The internet has become such an indispensable source of information that there’s virtually no need to even comment on how deeply integrated into every aspect of everyday life it is. You just can’t do without it, and when it comes to gaming in this day and age, the internet is your go-to resource for news, reviews, shopping, and troubleshooting.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best sites that every gamer should bookmark, including news sites, review sites, as well as third-party online game stores that just might give you a better deal than Steam would!

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    News and Reviews

    In the first category, we’ll be looking at websites that deal with gaming-related news and game/hardware reviews. These two territories commonly overlap, so we have bundled them together into one category.



    About the Site

    For a long time, MetaCritic has been many people’s go-to site for finding game reviews. Apart from games, they also aggregate movie, TV show, and music reviews. But of course, it has become as popular as it is not only because it functions as a gateway to numerous professional reviews, but also because anyone can register and write their own reviews, thus allowing readers to also get a glimpse of how the average consumer feels about a game, movie, show, or album.

    How Does It Work?

    The site forms an overall “metascore” based on aggregated reviews from various critics, as well as an overall “user score” based on the ratings and reviews left by registered Metacritic users. This way, you can easily get an overall impression as to how well a certain game is received by both the critics and the consumers.

    Why Should You Care?

    Reviews are inevitably biased, some more so than others, and aggregation is perhaps the most reliable way to deal with this. If one reviewer is being too lenient or unusually harsh towards a certain title, others won’t be. And as we have already mentioned, the user score is always a great way to see how the consumers feel about a certain game, though user reviews, obviously, tend to be more biased and less objective than those written by professionals.

    But in any case, MetaCritic is your gateway to professional and user reviews alike.

    Noteworthy Sites

    Seeing as there are numerous authority sites and blogs to turn to when looking for news and reviews regarding the latest games and hardware, it would be quite a read if we were to go and describe them all in greater detail. As such, here’s a bare-bones lineup of what we feel to be the most reliable sites of this kind, listed in no particular order.

    Hardware News & Reviews:

    Game News & Reviews:

    Now, some of these inevitably deal with both games and hardware, but we took the liberty of separating them based on which of these two areas they prioritize/are better known for.

    Game Stores

    First and foremost, we have Steam, and everyone knows what Steam is. But did you know that there are online stores just as good, if not better, than Steam? Indeed, you can often find much better deals elsewhere, be it for Steam games or non-Steam games. This second section will be devoted entirely to such third-party game stores.


    gaming websites

    About the Site

    HumbleBundle is one of those extremely popular stores that some people still inexplicably don’t know about. When it was founded in 2010, it was merely a low-profile storefront for indie games, but as time went on, the project expanded exponentially and has since come to be the favorite of many a gamer.

    There are several factors that contributed to the rise of HumbleBundle: good pricing, customer-friendly policies, charity contributions, and of course, the amazing game bundles.

    How Does It Work?

    Today, HumbleBundle consists of three “layers”, so to speak, and these are:

    1. Humble Bundle
    2. Humble Monthly
    3. Humble Store

    The namesake Humble Bundle was the very first collection of products sold on the site. Today, there are always about six bundles available on the site at any given time, and this includes not only game bundles but also software, eBook, comic, and mixed bundles that include different types of products. As far as game bundles are concerned, they consist mainly of PC games, but console game bundles have been released from time to time. Customers are allowed to pay any amount that they wish, and the bundles are usually split into three tiers.

    Humble Monthly is similar to the Humble Bundle, although it differs in several ways. It focuses exclusively on games and, as the name implies, there is only one monthly bundle a month. Moreover, only one, two or three of the most attention-grabbing titles are revealed at the start of the month while the other games remain hidden until the next monthly bundle is announced. And unlike the Humble Bundles where you can pay whatever you want across three tiers, monthly bundles come with a fixed price of $12.

    websites for gamers

    However, Humble Monthly is more than just a game bundle. It is actually more of a service, seeing as it is a month-to-month subscription with an optional long-term commitment that can help save you a few bucks. Humble Monthly subscribers also enjoy benefits such as additional discounts, extra store credit, as well as access to the Humble Trove, a selection of various DRM-free games.

    And last but definitely not least, we have the Humble Store. Here, you can find a large number of Steam games, although some are available as direct DRM-free downloads as well. The discounts are pretty much as frequent and as deep as the ones you’d find on Steam, but HumbleBundle does offer customers an optional 5% cashback in the form of store credit on every purchase as part of the Humble Rewards program, plus a percentage of each purchase goes straight to a charity of your choice.

    Why Should You Care?

    HumbleBundle’s biggest strength is, of course, the bundles. They are a unique opportunity to get a batch of good games at an even better price, and Humble Monthly, should you choose to use it, is not even a mandatory long-term commitment.

    And while their store may not be that much more wallet-friendly than Steam itself, they certainly do reward loyal customers. Not to mention that you’d be supporting charity with every purchase! Why not help those in need while helping yourself to some quality games, eh?


    best gaming websites

    About the Site

    Good Old Games, best known by the acronym “GoG”, is a subsidiary of the Polish publisher CD Projekt, a name that did wasn’t very well known until the Witcher games gained traction. Today, CD Projekt Red is almost universally-beloved by gamers because of their excellent games and customer-friendly practices, and GoG is an entirely DRM-free store, meaning that all of the games sold there require no launcher and are not activated on Steam or anywhere else.

    How Does It Work?

    As mentioned above, GoG is an online store that sells DRM-free games, and any games that you buy, you can download directly to your PC from the GoG library. This means that you don’t have to use another pesky launcher or have an active internet connection in order to play the games that you’ve bought.

    Why Should You Care?

    First and most importantly, there are numerous old-school titles which can be found on GoG that are not available on Steam or in any other store. Other than that, the store itself has good customer support and a very convenient 30-day refund policy. Ultimately, if you want to get good deals on old and new DRM-free titles that are , or you just don’t want to use Steam for whatever reason, GoG is an excellent choice either way.


    gamer websites

    About the Site

    When G2A was first launched, the founders wanted it to become a regular retail game store, but after this original vision did not come to pass, the company switched its priorities and became an open marketplace instead. Today, it is the go-to destination for those who want to get their games as cheap as possible.

    However, G2A has been the source of some controversy over the years, mainly because of its nature as a “grey market”, meaning that it wasn’t strictly regulated and allowed for some not-so-legal transactions and scams to take place. G2A has since introduced stricter rules and regulations, so not everyone can sell on their platform now, something that is both a good and a bad thing.

    How Does It Work?

    At its core, G2A is quite simple but it can come across as needlessly complicated. The marketplace itself is easy enough to use – simply find the title that you’re interested in, scroll down to see the offers from all the different sellers, and pick whichever one you like based on the price and the seller’s reputation. The transactions take place on a peer-to-peer basis, with G2A acting as an intermediary and ensuring that the aforementioned transactions are carried out to the satisfaction of both of the involved parties. Customer support on G2A has generally proven to be quite reliable, even if you don’t pay for the premium G2A Shield service.

    Other than the video game marketplace, merchandise, electronics, software, gift cards, and other things can be found on the site. Furthermore, there is G2A Loot which is essentially lootboxes with game keys, and G2A Plus, a fairly cheap subscription service that offers subscribers some extra discounts and benefits.

    Why Should You Care?

    At the end of the day, the main appeal of G2A are the incredibly cheap games. It is a great way to get your hands on some cheap titles outside of discount season, though we’d still encourage you to go through a legit store such as Steam, Humble Bundle, and others if you want to make sure you are supporting the developers.

    Honorable Mentions

    Apart from the sites described above, there are a bunch of other stores and marketplaces that you can turn to. Granted, they might not be as big as Steam, HumbleBundle, or G2A, but they still have perks of their own. Here are some honorable mentions worth checking out:

    • Kinguin – A marketplace similar to G2A, less popular but also more straightforward and easier to use.
    • Fanatical – Similar to HumbleBundle, includes both a store and regular game bundles, although they are rarely as good as what you’d find on HB.
    • IndieGala – An indie game store that also offers bundles. The bundles follow a similar “pay what you want” philosophy seen with HumbleBundle, but again, the quality of the games isn’t as great as with HB.
    • GreenManGaming – Yet another highly popular store that also offers solid bundle deals and good discounts.
    • Amazon – Great choice if you actually want to own actual physical copies of your games.


    In this section, we have a couple of other sites which don’t fit into the former two categories but that can be of great help nonetheless.


    good game websites

    It might be surprising to see the “front page of the Internet” here. After all, Reddit is not a site you’d associate with gaming right away. However, it is home to numerous thriving gaming communities, something that you are bound to appreciate if you’re playing games with near-dead multiplayer.

    With a little help from one such community, the near-dead multiplayer scene of an older game could quickly come to feel just like it did on launch day.

    On top of that, you can also find many user reviews of some products that you might have trouble finding anywhere else.


    game review websites

    About the Site

    UserBenchmark is just what the name implies – it uses a simple benchmarking tool to collect data from countless user computers around the world, data which is subsequently uploaded to the UserBenchmark database.

    How Does It Work?

    All that you need to do is search for a component you want information on. This can be a CPU, a GPU, an SSD, an HDD, or RAM. The site will provide you with some general performance data on that component, while also allowing you to easily compare it to another one of your choice. If you want to contribute to the UserBenchmark database yourself, simply download their program, run it, and give it a few minutes to complete.

    Why Should You Care?

    The site is useful when building a new gaming PC or when you just need to upgrade your hardware. It is an easy way to get an overall impression of how well a component performs compared to others. Of course, it is by no means the best benchmarking tool out there, and you should always check out some more in-depth reviews and benchmarks before settling on any particular piece of hardware.


    popular gaming websites

    About the Site

    The name of this site pretty much says it all. IsThereAnyDeal is there to give you updates on sales, discounts, and bundle deals taking place at about 40 completely legitimate online stores, so you never have to worry about missing out on a good deal.

    How Does It Work?

    After registering on the site, you can import wishlists from any of the tracked stores to form a unique “waitlist” on IsThereAnyDeal. Then, you can modify exactly what you want to be notified about – discounts, price cuts, bundles, special releases, etc. – and you will be receiving regular notifications in your inbox.

    Why Should You Care?

    There are almost always deeper discounts to be found in stores other than Steam, but keeping track of all of them is impossible without the help of a site such as this one. With IsThereAnyDeal, you will receive constant updates on all the titles you’re interested in, and you’ll be able to get them as cheap as possible.

    The Final Word

    And that would be it, some very useful sites that we feel every game may want to bookmark… along with GamingScan, of course.

    Naturally, there are many more sites out there that we didn’t mention, so if you feel that there are other sites out there that deserve to be mentioned here, drop us a comment and we’ll see about updating the article in the near future.

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