Fix: Lost Ark Cannot Connect To The Server Due To Heavy Traffic [10027]

If you can't connect to Lost Ark due to the 10027 error message, then this guide may be of help to you so you can start playing the game again!

Ready to play Lost Ark?

You’ve opened up the game, eagerly waiting to select your server and start playing, only to be met with this error message:

We’re sorry.
Cannot connect to the server due to heavy traffic. [10027]

Lost Ark error message

That sucks, right?

This guide explains why this error message appears and what you can do in order to potentially fix it.

Let’s jump into it!

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Lost Ark 10027 Error Message Explained

Lost Ark Cannot Connect To The Server Due To Heavy Traffic

The error message may appear when you boot up the game. The game pings the game servers, which returns an error message to your game client and thus does not even allow you to see the server list.

So what can you do?

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do except hope that AGS (Amazon Games) upgrade their servers soon, which they have promised to do as well. Lost Ark is incredibly popular, which is why this error message occurs in the first place.

Until then, here are the potential fixes for this issue:

Fix 1: Keep Restarting Lost Ark

This one is simple and you’ve probably already tried it, but you need to keep restarting the game and hope it eventually lets you see the server list.

This fix does the trick for most people, although you may have to restart the game a lot of times.

This will allow you to join the queue to your server and then you can play once you are past the queue.

Fix 2: Play At A Different Time

Alternatively, you can play Lost Ark at a different time if your schedule allows it.

Most people play Lost Ark from 17:00 to 00:00 (CET) so if you can play at a different time, you should be able to log in and perhaps even avoid server queues.

Unfortunately, these are the only possible solutions right now as we are at the mercy of AGS. We’ll update this article if we get hold of other solutions.

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