Best Party Games 2023

Want to keep the fun going with the best party games for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox? You've come to the right place!

Seeing as parties are all about socializing, having fun, and bonding, video games can fit in nicely so long as you pick the right ones for your crowd.

Your best bets are usually going to be casual multiplayer or couch co-op games where several people can play together at the same time.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best party games for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox to keep spirits high at your next function.

We encourage you to bookmark this list and check back for future updates and more party game recommendations!

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Anyone who gets excited to face their friends in exciting sports party games is welcome to check out Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Serving as the successor to Mario Strikers Charged and the original Super Mario Strikers, Battle League offers 5v5 arcade soccer gameplay with a Mushroom Kingdom twist.

Shying away from realism in favor of chaotic, balls to the wall mayhem, the game includes a wide array of power-ups and special attacks at players’ disposal.

Battle League also features an expanded character roster, new customizable gear, and Club Mode, an online multiplayer component where players can create their own seasons and leaderboards.

We recommend picking up the arcade multiplayer beat ‘em up TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge for your next get-together.

In it, players follow the iconic crime-fighting turtles as they embark on a new retro-inspired adventure to defeat their biggest villains.

Based on the 1987 animated series, the game sees you and your friends playing as one of the four turtles along with Master Splinter, April O’Neil, and Casey Jones.

With support for up to six players online and locally, you can team up with any pizza-loving buddies to fight the forces of evil once and for all.

Anyone who enjoyed playing the original frisbee-meets-tennis sports phenomenon can now pick up its sports party game sequel on PC and console.

In it, players face off in intense disc-throwing bouts that require quick reflexes and allow for a wide array of special moves and tactics.

Windjammers 2 introduces a host of new features and refinements including updated visuals inspired by the original’s arcade cabinet art.

The improvements become immediately clear once you see the game in motion, with characters playing through flashy animations that really sell the on-screen action.

Next, we recommend checking out Very Very Valet, a madcap couch co-op party game where players take on the role of elite puppet valets tasked with parking cars.

This results in a mad dash to find suitable parking spots before the clock runs out and you and your buddies lose your jobs.

The game encourages you to work together by hitching rides and causing chaos to help steer your fellow valets in the right direction.

Outside of its co-op missions, Very Very Valet offers an assortment of mini-games where players can face off in ridiculous driving challenges.

Mad Streets is a hilarious, action-packed party game where players duke it out in over-the-top fist fights across different stages and modes.

Taking on the role of either a Jock, Punk, or Rich Kid, you and your buddies will settle some scores in physics-based sandboxes with unique environmental hazards.

The game has a simple pick-up-and-play nature that allows you to easily pull off combos, target parts of your enemy’s body, and perform powerful special moves.

Furthermore, each match can be customized with different win conditions including assigning a referee to decide the outcome.

If you’re a wrestling fan, then you’ve likely been frustrated by the limited number of good wrestling video games.

One of the mainstay franchises is WWE 2K, which receives a new entry every year, for better or worse.

After several back-to-back letdowns, the most recent WWE 2K22 is a return to form for the series that addresses many of its predecessors’ issues while offering solid gameplay and network performance.

In it, players duke it out in both online and local matches using iconic superstars along with custom wrestlers created and shared by the community.

Next up, Spacelines from the Far Out is a co-op management game about running your own intergalactic airports.

In it, up to 4 players work together to get passengers to their destinations safely by providing the best in-flight amenities, picking the right routes, and navigating tricky obstacles.

Thanks to the game’s roguelike design, each playthrough is unique and includes randomly-generated challenges and itineraries packed with chaotic space-age fun.

Over time, players can upgrade their fleet of ships and unlock new spacecraft, customization options, and playable characters.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is another great party game for Switch owners looking for something to play.

The game is an enhanced port of the original Wii U Super Mario title and sees the famed plumber and his friends on a mission to rescue the Sprixie kingdom from Bowser.

Gameplay focuses on 3D platforming, puzzle-solving, and some light combat using special power-ups that grant Mario and his pals new abilities.

What’s more, the game supports local couch co-op for up to four players, meaning your whole crew can play together.

LittleBigPlanet has always been a good pick for some wholesome platforming fun that supports local couch co-op.

The PS5 gets a worthy successor in the form of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which sees the series’ mascot embarking on an adventure to save Craftworld from the villainous Vex.

Players are given more customization options than ever before, and the switch from 2.5D to full-on 3D platforming creates room for new abilities, mechanics, and level designs to emerge.

The best part is the entire story can be beaten in local co-op with up to four players as well as online, or with a mix of the two, with some challenges requiring a certain number of players.

Among Us is always a solid choice for some 2D multiplayer fun as it offers cross-play support and can be played on just about any piece of hardware.

Gameplay revolves around social deduction in which a group of players tries to complete tasks while secret Imposters try to thwart their efforts at every turn.

See any suspicious behavior? Call for a meeting to plead your case, just make sure you have evidence to back up your claims or you might be the one that gets voted off.

It has a casual low-stakes vibe that’s further complimented by cute cosmetics, unique game modes, and special roles to spice things up.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an excellent choice for any get-together, as it’s easy to adjust the level of challenge based on who’s playing.

This includes chaotic free-for-all battles with environmental hazards, game-breaking items, and power-ups, or more serious competitive games that rely on raw skill.

With a roster of 89 characters and a medley of stages and music based on various video game properties, Smash Ultimate has something to offer for everyone.

Furthermore, the game supports both local and online multiplayer for up to 8 people.

Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighter that takes some cues from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. while incorporating a unique roster of 40+ playable characters.

The aim is very straightforward: battle your way to success by pushing rivals off the platform and be the final player remaining.

Outside of its default roster, Brawlhalla likes to emphasize its special crossover events with popular shows, movies, and video games that add a new character or cosmetics.

With simple controls and special moves that require only one button to perform, Brawlhalla is easy for new players to pick up.

Another 2D platform fighter that supports multiplayer across PC, console, and mobile is Stick Fight: The Game.

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of internet stick figure fights, the game sees 2-4 players duking it out in deadly environments littered with traps and weapons.

You can blast foes away with a laser gun, shoot a immobilizing snake at their neck, or simply hold out long enough to be the final stick figure standing.

It offers over 100 unique levels that can be expanded even further by browsing through an endless supply of community-made stages via Steam Workshop.

The Jackbox Party Pack games have become a staple for casual online gaming with friends, mainly due to their easy-to-grasp controls and mini-game rules.

Each Party Pack includes five different games for you and your friends to play, each introducing creative twists on classic parlor games.  

If you want our best recommendation, go with Jackbox Party Pack 4, as it bundles together some of the best games in the series. 

Included are “Survive the Internet,” which has players twisting each other’s words to make ridiculous pairings, and “Civic Doodle,” in which two players draw the same piece of art while everyone else critiques their work.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat bundles the first two games in the series with new content that has been remastered for PC and the latest consoles.

Presented as a competitive co-op cooking game, it sees up to four players collaborating to prepare and cook food orders in unconventional kitchen setups.  

Levels feature different workstations designated for everyday cooking tasks like chopping, frying, and plating, along with obstacles and hazards to consider.

One might see you hurling onions at a teammate from across a moving truck, while another has you dodging attacks from kitchen ghosts. 

If you’re searching for a fun party game that can be enjoyed with friends or the whole family, look no further than Mario Party Superstars.

Designed to celebrate Mario Party’s legacy, it includes five classic boards from throughout the series along with a total of 100 mini-games based on previous Mario Party titles.

Like many Switch games, Superstars supports motion controls using the Switch joy-con in either local or online multiplayer modes.

There’s a nice diversity to the included mini-games, so you and your friends should have no trouble finding some new favorites to play over and over again.

Mario Kart is a beloved Nintendo kart racing franchise and has spent decades setting the standard for modern party games.

Whether you’ve played every game in the series or find yourself behind the wheel for the first time, Mario Kart 8 does an amazing job at bringing you up to speed.

The Deluxe version includes all previously released DLC characters and tracks in a single package that looks and players better than ever before.

Aside from the joy-con, MK8 supports Switch pro-controllers and can be played in handheld mode without requiring a TV.

Pummel Party is not scared to embrace its ‘Mario Party on steroids’ concept, frequently going beyond the limit to be as gory and ridiculous as feasible.

The game has players navigating dangerous game boards as they acquire an arsenal of deadly weapons and elements.

We’re talking spike traps, bear traps, shotguns, falling barrels, and the occasional giant man-eating worm. 

When you’re not attacking friends on the game board, you’re facing off in mini-games partially inspired by the likes of Mario Party, along with some fresh concepts.

If you’re in the mood for some low-stakes shopkeeping, Potion Party puts a fun couch co-op spin on the genre that lets you and up to three friends run your own alchemy shop.

Working as a team, you’ll try to earn money by growing and synthesizing exotic fruits, powders, and herbs into magical potions for customers.

As you earn gold, you’ll unlock new characters with special skills that boost your shop’s profitability and decorations to keep the place looking fresh and grant passive buffs.

There are also jelly monsters and thieves to look out for, tools you can upgrade to maximize production, and various single-player, co-op, and versus game modes.

Speedrunners is a unique, highly engaging multiplayer party game for up to four players.

In it, you and your friends race across stages using a grappling hook and various power-ups designed to knock opponents off-screen.

Matches can be over in just a few minutes or go on forever if players have the skills to keep it together as the boundaries of the screen become increasingly smaller. 

The game also allows you to design and play user-created stages, adding some replayability and ensuring your group never grows tired of playing the same maps.

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