How To Overclock Your Monitor

How To Overclock Your Monitor

Did you know that you can overclock most monitors? Here’s the simplest and best way to overclock your monitor for better performance.

Should I Overclock My CPU?

Overclock CPU

Should you overclock your CPU? Is CPU overclocking worth it for gaming? This simple guide will help you answer that question.

Should I Overclock My GPU?

Overclock GPU

Many enthusiasts also decide to overclock their graphics card, but is it worth it? Is GPU overclocking worth it for gaming? Read this guide to find out.

Minecraft System Requirements

Minecraft System Requirements

See if your PC can run Minecraft (current version) right here. Here are the system requirements for Minecraft along with some useful PC build tips.

Best PS4 Themes 2023

Best PS4 Themes

If you’re looking for a good PS4 theme, this is the only list you need. Here are the best PS4 themes to download and use right now.

What Happened To

What Happened To

Wonder what happened to, the popular computer manufacturer? The story is rather interesting, so here’s the full story on what happened to Compaq.

TP-Link AC1750 Review

TP Link AC1750 Review

We tried the very popular TP-Link AC1750 router to see how well it performed compared to others. Read our full review and score here.