Fall Guys Guide: Tips And Strategies For Every Minigame

There are 25 minigames or “rounds” in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and each one presents a different platformer or sports-inspired challenge. Additionally, every round comes with its own unique set of rules and techniques to keep in mind.

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting useful tips and strategies for winning every minigame in Fall Guys. Make sure to check back for new tips as more minigames are added to the game in future updates.

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Dizzy Heights

While it may be one of the easier obstacle courses, Dizzy Heights can still trip you up with its many spinning platforms. We suggest you try building forward momentum by jumping on and off each platform at critical moments to pick up speed.

When you reach the sections with the moving balls, focus on the direction the balls are coming from and try to avoid them.

Door Dash

The objective of Door Dash is to get to the finish line by jumping through the real doors and avoiding the fake ones. However, if you make the wrong call, you can quickly find yourself falling behind.

We recommend slowing down and letting the players ahead of you do all the hard work. This will make it easier to tell which doors are false. Once you reach the final stretch, remember to jump and dive down the big drop to push yourself forward and recover faster.

Fruit Chute

Fruit Chute is one of the tougher racing minigames due to the sheer amount of obstacles thrown your way. After all, you’re on a downwards moving conveyor belt with no walls, and giant fruit is being shot at you from floating cannons.

Worry not, as there’s actually a simple strategy for making it to the finish line. Instead of walking through the middle lane, stick to the left or right edges near the pink bumpers. These areas are less likely to get hit by fruit, offer some protection, and are generally less crowded.

Gate Crash

The hardest part of Gate Crash is picking which gate to jump through at the right time since they all follow a different pattern. While it’ll take some trial and error until you’ve hit your stride, remember to use your jump and dive abilities to close the gap, and you should be fine.

Once you’re at the slime-covered ramp, instead of walking down, jump at the very start. This will cause your character to speed up and build momentum as you reach the last jump.

Hit Parade

The first part of Hit Parade sees you making your way across blue and orange beams to reach the other side. While the blue ones won’t affect your movement, hitting the orange ones at certain angles will cause your character to bounce off.

The best approach for the spinning walls is to work with other players to spin the wall in the right direction. Once through, you’ll have to slip through two moving walls. If you see the main entrance is too crowded, try going through the left or right side.

At the swinging balls section, avoid walking in a straight line since it’ll only get you knocked down. Instead, walk in sync with the movement of the balls, carefully slipping past each one. For the final obstacle, try to find the most direct path through the slime while avoiding the pillars and other players.

See Saw

Depending on the players in your session, See Saw can either be a cakewalk or your worst nightmare. The biggest issue is balancing the see-saws; if too many players are on one side, it’ll start to tilt, causing your character to slip and eventually fall off the edge.

Keep this in mind and pitch in where you can. If you see one player is tilting the board too much, try to balance it out by going to the other side. However, if an opening to move forward to the next checkpoint presents itself, take it at all costs.

Slime Climb

Slime Climb is one of the most challenging minigames in Fall Guys no matter how you slice it. You’re tasked with traversing a mountain of obstacles as they slowly sink into a pool of slime. Thankfully, there are several shortcuts to take advantage of in this round.

During the first section, if you can make it onto the bumper near the wall, your character will bounce up to the next level, allowing you to skip past the ramp altogether. Next, in the section with the rolling balls, you can find a shortcut by going into the last opening just before you hit the turn and jumping onto the platform.

For the conveyor belt, just keep moving to the right and forward while avoiding the pillars and you should be able to reach the other side. Once you’re at the ramp, carefully jump onto the bumper beams and walk across, making sure to avoid landing on the beams at an angle, which will cause you to bounce off.

The slime ramp with spinning hammers is easy enough as long as you don’t get hit. Once at the top, dodge the moving pillars as you traverse the slime, turning right to reach the finish line. There will be some swinging balls you’ll have to get past, just pay attention to the rhythm of their movement.

The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is one of those minigames that get progressively harder the closer you get to the end. It’s practically impossible to mess up in the first section since the barriers prevent your character from falling off the map. However, once you get to the propellers, things start to ramp up.

To clear each propeller, we recommend using the jump and dive approach to give yourself a better chance of sliding through. This is an absolute must if you’re taking the middle lane in the second half of the course. Just take your time and remember to pay attention to the spinning beams on each platform.

Tip Toe

While Tip Toe may not be as complicated as other minigames in terms of mechanics, whether you win or lose partially depends on the actions of other players. When one person finds a piece of the hidden path, everyone else can see it. This can make it tempting to sit back and let everyone else figure it out.

Instead, consider staying with the pack as they inch their way forwards and reveal more of the path while making sure not to get knocked off by other players. If you want to speed things along, you can always jump and dive on a tile you think may be safe. Just make sure you have enough time to catch up if the other players are close to the end.

Block Party

Block Party is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple techniques to keep in mind. For one, you want to give yourself as much breathing room as possible, since hitting other players mid-air can sometimes cause you to fumble.

A good approach is to position yourself at the front or back of the platform and avoid the crowded middle area. Standing at the front will give you time to recover if you mess up while the back has the luxury of more time to prepare for the next block.

Jump Club

There are two types of Jump Club players: the ones who stand still and wait for the green beam to come to them, and the ones who run around in circles trying to outrun it until the last possible second. Since the speeds of both beams are intentionally offset to trip you up, it can make it hard to gauge how much room you have to clear the jump.

We’ve found the most effective strategy is to adjust your position as things progress. If you see a wide gap, feel free to just hang out and let the beam come to you. Once the gap starts to get smaller and smaller, move either towards or away from the beam to ensure you have enough room to clear it.

Roll Out

Roll Out is probably one of the easiest minigames in Fall Guys. All you need to do is avoid standing on a platform for too long, or when you notice it starting to turn sideways.

There are a few openings in the floor to keep in mind as well, but those are easy enough to see. You may also want to consider standing on either end of the stage to give yourself some breathing room since the middle section is usually filled with players.

Tail Tag

Tail Tag can be somewhat anxiety-inducing, especially if the round is close to finishing and you still don’t have a tail. Even worse is when someone manages to swipe your tail at the last second. To avoid such heartache, we recommend snagging someone’s tail and making it to the center platform with the giant spinning hammer.

Once you’re here, you have two options: hide under the platform bridges and run to the other side whenever someone spots you, or hang out by the pole attached to the hammer and pray no one comes your way. Remember that L2 will highlight other players’ names, allowing you to see which areas are more populated. 

Perfect Match

Perfect Match isn’t that hard unless you’re the kind of person who is naturally bad at memory games. If that’s the case, just looking at other players for the right answer.

After the fruit reveal, the game gives you a couple of seconds to move to the corresponding tile. If you have no idea which one is correct, just go to the tile you see the most players standing on, since it’s usually the matching one.

Egg Scramble

Egg Scramble requires a solid understanding of Fall Guys‘ grab mechanics, which don’t always work like they should. Additionally, so much of the game is reliant on teammates doing their part to steal eggs and protect the nest.

That being said, you can still tip the scales in your favor by teaming up with a rival team to completely decimate the third one. If you’re on Blue and see Red has a ridiculous lead, instead of fighting that battle, join forces to bring Yellow down. The last piece of advice we have is to snatch up any gold eggs since they’re worth more than regular eggs. 

Fall Ball

One of the more forgiving team minigames, Fall Ball is just like playing soccer, except the ball is huge and there’s more than one in play at any time. To win this round, you’ll want to stay aware of what’s happening at both goals.

By default, players will focus on scoring points, often at the risk of leaving their own goal unattended. A good practice is to try and have two players defending and the rest on offense. If you want to try and score some easy points, try head-butting the ball towards the enemy’s goal as soon as it spawns.


Like Egg Scramble, Hoarders is made much easier by finding a common enemy in one of two other teams.

If you’re playing for Red and see Blue has the most balls, leave their area alone and instead focus on stealing all of Yellow’s balls. Once you’re in first or second place, monitor your balls and make sure the other teams don’t take them.

Hoopsie Daisy

To best strategy we’ve found for winning Hoopsie Daisy is to spread out to different parts of the field and jump through as many hoops as you can using the jump-dive technique.

This will improve your team’s chances of winning and prevent other groups from dominating an area. If you can control a part of the map, still have at least two players run around disrupting the other teams.


In Jinxed, there are two goals you’re working towards: trying not to get jinxed by the enemy team while making sure every member of their team does.

Depending on your personal playstyle, you may be better at avoiding players or chasing them down. To prevent yourself from getting jinxed, we recommend hiding in hard to reach spots, such as the spinning platforms on both sides of the map.

Rock’ N’ Roll

To win Rock’ N’ Roll, you’ll have to work with your team to get your ball to the goal first or prevent one of the other groups from reaching it before you.

Remember that you can block an enemy player from disrupting your ball by either grabbing them with R2 or physically standing in their way.

Team Tail Tag

Team Tail Tag is just like the solo version, except a lot more chaotic since there are more tails to steal. Additionally, you don’t win by merely having a tail, but rather from your team having the highest or second-highest number of tails.

Once you have one, we recommend grouping up with other players who have tails, since really they’re the only ones you can trust.

Fall Mountain

Fall Mountain is possibly the hardest final minigame, namely because it’s pretty much impossible to make a comeback if you fall behind. We’ve found the best approach is to hug either the left or right wall since they provide a small amount of cover from moving balls.

If you can swerve past the hammers without getting hit or get them to hit your character forward, you’re probably in the clear. Just remember to grab the crown with R2 (touching it won’t work).


While your instincts may tell you to stay at the top level in Hex-A-Gone for as long as possible, there’s actually a much better method. Allow yourself to drop to the very last level, then start walking around removing tiles. Long before you run out of ground to walk on, every other player will have dropped down to their deaths.

Jump Showdown

Jump Showdown is almost exactly like Jump Club, except pieces of the stage break off as the round progresses.

We recommend keeping your distance from other players by standing by the outer edge. It’s risky, but you can also try to eliminate contestants by grabbing onto them right before the beam approaches.

Royal Fumble

Since Royal Fumble is just solo Tail Tag on a different map with new obstacles, the approach is mostly the same. Just try to predict where the person with the tail is going and cut them off.

When you have the tail, try to take more complicated routes that involve ramps and spinning platforms to throw your opponents off. 

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