What Are Nitwit Villagers In Minecraft?

Do you want to know more about the Nitwit villagers found in Minecraft? Here is a full guide about the Nitwit villager subtype in Minecraft.

Villagers are considered as one of the passive mobs in Minecraft along with the Wandering Traders, Snow Golems, and most of the animals found in the game. They are some of the most useful mobs in the game because of item trading.

Item trading is a practical feature in the games that allow players to acquire various items from specialized villagers in exchange for some common items.

However, there is a subtype of villagers that is virtually useless, the Nitwit.

We will go through everything you need to know about Minecraft’s Nitwit villagers.

Let’s get started with the origin!

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Nitwit Villager Origin

The origin of the Nitwit villager in Minecraft started as a bug wherein players could summon a villager mob using a certain set of commands that did not have any profession. Instead of removing the bug, the developers of the game decided to make it a feature.

At first, the mob was named the Village Idiot. However, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten, the lead creative designer for Minecraft, decided that “Nitwit” is a better name.

The villager subtype was then officially added to the game in November 2016 on Minecraft’s 1.11 Exploration Update.

Nitwit Villager Appearance

Villagers usually reside in their respective villages. Both villagers and villages can have different themes and appearances based on the biome they are in.

Like all other villagers, Nitwits also conform to the biome’s theme and appearance. However, the most striking difference is the top part of the village Nitwit’s robe is always green.

Their green robes make the Nitwit villagers stand out from the rest of the villagers. Apart from that, there is not much noticeable difference in appearance from unemployed villagers.

Nitwit Villager Profession

Nitwit Villager Profession

Villagers usually grow up to have professions when proper workstations are available. They can then offer trades once they change their clothes to match their profession.

As expected from the name, Nitwits do not have the capacity to specialize in any of the available professions and do any work. With this, they do not have anything to trade either.

Their main function is to just wander aimlessly in the village and sleep once the day ends. Nitwit villagers will just go on living their lives blissfully. They would not cause any disturbance to players at all.

Nitwit villagers also do not gather around the village bell when players hit it. However, one fascinating thing about nitwits is that players can make them happy by giving them any kind of food and they will carry on what they were doing–wandering aimlessly.

Nitwit Villager Breeding

A Nitwit villager must either be born or spawned to be in the game. They also can be found curing naturally-spawned Nitwit zombie villagers.

Aside from that, no ordinary or specialized villagers can change into a Nitwit, and vice versa.

Fortunately, like all other adult villagers, Nitwits can breed with other Nitwits as well as ordinary and specialized villagers. When placed in an appropriate space with beds and enough food, they can breed like normal villagers to produce baby villagers.

The only problem is that breeding with Nitwit villagers can result in more baby Nitwits. But, regular baby villagers can also spawn from breeding Nitwits similar to real-world genetics.

Nitwit Villager And Iron Golem

Since a lot of players get confused about the game mechanic, one question that goes around the Minecraft community is whether the aggression of iron golems will trigger when Nitwit villagers are killed by players.

The quick answer is yes. Even though Nitwit villagers are useless mobs, they are still considered villagers and are under the protection of iron golems.

Directly killing any villager, including Nitwits, will cause the iron golems to target the offending player. The players will then have a hard time surviving from iron golem attacks as well as running away from them.

Instead of directly killing Nitwit villagers with your tools if you do not want them, there are a lot of other ways that can be used to kill them.

One way is to place lava in their path and let them burn and take damage. Similarly, fire from flint & steel can be used the same way. Another method is to suffocate them by trapping them in a hole and dropping some gravel or sand blocks on top.

As long as they are not directly hit, iron golems in the village will not attack.


That is everything about Nitwit villagers in Minecraft. With this guide, you can plan what you are going to do with them when you encounter them in your world. Good luck and have fun!

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