Best PC Party Games 2023

Looking for new party games to play with friends? Check out this list of the best PC party games on Steam in 2023!

Whether online, local, or LAN, playing the best PC party games can be a great way to get together with friends and have fun.

From frantic multiplayer fighters to chaotic board games and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best PC party games on Steam to add to your growing party game collection.

We hope you find something new to play!

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First up on our list of the best PC party games is Retail Wars, a friendship-ruining 4-player couch party game by Turtle Hat Productions.

In this, you’ll challenge friends for the desired “Employee of the Month” award by demonstrating your selling abilities in a retail setting.

From a gameplay perspective, this boils down to picking up and flinging objects in the store to serve customers or just knock out your friends.

As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, the game throws unique hazards and map layouts into the mix that will keep you and your friends on your toes.

Taking its cues from games like Mario Party, Garfield Lasagna Party has you and your crew competing for the iconic cat’s favorite treat: lasagna.

To collect as much tasty pasta as you can, you’ll have to best your opponents across 32 colorful mini-games set in recognizable Garfield locations.

When you’re not facing off in chaotic mini-games, you’ll be moving across a game board laden with traps, power-ups, and other game-changing items.

Garfield Lasagna Party supports up to 4-player local multiplayer and includes three alternate play modes that introduce unique rules.

Our next suggestion for the best PC party games on Steam is Running Fable, a multiplayer-driven racing game with strategic depth.

Designed for up to 10 players, it sees you competing against opponents by placing items and traps prior to the start of each race.

Once everyone is set loose, you’ll have to keep an eye out for hazards, including your own, to ensure you finish first.

This adds an interesting layer to the tried and true combat racing formula that’s sure to bring hours of enjoyment to you and your friends.

Reminiscent of games like Super Smash Bros., SpiderHeck is a physics-driven platform fighter that supports both local and online multiplayer.

Matches see you and your friends playing as weapon-wielding spiders in an all-out battle to be the top arachnid.

This requires you to navigate 2D levels filled with obstacles and other hazards while avoiding enemy attacks before firing back with your own.

The game has a vibrant neon-inspired art style and continues to receive new updates from developer Neverjam.

Next up on our list of the best PC party games is King of the Hat, a 2D party platformer with chaotic hat-based combat.

In it, players assume control of different fighters with unique headgear that can be thrown to attack, defend, and bait opponents into submission.

The twist here is if someone else jumps on your hat, your character instantly dies.

This leads to tense and competitive matchups that can be taken even further by changing rules, adding power-ups, and playing with level hazards.

Very Very Valet is a madcap couch co-op party game where players take on the role of elite puppet valets tasked with parking cars.

This results in a mad dash to find suitable parking spots before the clock runs out and you and your buddies lose your jobs.

The game encourages you to work together by hitching rides and causing chaos to help steer your fellow valets in the right direction.

Outside of its co-op missions, Very Very Valet offers an assortment of mini-games where players can face off in ridiculous driving challenges.

Inspired by social deduction games like Among Us, MACE: Mapinguari’s Temple sees up to 10 players trying to complete tasks and avoid suspicion based on their role.

Explorers must try and win by collecting three ancient artifacts where as the Cultist is tasked with summoning a monster to hunt them down.

Additionally, the game assigns one player to be the Bodyguard and act as judge, jury, and executioner following and team meetings.

Mapinguari’s Temple includes an in-game proximity voice chat along with character customization and a growing list of servers to join.

Moving on, Crooks Like Us is one of the best PC party games to task you and your friends with pulling off big heists before time runs out.

Each round sees up to 8 players racing to collect as many valuables as they can before the escape van leaves any stragglers in the dust.

However, the twist is players must physically stack stolen items on their heads to increase their score, in turn making it more wobbly and hard to control.

To keep your head in the game, you’ll have to pay attention to your balance while keeping an eye out for guards and sabotage attacks from other players.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a crazy food fight with friends but dread the idea of having to clean up the mess, Shell Out Showdown is the game for you.

In it, you and your friends play as anthropomorphic vending machines filled with food.

The goal is to be the first player to get rid of any food you have by throwing it at other players while dodging any that comes your way.

Shell Out Showdown features dazzling retro-inspired pixel art with character customization and a bumping synth-heavy soundtrack.

Next up, Rubber Bandits is a part-heist part-brawler party game that sees a group of thieves working together to pull off their biggest score yet.

However, when things go south, it’s every man, woman, or banana for themselves as the clock ticks down until the cops show up and everyone goes to jail.

It’s similar to games like Gang Beasts in that you’re encouraged to pummel your friends using physics-based attacks, weapons, and gags.

Additionally, the game features a decent number of modes and heist levels to pick from along with customization options to make your thief stand out.

Bamerang is a fast-paced fighting game that sees you trying to knock out your opponent off the stage using merciless boomerang throws.

Each hit awards you some gold points, though if you die, your opponent has the opportunity to make a comeback by stealing your points.

To add to this, the stage is constantly changing during each battle, requiring you to keep an eye out to avoid falling to your death.

Bamerang is 1v1 by default but also offers 4-play FFA and team battles via local multiplayer and online using Steam Remote Play Together.

For fans of Mario Party who could use something a bit more “hardcore,” Metal Heads is a party game fueled by head-banging metal music and crazy mini-games.

From evading lethal enthusiasts and buzzsaws in “Pipemare,” to sprinting and vaulting your way past sizzling lasers in “Laser Lunacy,” each challenge is designed to assess your reflexes.

Mini-games can be experienced separately or picked at random in a board game mode where skill trumps luck time after time.

The player who emerges victorious by the end will have an opportunity to crush everyone else one last time in a 1vALL platforming battle with them as the final boss.

Some of the greatest party games are centered around a particular sport, with tennis being one of the more popular examples.

Although this may be the basis for Dino Galaxy Tennis, the game shakes things up by throwing dinosaurs and planetary warfare into the mix.

In it, you try to land shots on your opponent’s planet while defending your own from incoming projectiles.

The game includes story and challenge modes designed for 1-2 players as well as a versus mode for 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

If you enjoy helping your friends one moment only to backstab them the next, then Raiders Of The Lost Island may be perfect for you.

In it, up to 4 players are dropped on a mysterious island where they’ll have to build an escape boat by finding missing pieces before the rising tide drowns them all.

At the same time, everyone is competing to accumulate the most treasure for themselves, so expect plenty of backstabbing.

There are many ways to approach things depending on how evil you’re feeling but as long as one player makes it out alive, any treasure gets stored in the hideout.

Among Us is a social deduction game that sees you and a crew of space workers scrambling to figure out which player is the Imposter while completing certain tasks.

If you’re assigned the Imposter role, your job is to kill your crewmates before they can sleuth you out and deter them from winning by sabotaging the ship.

To ensure you survive, crewmates are encouraged to report any dead bodies they discover and call emergency meetings once they have a suspect in mind.

It’s a simple but addictive social experiment that significantly benefits from being in voice chat with friends.

It’s a shame no one thought to combine alpacas and football sooner because Alpaca Ball: AllStars is one of the most hilarious party sports games we’ve seen yet.

In it, each player controls their own customizable alpaca and can block, ram, and dive-kick the competition as they score goals in a variety of arenas inspired by real stadiums.

You’re not limited to just traditional soccer balls and can use beach balls, rugby balls, and even a pair of dice to score goals depending on the map.

The game offers several modes of play, including an 8-player versus and solo/co-op career modes.

The Jackbox Party Pack games have become a staple for casual online gaming with friends, mainly due to their easy-to-grasp controls and mini-game rules.

Each Party Pack includes five different games for you and your friends to play, each introducing creative twists on classic parlor games.  

If you want our best recommendation, go with Jackbox Party Pack 4, as it bundles together some of the best games in the series. 

This includes Survive the Internet, which has you twisting words to create ridiculous pairings, and Civic Doodle, where players draw crude art to be critiqued.

Overcooked 2 is a fast-paced cooking game that sees up to four players preparing, cooking, and expediting orders while navigating level hazards.  

One moment you’re cutting up some onions, another combing ingredients to make soup, all the while getting as many orders out the door before the timer runs out.

While it sounds easy enough on the surface, things get much more complicated as more ingredients, tasks, and obstacles are introduced.

The sequel introduces online multiplayer support and some fun new mechanics, like the ability to throw ingredients at your fellow chefs from across the map.

Boomerang Fu is a frantic 6-player party game where you and your friends try to slice and dice each other using boomerangs.

This includes bouncing your boomerang off of walls, getting them to hook around corners, and even more using an assortment of crazy power-ups.

There’s one that turns your boomerang into a fiery explosion upon contact, another that lets you mind control an enemy player, and one that disguises you as an object.

Although the game primarily allows local multiplayer, you can make it function online using Steam Remote play.

Pummel Party is not afraid to lean into its ‘Mario Party on steroids’ premise, often going out of its way to be as bloody and absurd as possible.

The game has players navigating dangerous game boards as they acquire an arsenal of deadly weapons and elements.

We’re talking spike traps, bear traps, shotguns, falling barrels, and the occasional giant man-eating worm. 

When you’re not attacking friends on the game board, you’re facing off in mini-games partially inspired by the likes of Mario Party, along with some fresh concepts.

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