Best Gaming Case 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide

pc case

Previous Thermaltake Versa H17 Clean and minimal exterior Solid build quality Affordable Check Latest Price NZXT H700 Beautiful exterior design Good cooling support Several bundled fans Check Latest Price Thermaltake Level 20 GT Premium design and build Superb cooling Multiple RGB fans included Check Latest Price Next So, you’ve planned out your ideal gaming configuration,

Best Gaming Mouse 2020 – The Definitive Buying Guide

best corsair gaming mouse

Previous Corsair Harpoon Quality build Accurate sensor RGB lighting Check Latest Price Razer DeathAdder Elite Accurate sensor Good feel Check Latest Price Logitech G Pro Wireless Top-notch sensor High-quality build Check Latest Price Next When it was first invented, the mouse revolutionized the way that we interact with computers. The fundamentals of the mouse have

How To Install A New Graphics Card

Removing A Graphics Card

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and upgrading your graphics, but you are careful and scared of making a huge, irreversible mistake when it comes to fitting it? You’re not alone. Fortunately, installing a new graphics card isn’t the complicated procedure our minds imagine it to be. As computing moves ever forward towards ease

Best PC Power Supplies 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best PC Power Supply

Previous Corsair AX 1000 Ultimate efficiency Excellent reliability Check Latest Price EVGA Supernova 750 P2 Excellent quality Efficiency for a fair price Check Latest Price Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 ARGB 850 Quality product with a bonus light show Check Latest Price Next Having an adequate power supply for your PC can make and break your precious

How To Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

game mode on windows 10

A while back, Microsoft announced its plan to expand on and improve Windows 10 indefinitely, rather than releasing a new operating system every couple of years. This was great news for consumers, as it meant that new updates and features would be rolling out much more steadily and for free. One such addition was the

How To Apply Thermal Paste To A CPU And GPU

Applying Thermal Paste To Cpu

Cross method vs. dot method? And what exactly does ‘grain of rice’ mean? Applying thermal paste may seem daunting – after all, your CPU is one of the most delicate and expensive components in your build – but there’s no need to panic. In this guide, we’ll go over some straightforward methods for applying thermal

How To Make Sure All Your Computer Hardware Parts Are Compatible

Computer Component Compatibility

Before setting out to buy all the parts that you need for your new gaming PC, it’s essential to ensure that all the components you’ve got your eye on are compatible with one another.  The last thing you want is to come back home with several bags of pricey hardware only to find out that

How To Choose A Power Supply

Picking A Power Supply

Conceptualizing and putting together your dream PC is no easy task, but fortunately, getting a few basics right puts you in a good position for the rest of the build. The best place to start with is the power supply unit, and there’s no better way to choose a PSU than by focusing on the

How To Lower CPU Temperature – Simple Guide


Since the advent of computing, keeping the temperature of the CPU down in the face of the demand for increased performance, has been at the forefront of every engineer, manufacturer, and hobbyist builder’s mind. A balancing act of sorts, finding the happy middle ground between keeping a CPU cool yet allowing it to process huge

How To Lower GPU Temperature – Simple Guide

Low Gpu Temperature

Are you tearing your hair out because your GPU won’t stay cool? We’ve got you covered with our simple guide to lowering GPU temperatures. Clear The Fan & Heatsink Of Dust Dust is a GPU’s worst enemy as it creates a film on the surface that prevents heat from dissipating naturally. Over time, dust will

How To Build A Gaming PC

Build A Gaming Pc

As PC enthusiasts and gaming enthusiasts, we love to build our own PCs. After all, making your PC from scratch is much more cost-effective and personal to your needs than buying a pre-built PC. However, what if you’re not really sure how to get started? There are a lot of delicate components in a PC,

How To Choose A PC Case

Computer Tower Cabinet

The case is something easy to overlook in the process of building a gaming PC, and there is more to it than just the aesthetics. The format of the case will determine the type and size of the components that go into it, and it will also affect the cooling efficiency of the build. That

How To Choose RAM

How To Choose Ram Upgrade

After the CPU and the GPU, the RAM is the third most important factor when it comes to the overall performance of a build. And much like the CPU and the GPU, the specification sheet of any individual RAM module or kit is a maze of acronyms, features, and various other specifications that might mean

How To Cable Manage A PC – Simple Guide

Pc Case Cable Management

Anyone who knows what hobbyist DIY PC building is all about knows that artful cable management is no easy feat. Forcibly bickering with messy cables can be as challenging as breaking in a wild filly. Gone are the days of haphazardly hurling it all in there and hoping for the best: cable management isn’t so

How To Run A Computer Performance Benchmark Test On Windows 10

System Performance Test

To the dismay of floks of Windows users, the beloved Windows Experience Index found in previous versions of the OS was unceremoniously retired with the advent of Windows 10. The Index’s ability to provide an accurate benchmark of a system’s capabilities garnered a devoted following that praised its practicality and functionality. In other words, a