Minecraft Dungeons Guide: Best Builds

Not all builds are equally good in Minecraft Dungeons. If you want to be among the top players in the game, then see this list of the best builds in Minecraft Dungeons.

Unlike many other action RPGs, Minecraft Dungeons encourages you to experiment with different weapons, armor, artifacts, and enchantments.

Each of these components come together to create unique builds with specific strengths and weaknesses.

Since loot is randomized for the most part, it can be tricky to figure out which setups work for your preferred playstyle.

In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the best Minecraft Dungeons builds that allow you to play to your strengths and keep battles in your favor.

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Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds

Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds

Whether you’re playing alone or with a team, it’s important to avoid making a build that tries to do everything. Instead, try to focus on honing in on specific skills such as healing or high damage. This will let you get the most out of your gear and can even make certain levels feel like a cakewalk.

If you’re struggling to come up with a powerful build for your character, consider using one of the loadouts below. Keep in mind, while most of the gear included can be obtained easily, some will require you to grind certain levels until you get the right item to drop.

Warrior Tank Build

Warrior Tank Build
  • Melee Weapon: Claymore, Gauntlets, Hammer
  • Armor: Mercenary Armor
  • Ranged Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
  • Artifacts: Boots of Swiftness, Death Cap Mushroom, Shock Powder, Wind Horn, Flame Quiver

This build focuses on absorbing damage and dishing it right back at mobs. Your best melee options for this setup are basically any weapons that can push enemies back, namely Claymores and Hammers, which typically deal the highest raw damage.

Whenever you find yourself low on health or dealing with massive waves of enemies, a Heavy Crossbow can be an effective ranged weapon for keeping them at bay while you wait for your cooldowns to refresh.

While this build is excellent at one-hitting most enemies and dealing overall high damage, it comes at the cost of less mobility. To make up for that, we recommend using movement-based artifacts such as the Death Cap Mushroom or Boots of Swiftness.

The Wind Horn can also be used to give yourself some breathing room and can even knock mobs off ledges, causing them to fall to their death.

Soul Reaper Build

Soul Reaper Build
  • Melee Weapon: Soul Knife, Soul Scythe
  • Armor: Soul Robe
  • Ranged Weapon: Soul Bow, Soul Crossbow
  • Artifacts: Lightning Rod, Harvester, Corrupted Beacon, Torment Quiver, Soul Healer

The Soul Reaper build is a lot more flexible than others but relies almost entirely on souls collected from fallen mobs. The best melee weapons to do this with would be either the Soul Knife or Soul Scythe, which both grant additional souls when you defeat an enemy.

We also recommend equipping the Soul Armor, which ensures you gather the maximum amount of available souls each time. The same goes for ranged weapons, try to use either the Soul Bow or its crossbow variant to collect more souls.

If you’ve followed along up until now, chances are you’re frequently gathering a lot of souls every encounter. To put them to good use, we recommend using artifacts like Lightning Rod or Harvester, which deals AoE damage to nearby enemies based on the number of souls gathered.

Alternatively, you can use Corrupted Beacon to fire a powerful beam of energy at a specific target. Lastly, Soul Healer can be used for a quick healing burst if your potion is on cooldown.

Speedy Assassin Build

Speedy Assassin Build
  • Melee Weapon: Daggers, Sickles
  • Armor: Ember Robe, Spider Armor
  • Ranged Weapon: Rapid Crossbow, Auto Crossbow
  • Artifacts: Boots of Swiftness, Light Feather, Iron Hide Amulet, Shock Powder

With this build, you’ll be able to become a fleet-footed rogue capable of getting in and out with ease while dealing consistent damage. To start, you’ll need weapons with high attack speed, such as Daggers and Sickles.

Next, you’re going to want to equip an Ember Robe, which burns nearby enemies and boosts your movespeed aura. A much better option would be Spider Armor, which provides a passive lifesteal and increases your weapon attack speed. Feel free to experiment with each combination and see which you prefer.

Since this build is much more fragile than other ones, you’ll want to avoid getting surrounded by mobs with a backup like a Rapid Crossbow or its Auto variant. Either will allow you to dispel enemies quickly but can burn through ammo very fast.  

To round things out, try to equip at least one artifact that makes up for one of the areas you lack in, namely defense. A good option for this is the Iron Hide Amulet, but you can opt for Light Feather or Boots of Swiftness if you want to be as evasive as possible.

Healer Build

Healer Build
  • Melee Weapon: Any with healing enchantments
  • Armor: Mystery Armor
  • Ranged Weapon: Sabrewing
  • Artifacts: Totem of Regeneration, Love Medallion, Totem of Shielding

This build is perfect for solo players who find themselves dying a lot as well as those looking to keep their teammates alive. To start, you’ll need a melee weapon with any kind of healing-based enchantment, preferably Radiance, which has a chance of spawning a circular area that heals allies.

Second, you’ll want to grind the Desert Temple level until you can get Mystery Armor to drop, which provides a 33% chance of reviving when you fall in battle.  Last but not least, the Sabrewing is a unique rarity bow that fires super powerful arrows and can also heal allies.

The effectiveness of this build goes up exponentially the more healing enchantments you have. But just to be safe, we recommend doubling down on defense with your artifact selection.

Totem of Healing provides a healing ring, Totem of Shielding creates a safety bubble, and Love Medallion turns mobs friendly. Ultimately, the hardest part of this build is getting each piece of gear to drop.  

Master Archer Build

Master Archer Build
  • Melee Weapon: Any weapon with the ‘Chains’ enchantment
  • Armor: Evocation Robe, Frost Bite Armor
  • Ranged Weapon: Scatter Crossbow, Feral Soul Crossbow
  • Artifacts: Shock Powder, Wind Horn, Firework Arrows, Flame Quiver

The viability of this build comes down to how much arrow ammunition you have at any given time. Therefore, we recommend using enchantments like Recycler, which has a chance of granting a small quiver of arrows when you’re hit by projectiles.

Another option is Ricochet, which allows you to hit multiple targets with a single arrow. Additionally, you’ll want to have enchantments on your melee weapon that help slow enemies down, making it easier to take them out with your bow.

Covering each of these areas will make it a whole lot easier to take advantage of this build’s artifacts, namely Firework Arrows and Flame Quiver. Both are capable of dealing an insane amount of damage but in different ways.

Fireworks will give you a considerable amount of impact damage while Flame Quiver burns enemies over time. When combined with the Scatter Crossbow, you’ll be able to fire off multiple explosive or fire arrows every time your artifacts are ready.

Hunter Companion Build

Hunter Companion Build
  • Melee Weapon: Any
  • Armor: Spelunker Armor
  • Ranged Weapon: Hunter’s Promise
  • Artifacts: Tasty Bone, Wonderful Wheat, Golem Kit, Totem of Regeneration

While this isn’t the ultimate build for dealing damage or healing, it can be somewhat useful on teams where other roles are already being fulfilled. It focuses on using companion artifacts to deal damage and keep the focus off of your character.

It’s a lot more flexible than other builds, allowing you to use any melee weapon as long as you have Hunter’s Promise as your ranged weapon. This powerful bow lets you pick which mob your companions target, making it easier to focus on bosses or tougher enemies such as Endermen.

For artifacts, you’re obviously going to want to use at least two companion ones such as Tasty Bone, which spawns a wolf, or Wonderful Wheat, which gives you a llama ally. For your third slot, you can add another companion with Golem Kit or equip Totem of Regeneration for a quick heal.

Last but not least, the Spelunker Armor assigns you yet another ally in the form of a small bat who will attack enemies. Since the effectiveness of this build can be hit or miss, we encourage you to experiment with different armor and melee combinations until you get the right fit.  

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