Life Is Strange Games In Order

We've compiled a list of all Life Is Strange games in order. Get a complete overview here along with descriptions of each game in the series.

Making sense of the Life Is Strange timeline has only gotten harder over the years as both numbered and unnumbered sequels, prequels, and spin-offs continue to release.

This can be confusing for newcomers looking to dive into the series and experience Life Is Strange’s overarching storyline the way it was intended.

To make things easier, we’ve organized all Life Is Strange games in order of release, which also happens to be the recommended play order.

We encourage you to check back for updates about upcoming Life Is Strange games and check out our list of the best games like Life Is Strange to play in 2024!

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The original Life Is Strange follows 18-year-old aspiring photographer Max Caulfield as she comes to terms with her newfound powers.

Max has a supernatural ability that lets her move backward or forwards through time to alter the state of objects and their effect on the people around her.

Its applications vary depending on the scenario, allowing Max to mend relationships with her friends and family, solve bigger mysteries, and get revenge against the occasional bully.

Upon release, the game received generally favorable reviews celebrating its emphasis on character development and approach to incorporating time travel.

Before the Storm is the second entry in the series and the first game to be developed by Deck Nine instead of Dontnod Entertainment.

Set as a prequel to the original Life Is Strange, it follows 16-year-old Chloe Price and her relationship with schoolmate Rachel Amber three years prior to the first game.

Gameplay revolves around interacting with the environment and characters through branching dialogue trees with a “Backtalk” ability that allows Chloe to get out of certain situations.

Following its release, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm received generally favorable reviews praising its characters and themes along with some criticism regarding plot holes in the story.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a free demo for Life Is Strange 2 that takes place in the same universe three years after the events of the first game.

In it, players meet Chris, an over-imaginative 9-year-old boy who likes to escape reality and go on fantastical adventures as his alter ego, Captain Spirit.

Gameplay is extremely similar to the traditional Life is Strange format and sees you solving puzzles, interacting with other characters, and making choices that impact the story.

It was generally well-received by critics who enjoyed the game’s emotionally gripping narrative and created a great deal of buzz around Dontnod’s anticipated follow-up.

Serving as a proper sequel to the original, Life Is Strange 2 sees Dontnod back at the helm to tell a new story about two Hispanic American brothers named Sean and Daniel.

In it, the pair travel along the US West Coast as fugitives running from the police after the younger brother Daniel is discovered to possess telekinetic abilities.

Throughout the game, the older brother Sean is tasked with making decisions that lead to branching paths in the story while also acting as a surrogate parent for his brother.

Life Is Strange 2 was met with generally positive reviews celebrating its story, choice-based gameplay, and portrayal of Sean and Daniel’s relationship.

Although Life is Strange has explored player choice extensively throughout the years, True Colors proves the franchise still has room to improve while telling new stories.

The game centers on Alex Chen, a young woman with supernatural powers that allow her to experience other people’s emotions firsthand as if they were her own.

Wielding this ability, Alex sets off on a journey of self-discovery and mystery as she investigates her brother’s mysterious death and the people surrounding it.

Upon release, Life Is Strange: True Colors was generally praised for its characters, writing, themes, and performance but criticized for its relatively short length, pacing, and repetition.

First announced in March 2021, the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection includes updated versions of the original Life Is Strange and Before the Storm developed by Deck Nine and Black Tower Studios.

It features all previously released content from both games along with remastered visuals, full facial motion capture animation, refined gameplay, and engine/lighting improvements.

At launch, the game was made available as part of Life Is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition in addition to a standalone release.

Furthermore, the future of the series currently sits with Square Enix and Deck Nine as Dontnod has moved on to developing new intellectual properties.

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