The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List

SNK's KoF ALLSTAR features many characters but they are not all equally strong. Here's the ultimate The King of Fighters ALLSTAR tier list.

In an extraordinary homage to its fighting game franchise, SNK’s KoF ALLSTAR blends the fluid fighting game mechanics it’s known for with solid RPG elements.

Borrowing several gacha mechanics, KoF ALLSTAR has a massive roster consisting of almost every fighter released in the franchise’s history.

If you’re new to the series or these types of games, then it can be overwhelming trying to build your dream team. Luckily, we’ve created a tier list that ranks the most important characters from best to worst.

Use this list as your guide to know which characters are worth keeping, and which ones to leave on the bench.

Let’s dive right in.

Note: This list is made with PvP content in mind. Also, this ranks the most viable characters in the game. If a character is not included in the list, then we don’t consider them viable for PvP play at all.

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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List Tier S

The best characters in the game. They constitute most of the game’s meta and are centerpieces in most players’ roster.

BS OrochiGreenBalanced
BS RugalPurpleAttack
Mr. Karate XIIIRedAttack
Goenitz ‘96GreenAttack
Orochi ‘97PurpleBalanced
Winter Love Messenger GoroBlueDefense


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List Tier A

These are excellent characters that complement, or even surpass S-Tiers, with the proper setup.

Lady Kim KaphwanPurpleDefense
Nameless ‘02PurpleDefense
Terry Bogard ‘03YellowBalanced
Lady Mr. BigRedDefense
Halloween Gatecrasher AliceGreenAttack
John CenaPurpleBalanced
Zero (Original) ‘01BlueAttack
Halloween Gatecrasher ChrisPurpleAttack
NESTS Style Kyo XIIIRedBalanced
Saiki XIIIYellowDefense
Lovely KulaPurpleBalanced
Lady Zero (Original)YellowAttack


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List Tier B

These are great characters that need a bit of work to shine but are worth investing in if you lucked out on stronger units.

Ryo Sakazaki XIVBlueAttack
Rock Howard XIVBlueBalanced
Lady Geese HowardGreenAttack
Geese Howard XIVRedAttack
Adelheid ‘03GreenAttack
Omega Rugal ‘98RedAttack
The RockRedAttack
Midsummer Night VicePurpleDefense
Lady MaximaPurpleAttack
Elisabeth Blanc TorcheGreenAttack
Igniz ‘01PurpleAttack
Summer Night MatureBlueAttack
Baseball VanessaPurpleAttack
Orochi Leona ‘97BlueBalanced


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List Tier C

Characters that don’t stand out yet have any glaring flaws either.

Zero (Clone) ‘00RedDefense
Orochi Chris ‘97YellowBalanced
Lady Chang KoehanYellowDefense
Orochi Shermie ‘97GreenAttack
Nakoruru XIVGreenBalanced
Lady Zero (Clone)RedBalanced
Orochi Iori ‘97YellowAttack
Kazuya MishimaYellowBalanced
Genjuro KibagamiPurpleAttack
Ash Crimson ‘03GreenDefense
The UndertakerYellowDefense
Krizalid ‘99RedBalanced
Lady BrianBlueDefense
Silent Night ElisabethGreenBalanced
Kotarou KatsuraGreenBalanced
White Yaksha Gintoki SakataBlueBalanced
Leona Heidern XIIBlueDefense


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List Tier D

These characters need serious work and investment on the owner’s part in order to make them viable.

Kula Diamond ‘00GreenBalanced
Isao KondouGreenDefense
Baseball ShermieYellowDefense
Toushirou HijikataRedBalanced
Doctor of Thuganomics John CenaYellowAttack
Shinsuke TakasugiPurpleAttack
Lady YashiroPurpleAttack
Sougo OkitaYellowAttack
Ling XiaoyuYellowAttack
The People’s Champ: The RockBlueBalanced
Charlotte Christine De ColdeYellowBalanced
Heihachi MishimaPurpleAttack
Kofi KingstonGreenAttack
Becky LynchPurpleDefense
False Advent OrochiGreenBalanced
Gintoki SakataBlueDefense
Paul PhoenixGreenAttack
Jin KazamaGreenBalanced
Orochi YashiroBlueDefense


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tier List Tier F

These characters have very situational uses. They have poor stats, skills, and balance that the only time you should use them is when there are no other options available.

Iori YagamiPurpleAttack
Swimsuit KGreenAttack
Athena in WonderlandPurpleAttack
Swimsuit MaiYellowBalanced
Yuri in WonderlandBlueDefense
Shiro TokisadaGreenDefense
Vanessa in WonderlandGreenBalanced
Jin Kazama (Classic)GreenBalanced
Swimsuit KulaBlueAttack
Ukyo TachibanaYellowBalanced
Bao ‘99RedDefense
Armor KingRedDefense
Midsummer Night ChizuruBlueDefense

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