FromSoftware has given us a few hints regarding their upcoming game, which is to be the first big project since the closure of the cult Dark Souls series in 2016.

This new game has finally been revealed, and it bears the title Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice. The game seems to expand upon the Souls formula rather well, but what does this mean for Bloodborne 2?

Bloodborne 2 Teaser Trailer

For a while, many were sure that the Sekiro teaser seen below was actually teasing a sequel to Bloodborne. Unfortunately for all the bloodthirsty hunters out there, as of E3 2018, the “Shadows Die Twice” teaser was revealed to be a teaser of an entirely new Souls-like game mentioned above.

All in all, it is not difficult to see just why fans were so sure that this teaser was somehow related to Bloodborne:

  1. The overall aesthetic was similar to that of the original Bloodborne teaser.
  2. The themes of death, birth, and rebirth are central to the story of Bloodborne.
  3. Oriental cultures were already shown to exist within the “Soulsborne” macroverse. Most notably, there was Yamamura in The Old Hunters DLC.

But all of those things aside, there was ultimately that enigmatic mechanism which heavily resembled a new kind of trick weapon. With the unveiling of Sekiro, however, this was revealed to be a prosthetic arm, although it seems to be similar to a trick weapon in its own right.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date – Will We Ever See It?

bloodborne 2

Seeing as how FromSoftware will be focused on developing Sekiro and the new PlayStation exclusive, Deracine, for the foreseeable future, and considering that Sony didn’t mention anything related to Bloodborne at E3 2018, it is safe to assume that a new Bloodborne game will not be along for quite some time.

For one, the last time FromSoftware was developing two Souls-like games simultaneously, we got the masterpiece that was the original Bloodborne and we got Dark Souls II which was… well, far from being one. Dark Souls II is also widely regarded as the worst of the entire “Soulsborne” franchise, and I believe I can speak for every Bloodborne fan out there when I say that I’d rather have no sequel at all rather than have a lackluster one.

Now, a more important indicator of when we can expect a sequel is the fact that the current console generation is drawing to a close. With a PlayStation 5 only a couple of years away, it is safe to assume that Sony will be holding off on releasing a Bloodborne sequel until the new console is out.

All in all, if we see Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice released this 2019, then FromSoftware might start developing a new Bloodborne game for the upcoming PlayStation 5 soon after. Still, this is all speculation, and we’ll just have to wait and see where Sony and FromSoftware will ultimately take this IP.

The Final Word

will there be a bloodborne 2

So, ultimately, this is all guesswork and we cannot be certain that a Bloodborne 2 will ever actually be released. The game’s popularity and great demand for a sequel among the fans is a good indicator that it will, so it would be very counter-intuitive for Sony to just shelve the IP when it has so much potential.

On the other hand, the masterminds at FromSoftware have stated time and time again that they do not like working on sequels but prefer developing new IPs instead. As such, if they decide that they are done with Bloodborne entirely, then the fate of the phantom sequel would be dubious to say the least.

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