp visuals and improved lighting effects.

One of Mass Effect’s most defining qualities is the freedom to make decisions that affect the overarching narrative of the series and carry over from game to game.

 To this point, each game puts thousands of both small and large decisions in Shepard’s hands and by proxy, the player’s.

Keeping track of them all on your own is pretty much impossible unless you have a system in place, or in this case, a mod such as the Trilogy Save Editor.

Once installed, it will automatically track and organize practically every detail and decision made by the player character as well as give you the option to make changes.

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