Best Games Like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Want to play more games like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga? Check out our top picks for co-op and single-player games similar to Lego Star Wars.

Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or someone who enjoys playing the best Lego games, we hope you enjoyed your time with The Skywalker Saga.

Along with adapting all nine Star Wars movies, the game brings a host of improvements and modernizations to the Lego formula that we hope to see return in future releases.

In the meantime, we’re happy to share our top picks for the best games like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, including couch co-op and single-player games to keep the fun going.

Make sure to check back for future updates and drop a comment if we forgot to mention one of your favorite games similar to Lego Star Wars!

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Our first gaming suggestion to anyone who had a blast with Skywalker Saga is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a single-player action-adventure game set in the same universe.

In it, players control Cal, one of the few remaining Jedi after the Great Purge as he travels across the galaxy fleeing from the deadly Inquisitors.

Like The Skywalker Saga, the game includes an extensive number of planets, characters, and details that any Star Wars fan can appreciate.

From a gameplay perspective, Fallen Order is similar to the recent Lego games in that it features third-person lightsaber combat, 3D platforming, and tons of hidden collectibles to seek out.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably fired one or two blaster shots at your own teammate “by accident,” in Lego Star Wars.

And while your secret may be safe with us, it’s only a matter of time until all your buddies know you’re a friendly fire fiend who might be better off playing a PvP game like Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Serving as a sequel to EA’s Battlefront reboot, the game offers 6-8 hours of single-player content along with several multiplayer modes focusing on ground and space battles.

Each one sees you playing as various Star Wars factions as they battle to secure territories, dismantle the enemy’s infrastructure, and generally blow stuff up.

Star Wars: Squadron is another great suggestion for anyone who enjoyed Skywalker Saga’s space combat and would like to pilot their own X-wing.

That’s because instead of wielding lightsabers or blasters, this game casts you as the pilot of both New Republic and Galactic Empire Starfighter.

This is very similar to the Lego Star Wars games which are known to play things loose by letting you play as characters from both the “Light” and “Dark” sides of the force.

Squadrons includes a single-player campaign in addition to online multiplayer modes with upgradeable ships and crossplay support across PC and console.

For an indie game akin to Lego Star Wars, we suggest exploring Spacelines from the Far Out, a cooperative administration game about operating your own cosmic airports.

In it, up to 4 players work together to get passengers to their destinations safely by providing the best in-flight amenities, picking the right routes, and navigating tricky obstacles.

Thanks to the game’s roguelike design, each playthrough is unique and includes randomly-generated challenges and itineraries packed with chaotic space-age fun.

Over time, players can upgrade their fleet of ships and unlock new spacecraft, customization options, and playable characters.

Next up we have Heavenly Bodies, a space-physics sim that captures the cooperative fun of the Lego Star Wars games and the challenge of maneuvering in zero gravity.

Designed with couch co-op in mind, the game sees players working together to control 1970s-era cosmonauts as they navigate space stations and carry out various tasks.

This includes simple functions like opening doors and pressing buttons in addition to assembling and maintaining space telescopes, solar arrays, and gardens.

The way the game handles physics can be frustrating at times but there is an assist mode that sacrifices realism in favor of a more casual experience.

If you’re searching for games like Lego Star Wars to play on your Nintendo Switch, one of your best options at the moment is Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

In it, you play as the lovable Nintendo mascot as he travels to a mysterious new world to rescue the Waddle Dees from the villainous Beast Pack.

Throughout the game, Kirby can acquire new copy abilities from his enemies that grant special abilities, including some that feel reminiscent of Lego Star Wars characters.

In addition, the new Mouthful Mode lets Kirby absorb and possess giant objects such as cars and vending machines to take his powers to new heights.

For something more co-op-driven, we recommend picking up Hazelight Studios’ critically-acclaimed third-person action-adventure game It Takes Two.

Built from the ground up for two-player split-screen, it casts you and a partner as an unhappy married couple transformed into their daughter’s dolls after a magic-wish-gone-wrong. 

Much like Lego Star Wars, players must work together and coordinate to overcome puzzle platforming and defeat enemies and bosses.

It Takes Two also features an assortment of fun mini-games where you and your teammate can battle for high scores and blow off steam in between story levels.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is another great alternative for Switch owners that want something similar to Lego Star Wars.

The game is an improved port of the original Wii U Super Mario title and sees the famed plumber and his friends on a mission to rescue the Sprixie kingdom from Bowser.

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Similar to Skywalker Saga, gameplay focuses on 3D platforming, puzzle-solving, and some gentle combat using special power-ups that grant Mario and his pals new abilities.

In addition, the game allows local co-op for four people on the same couch. This way, you and your Lego Star Wars squad can play together.

If you primarily game on a PS5, then you have more diverse options for games similar to Lego Star Wars, as the platform provides titles such as “Sackboy: A Big Adventure.”

Serving as a spin-off to the Little Big Planet series, the game sees the titular hero Sackboy embarking on a quest to save his world from an evil villain named Vex.

In Sackboy, players can customize their character using different materials, outfits, and accessories, as well as gain new powers including a blaster-like weapon.

The best part is it supports both local and online multiplayer for up to four people, with some levels even having a minimum requirement for the number of players needed to complete them.

Spyro is an absolute classic 3D platformer that will never go out of style thanks to an updated remake of the original trilogy of games.

While it may not offer multiplayer, Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is worth a playthrough for anyone who enjoys Lego Star Wars funny writing and casual gameplay.

In it, you play as the iconic wisecracking purple dragon Spyro as he travels to different worlds rescuing other dragons, battling monsters, and soaring through the air.

Older gamers can appreciate Spyro’s legacy while younger players should have an easy time grasping these games’ simple controls and objectives.

Considering how deep the Lego gaming catalog runs, it was only a matter of time until we arrived at other games in the series.

Aside from Skywalker Saga, one of our favorites is Lego Marvel Super Heroes and its sequel Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

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The original sees you picking from 180+ Marvel characters with cool superpowers and playstyles that go above and beyond Lego Star Wars.

Much like Skywalker Saga, these games do a great job of incorporating elements from their film adaptations while cramming in tons of gags and funny moments.

Another great get for any Lego Star Wars fan is Lego The Lord of the Rings, which adapts the trilogy of LOTR movies while introducing fun new side adventures along the way.

The game centers on the Fellowship crew of Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, and Gimli as they set out to help Frodo destroy the ancient magical ring.

Much like Skywalker Saga’s sprawling sandbox levels, Lego LOTR features a fully-explorable Middle-earth open world where players can battle Orcs and other fearsome creatures.

Along the way, you’ll have an opportunity to collect and craft weapons and magic items including new swords, bows, Elven rope, and the legendary Light of Earendil.

Once the novelty of Lego Star Wars began to fade in the late 2000s, Lego Batman stepped in to take its place and become the most popular Lego game property for some time.

This can be attributed to the series’ mass appeal and critical/commercial success around the world starting with the original Lego Batman and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

Here, we’re recommending Skywalker Saga fans pick up the third installment, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, if they haven’t already.

In it, the Dark Knight is tasked with defeating Brainiac with help from the Justice League heroes, Legion of Doom villains, and many other DC characters.

Just like in Star Wars, there’s a light and dark side to DC’s extensive roster of characters and Lego DC Super Villains toys around with this concept in some fun and refreshing ways.

Building off of the Lego Batman series, it sees DC villains taking center stage like never before as players get to create and play as their very own evil doer.

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Joining forces with the Joker, Harley Quinn, and other misfits, you’ll set out to investigate the Justice League’s mysterious disappearance while causing chaos across the city.

Like Skywalker Saga, Lego DC Super Villains offers vast open-world environments littered with collectibles and secret areas inspired by DC universe locations.

Our final recommendation to anyone who enjoys Lego Star Wars and wants another fun co-op game with platforming, puzzle-solving, and relatively simple combat is the Trine series.

The franchise comprises four games: Trine, Trine 2, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, and Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, all of which feature you and your companions as three courageous heroes.

Taking control of either Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, or Zoya the Thief, players must combine their unique strengths to overcome any obstacle in their path.

Similar to the recent Skywalker Saga, the fourth game in the series introduces a skill tree that allows you to upgrade your character’s abilities to increase their proficiency.

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