Bloodborne 2 Release Date, Trailer, News and Rumors

FromSoftware has been on a roll this last decade.

There’s little need to point out just how revolutionary the Dark Souls series was, considering how thoroughly engaging these games proved to be for those willing to take on the challenge, as well as how many other titles they influenced over the years.

However, while other studios were busy replicating the Souls formula and had little to no success in improving it, FromSoftware did precisely that – Bloodborne and Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice are both perfect examples of this, featuring a greater focus on offense and mobility compared to earlier Souls titles, turning them into even more thrilling high-risk/high-reward experiences.

Now, in 2021, while many are eagerly anticipating the release of FromSoftware’s latest upcoming game, Elden Ring, many are still interested in news about a potential sequel to an existing, much-beloved IP.

So, what’s happening with Bloodborne?

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Alleged Bloodborne 2 Teaser Trailer

For a while, many were convinced that the original Sekiro teaser – seen below – was teasing a sequel to Bloodborne. Unfortunately for all the bloodthirsty hunters out there, as of E3 2018, the “Shadows Die Twice” teaser was revealed to be a teaser of an entirely new Souls-like game.

It’s not difficult to see why fans were so sure that this teaser was somehow related to Bloodborne:

  1. The overall aesthetic was similar to that of the original Bloodborne teaser.
  2. The themes of death, birth, and rebirth are central to the story of Bloodborne.
  3. Oriental cultures already existed within the “Soulsborne” macroverse. Most notably, there was Yamamura in The Old Hunters DLC that teased Sekiro similarly to how Marvelous Chester teased Bloodborne in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for the original Dark Souls.

But all of those things aside, there was ultimately the enigmatic mechanism that heavily resembled a new kind of trick weapon.

With the unveiling of Sekiro, however, this was revealed to be the protagonist’s prosthetic arm, although it ultimately ended up being similar to a trick weapon in its own right.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date – Will We Ever See It?

bloodborne 2

Something else that gave Bloodborne fans hope was a handful of easter eggs featured in FromSoftware’s PSVR game, Deracine. Many thought that these were a confirmation that a “Bloodborne 2″ was in the pipeline. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki dispelled those rumors fairly quickly, saying that they were in no way indicative of a potential sequel being in the works.

FromSoftware is currently focusing on Elden Ring, and while it seems like it’s shaping up to become the “most ambitious Fromsoft game so far“, no release window has been set so far, the game feels very far away, and Bloodborne 2 feels farther still.

Now, while there is no official confirmation of any sequel yet, there is a very good chance that we will indeed see another Bloodborne game at some point. Why?

First and foremost, while no sequel has been confirmed, there is a lot of love for Bloodborne, both among the developers and among the fans. Miyazaki has also stated that the decision as to whether a sequel will be made was not his, meaning that the fate of this IP rests with its owner: Sony.

Now, the new console generation has officially started, as both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X have hit the shelves, and seeing as how Microsoft is stepping up its game this time around, it will be in Sony’s best interest to also step it up if they want to win this generation’s “Console War”.

Needless to say, exclusives have been one of PlayStation’s primary strengths for a long time, and shelving one of their most acclaimed exclusive IPs wouldn’t be a very lucrative move on Sony’s part.

That said, we are optimistic that we will indeed see another Bloodborne game at some point during this console generation. And since Miyazaki has expressed interest in developing another Bloodborne game, we could very well see a new installment in the series drop after Elden Ring – whenever that might be.

The Final Word

will there be a bloodborne 2

At the end of the day, though, this is all just speculation, and we cannot be sure that a Bloodborne 2 will ever actually see the light of day. The IP’s popularity, the great demand for a sequel among the fans, and the director’s willingness to work on it is a good indicator that it will, but as mentioned above, the decision ultimately lies with Sony.

Something that’s also worth noting is that Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware’s first, original “Souls” game, has now been remade for the PlayStation 5. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything for Bloodborne, but it does tell us that Sony isn’t sweeping this old, often-overlooked PlayStation 3 exclusive under the rug.

This could bode well for a new Bloodborne game or, at the very least, a potential remaster of the original that already has some rumors surrounding it, but we can only wait and see.

If Elden Ring truly raises the bar as high as the hype and the rumors are suggesting, it will be very interesting to see how FromSoftware manages to expand the Bloodborne formula further.

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