Valorant Agent Tier List – The Best Agents To Use

Not all agents are as good and viable as each other. Here is the ultimate Valorant agent tier list that will show you the best agents to use in Valorant.

Want to win more games in Valorant?

The answer is simple. Just play as the best agents so the odds become in your favor!

A tier list will provide you with just that! A list of all the best agents to use in the current meta.

Here is the ultimate Valorant character tier list.

Valorant Agent Tier List

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S Tier – The Best Valorant Agents

These are the best Valorant agents right now and a must-pick for competitive matches.



Sage’s abilities can heal, throw a slow orb, and create a barrier that can be used by teammates to get the high point advantage. Sage’s ultimate allows you to respawn one of your teammates to full health.



Phoenix is easy to play but he is very dangerous and great at pushing corners with his ultimate.



Cypher is able to get the location of enemies with his ultimate ability. He also has abilities that will give him a tripwire, a spycam, and a cyber cage.

A Tier – Strong Agents

The following agents are also strong but not as viable as the ones above.



Jett is for those fast-paced players or Tracer mains in Overwatch. She can flash sideways or vertically and can quickly make amazing plays with her skillset.



Viper is a master of poisons and she can defend a spike with her AoE ultimate, Viper’s Pit. Her abilities can damage teammates so be careful.


VALORANT Brimstone

With Brimstone, you can smoke areas and cast incendiary grenades. His ultimate also allows him to launch a devastating orbital strike that pulses for damage over 4 seconds. This makes him one of the best-attacking Agents in the game as he can cast his ultimate on the spike and make life much harder for the defenders.



Breach is a master of pushing around corners or stunning enemies with his ultimate ability. If you like an aggressive playstyle, then Breach is for you.

A Tier – Good, But Not Great Agents



Omen is a little hard to master, but once you do, you can make some great plays. He’s a very stealthy character and that makes him a great flanker. But he falls short in other areas, which does not make him a great pick.

C Tier – Bad Agents



Sova is an information seeker. With his recon bolt and drone, you are able to get the location of enemies and can use that information to your advantage. But this is mostly useful for coordinated teams and competitive matches where information is key and trumps other abilities.



Raze is all about using her bots. She is good at holding corners and a good defender, but there are better options in general.

Final Thoughts

We will be updating this tier list as new agents are added and as the game updates and progress.

Riot will nerf and buff as they please and we will adjust accordingly.

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