Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

A tier list is important to get a quick overview of the best units. Here is the best unit tier list for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius to give you an overview.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, or FFBE, is the product of a highly successful collaboration between developer Alim and publisher Square Enix.

The merge of both parties is evident as soon as you boot up the game. Its world, lore and character design are clearly inspired by Final Fantasy’s RPG tropes.

The gameplay, on the other hand, stems from Brave Frontier‘s (Alim’s first game) well-balanced gacha mechanics.

The partnership resulted in a fantastic RPG with a good story, interesting exploration mechanics, and the ever-addictive rush of collecting iconic units to aid you in your journey.

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The Benefits Of A Tier List

You’ll likely obtain upwards of a hundred units throughout your playthrough in FFBE, and it will be a chore to prioritize who to raise.

To aid you in this task, we’ve ranked all units in the game according to how useful and strong they’ll be in the long run.

This list should not be taken as a limiting document that dictates which units you should or should not use. It’s rather meant to give you a glimpse of how these different units stack up against the rest of the cast. You’ll be able to plan more effectively in which characters you’ll invest time and resources for the end game.

Note: Since we’re preparing for the end-game content, only units that can max at a 7-star rating will be included in this list. There’s a big gap between 6 and 7-star units in Brave Exvius, so the best units are composed mostly of 7-stars.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List S Tier

These are characters that you want to grow and keep as soon as you get them. Their stats don’t cap quickly, so you’ll get much use out of them for a longer time.

They also have the best skills in the game that are well-placed within their chaining family.

NameRoleChain Family
Paladin CecilDebuffer, SupportStardust Ray
Lightning (FF XIII-2)Magical Tank, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
RenaHealer, Magical Attacker 
Alphonse ElricPhysical TankStardust Ray
Angel of Death KujaMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Mystic Cross
Sacred Shield CharlottePhysical Attacker, SupportDisorder Absolute Zero Aureole Ray
Seeker of Freedom VaanDebuffer, Physical AttackerAureole Ray
Warrior of Dawn GalufPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Hallowed Aegis CharlottePhysical Tank, Magical TankAbsolute Mirror of Equity
LucasMagical Tank, HealerDivine Ruination Absolute Zero
Awakened Warrior of LightPhysical Tank, SupportDivine Ruination Stardust Ray
Healing Avatar LidDebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
White Knight NoelMagical Attacker, Physical TankTornado Freeze Absolute Zero Chaos Wave Awakened
Nichol of the Epsilon StarSupport, DebufferAureole Ray Flood
Rikku (FF X-2)Debuffer, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Warrior of Light LennaHealer, Support 


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List A Tier

These units are still very powerful for the current meta. You’ll still be able to clear later content in the game with them.

Although they’re not as good as their S-tier counterparts, their versatility earns them a spot on your roster.

NameRoleChain Family
A.I. KattyVersatileStardust Ray Chaos Wave Bolting Strike Tornado Quake Flood Freeze
Doctor AidenHealer, Physical Tank 
Emperor FooSupport, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Avalanche Kick
Daughter of Destiny VanilleDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Quake
Benevolent Beauty RemMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike Tornado Freeze
ElephimDebuffer, Support 
IgnisHealer, Support 
KrylaDebufferAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave
FolkaHealer, Support 
MyraHealer, SupportBolting Strike
QinMagical Attacker, SupportChaos Wav Octoslash Absolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray
RegisPhysical Attacker, SupportAureole Ray Stardust Ray
Sakura & AyakaHealer, Magical AttackerBolting Strike
SylvieSupport, DebufferBolting Strike Absolute Mirror of Equity
Wildcard AceMagical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened
Sweet LukaSupport, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Chaos Wave
Summer Fina & LidDebuffer, HealerAureole Ray
SieghardPhysical Tank, DebufferAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity Piledriver Stardust Ray
ZenaidaPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Umbral Dragon Dark FinaMagical AttackerBolting Strike Chaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened
Adventurer LockePhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray
2BPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Graviton Cannon
AerithHealer, Support 
ChowMagical Tank, Healer 
Dancing Heart PeneloMagical Tank, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Aureole Ray
Flame of Rebirth JakePhysical Attacker 
Garland (FF IX)Magical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened
KitonePhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
Maritime Strategist NicholSupport, Magical AttackerFlood
NoelPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
OlbericPhysical Attacker, Physical TankAureole Ray
Sieghard & IgnacioPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank 
Rico RodriguezPhysical AttackerOctaslash Bolting Strike Avalanche Kick
War Hero RaegenPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
SylvandoSupport, Physical AttackerBolting Strike
Sterne LeonisPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List B Tier

These are good units to raise, in particular for their utility in fights. They shine especially when used in conjunction with other high-tier units.

NameRoleChain Family
AuronPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Blue Mage FinaHealer, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Awakened RainMagical Tank, Support 
Edward ElricPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray
ElenaPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerBolting Strike Aureole Ray Stardust Ray Disorder
Four Winds PhysalisMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
Gilgamesh (WOTV)Physical Attacker, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Absolute Mirror of Equity
Kimono FinaMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Aureole Ray
Lezard ValethMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened
LilithPhysical Tank, Magical TankDivine Ruination Kingsglaive Aureole Ray Bolting Strike
Lone Lion SquallPhysical AttackerStardust Ray Bolting Strike
MachinaPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Mercenary RamzaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer 
SeiferPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike
Mont LeonisPhysical TankStardust Ray
Mystical Ice LaswellPhysical Attacker, DebufferAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
Neverending HopeSupport, DebufferQuake Absolute Mirror of Equity
SelphieMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Mystic Cross
SerahMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
SerenaHealer, Support 
SolMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Absolute Zero
Tifa (FF VII: AC)Physical AttackerStardust Ray
Strange Gourmand QuinaMagical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave
Xuan Wu & Qing LongPhysical Attacker, Physical TankBolting Strike Avalanche Kick
Adam JensenPhysical Attacker, SupportStardust Ray Aureole Ray Tornado
BerylMagical Attacker, Magical TankOctaslash Bolting Strike Disorder Chaos Wave
BaschPhysical Tank, Magical Tank 
BeowulfPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Octaslash Tornado
Dark Spirit SolMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Absolute Zero
Demon RainPhysical Tank, Support 
KimahriMagical Attacker, Debuffer 
Infernal Fire RainPhysical AttackerStardust Ray
King BradleyPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Ruination
Madam EdelPhysical AttackerStardust Ray Aureole Ray
LilisettePhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
LorenPhysical Attacker, DebufferBlade Prison Onion Slice Aureole Ray
MystinaMagical Attacker SupportChaos Wave Awakened
Rakish Thief ZidanePhysical AttackerAureole Ray Stardust Ray
QuistisMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
RiveraSupport, HealerAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Disorder
Seaside NicholMagical Attacker, SupportFlood Freeze Absolute Mirror of Equity
Untamed Wolf EdelPhysical AttackerAureole Ray Stardust Ray
Supreme Deva AkstarPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray
White Mage RosaPhysical Attacker, HealerGraviton Cannon
WilhelmPhysical Tank, Support 
YunaHealer, Support 
Zeno of the Beta StarPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray Bolting Strike


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List C Tier

These are your “budget” units. Easy to acquire and easy to maintain. With the game’s current setup, you could do far better, especially if you’re thinking of the end game.

You can use these units in the early to mid-game but drop them right away when better ones come along.

NameRoleChain Family
AyakaHealer, Support 
BeatrixPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Awakened Onion KnightPhysical Attacker, DebufferOnion Slice Stardust Ray Aureole Ray
CrimsonPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination
Cloud (FF VII: AC)Physical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Octaslash
Blue Sky Belle FranPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Bolting Strike Aureole Ray
EllyMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Chaos Wave
ErikPhysical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike
Dragon Knight FreyaPhysical Attacker, HealerDivine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Aureole Ray
KadajPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
IrvinePhysical AttackerBolting Strike
Graceful Champion FangPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
King Edgar of FigaroPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Aureole Ray Fatal Barrage
MorganaMagical AttackerAbsolute Zero Chaos Wave Disorder Bolting Strike
NagiPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerDivine Ruination Graviton Cannon Aureole Ray Bolting Strike Absolute Zero
PrimroseSupportChaos Wave
RebertaPhysical AttackerDivine Ruination Bolting Strike Aureole Ray
Knight of Pluto ZidanePhysical AttackerStardust Ray Bolting Strike
LevinsonPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerDivine Ruination Chaos Wave Awakened Aureole Ray Bolting Strike
TifaPhysical AttackerDivine Ruination
Star Player TidusPhysical Attacker, SupportQuick Hit Stardust Ray
YunalescaMagical Attacker, SupportChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened
Agent OlivePhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Bolting Strike
ArdynPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Tornado
Wizardess ShantottoMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
White Lily Dark FinaMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened Graviton Cannon
Assassin ShadowPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray
Black Mage ViviMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
BartPhysical Attacker, SupportKingsglaive Tornado Flood Absolute Mirror of Equity
Aurora FryeviaPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Onion Slice Aureole Ray Divine Ruination Disorder


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List D Tier

These units are below average and won’t last long in your rotation. There are simply more units that can play the same role better.

NameRoleChain Family
EikoHealer, Support 
Fina & Dark FinaMagical Attacker, HealerGraviton Cannon Stardust Ray
EstherPhysical Attacker, Physical TankBolting Strike Divine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray
FlammiePhysical Attacker, SupportAureole Ray
GladiolusPhysical Tank, Physical Attacker 
Jasper UnboundPhysical AttackerStardust Ray
JechtPhysical AttackerDivine Ruination Quick Hit
KurasamePhysical Attacker, Magic AttackerQuick Hit Absolute Mirror of Equity Disorder Aureole Ray
Hess King LasswellPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray Divine Ruination
Lovely KatyHealerChaos Wave
Palom & PoromMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Tornado Quake
Operative ZyrusMagical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened
PromptoPhysical Attacker, DebufferDisorder Octaslash Running Fire+
PhysalisPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray
Radiant LightningPhysical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
RabMagical Attacker, Physical AttackerBolting Strike Stardust Ray
RemMagical Attacker, HealerTornado Quake
Sweet NicholMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Freeze Flood
Warrior of Light BartzPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Graviton Cannon
YunPhysical AttackerOctaslash Absolute Mirror of Equity Kingsglaive Bolting Strike
YegoPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Yuna (FF X-2)Physical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List F Tier

Some units in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are not included in this list simply because they are significantly weaker than the others.

If a specific unit does not appear on this tier list, it’s safe to assume that it would have poor stat growth and weak utility for use in the end game.

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