Best Games Like Vampire Survivors

On the hunt for more bullet hell roguelikes? Check out this list of the best games like Vampire Survivors on Steam and other platforms.

Developed and published by Luca Galante, aka poncle, Vampire Survivors is a hit roguelike shoot ‘em up where players try to survive an onslaught of monsters for as long as possible.

Similar to any popular game, Vampire Survivors has sparked a surge of fresh bullet hell roguelikes and top-down shooters aiming to profit from the genre’s recent fame.

In this lineup, we’ll spotlight the worthwhile games resembling Vampire Survivors on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

This includes other top-down shooters, bullet chaos roguelikes, and shoot ‘em ups where movement and damage are critical to staying alive.

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Joining the growing list of Vampire Survivor-likes, Mage and Monsters is a roguelike auto battler that sees you creating an army and using spells to smite enemies.

As you progress, new upgrades become available that let you either increase the power of your army or spells depending on your preference.

There are 8 distinct mages to play as, each with exclusive bonuses and starting spells that are further complemented by 40 unit types that can be both recruited and battled.

Next up is Brotato, a hand-drawn top-down arena shooter with roguelite progression that has you controlling a bloodthirsty potato fighting off hordes of aliens.

Like Vampire Survivors, the game lets you choose from various traits and items to create powerful builds and survive as long as possible.

This includes the ability to wield up to 6 weapons at a time during fast-paced waves that last between 20-90 seconds.

Combining bullet hell dungeon crawling with RPG elements and roguelite progression, Tiny Rogues is a new top-down shooter reminiscent of Vampire Survivors.

Each run has you building a new character to fight through monster-infested rooms while discovering over 200 unique weapons and magical items.

As you level up and progress, your character will become permanently stronger and have their powers transferred over to future playthroughs.

Runic Survivor is a casual horde shooter with roguelite elements and a charming retro aesthetic in the same vein as Vampire Survivors.

In it, you’re tasked with keeping alive endless hordes of monsters flood in from all sides by combining runes to craft unique spells.

With each death comes an opportunity to grow stronger by purchasing passive abilities and bonuses for your next run.

Carrying on, Rogue: Genesia is an action roguelite game like Vampire Survivors that has you fighting hundreds upon thousands of relentless monsters at a given time.

The premise for it is as follows: your character discovers a new world overrun with foes and sets out to reclaim it by working up the ranks until reaching the top.

Like Vampire Survivors, there’s a lot of potential for devising unique builds from 60+ passive upgrades and 16 different weapons.

Another great game like Vampire Survivors is Bounty of One, a Wild West top-down shooter that casts you as a disgraced cowboy with a bounty on their head.

To survive long enough to clear your name, you’ll have to master fast-paced combat that emphasizes dashing, dodging, and shooting.

Over time, you’ll have a chance to upgrade skills, unlock new gunslingers, and invite friends to join the fight via local co-op multiplayer.

One of the most appealing aspects of Vampire Survivors is its casual pick-up-and-play design, which is also present in games like Seraph’s Last Stand.

In this magic-based action roguelike, players control a wizard battling mobs of creatures using an array of powerful spells and 40+ types of equipment.

The twist here is that with every passing round, both your character and the enemies grow stronger.

Boneraiser Minions is another auto battler roguelite that features similar gameplay as Vampire Survivors while sporting its own spooky retro aesthetic.

In it, players must use the bones of slain heroes to raise an army of minions and fend off endless waves of heroes in a gothic-horror world.

Along the way, there are plenty of powerful relics and spells to collect, as well as meta upgrades that carry over from run to run.

If you appreciate having a multitude of diverse characters and weapons to pick from in Vampire Survivors, then you’ll surely enjoy a game like Further Still: Survivors.

This is because it focuses on finding the best build for each character and using it to break the game and see how far you can go.

Like Vampire Survivors, it features tons of weapons and gear that you can upgrade over time and combine with active abilities you unlock.

Our next recommendation to fans of Vampire Survivors is Crimson Dawn, a roguelite horde survival game with RPG elements and bullet hell battles.

Each run sees you recruiting mercenaries to help aid you in fighting hordes of evil monsters across 5 increasingly difficult stages.

Similar to Vampire Survivors, the game offers several unlockable characters, weapons, and unique abilities tailored for different playstyles.

Billed as a necromancer simulator with 2D pixel art graphics, Necrosmith has you assembling dead soldiers from the body parts of slain enemies.

Warriors you create can then be leveraged to defend your tower from endless waves of monsters trying to overtake it.

Upgrading your tower allows you to build labs and research new “techno-magic” devices to help take your undead army to the next level.

Uragun is a top-down shooter like Vampire Survivors that has you piloting a powerful mech on a mission to save your friend in a world overrun with rogue machines.

Armed with a vast arsenal of weaponry, you’ll set out to defeat these corrupt robots using fast-paced combat that will test your skills and reflexes.

The game boasts an assortment of beautiful and devastated hand-crafted environments based on real-world locations like Barcelona, Hong Kong, and North America.

Another outstanding top-down shooter for Vampire Survivor players on a budget is 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

This bullet hell action roguelike has you mowing down Lovecraftian monsters as you try and survive a hellish night lasting 20 real-world minutes.

Much like Vampire Survivors, it offers a diverse roster of characters and weapons to master, each tailored for different playstyles with over 50 upgrades to explore.

Our final recommendation to anyone who enjoys Vampire Survivors is the hit indie bullet hell shooter Enter the Gungeon from Dodge Roll and Devolver Digital.

In it, players pick from four unique characters before venturing into The Gungeon, a sprawling ever-changing labyrinth teeming with enemies, traps, and guntastic loot.

Like Vampire Survivors, each hero starts with certain abilities and gear that can be enhanced further by acquiring various modifiers and items.

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