Watch Dogs Games In Order

Want to play through the Watch Dogs games in order? Then check out this list to see the complete Watch Dogs series timeline.

Watch Dogs is a modern open-world game series created by Ubisoft in which players take on the role of hackers looking to change society for the better by exposing corporate corruption.

So for anyone wondering how many Watch Dogs games there are, keep reading to find out more about the complete Watch Dogs timeline.

In this list, we’ll explore all of the Watch Dogs games in order of release to help you decide which order to play through the series in 2024.

We’ll be updating this list following any announcements of new Watch Dogs games, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed anything important!

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Main Series

The original Watch Dogs was released in 2014 and introduced players to Aiden Pearce, a grey hat-donning hacker and vigilante on a quest for revenge after his niece is murdered.

The story takes place in an impressively-accurate rendering of modern-day Chicago and focuses on action-adventure-style gameplay with a third-person POV.

The game’s most notable feature is its hacking mechanic, which allows Aiden to use his smartphone to control trains and traffic lights as well as infiltrate security systems, cellphones, and bank accounts.

Upon release, Watch Dogs received positive reviews for its gameplay and world design but also criticisms regarding technical issues and graphical downgrades compared to marketing footage.

In the end, the game was dubbed a commercial success that broke the record for first-day sales of a Ubisoft game and has shipped over 10 million copies worldwide.

Two years later, Watch Dogs 2 was released and featured a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway, a tech nerd seeking revenge against the company behind an advanced surveillance system known as ctOS.

After joining forces with a hacking group called DedSec, Marcus sets out to dismantle the company’s infrastructure and expose their corrupt and invasive practices.

The sequel takes place in a fictionalized version of the San Francisco Bay Area and maintains the third-person open-world hacking gameplay of its predecessor with a few notable additions.

Marcus has a lot more gadgets at his disposal such as a remote-controlled drone; he can also wield both lethal and nonlethal weapons and incorporate free-running techniques into his movement.

Watch Dogs 2 was well-received by critics celebrating its improvements over the original and has gone on to sell more than 10 million copies globally.

Watch Dogs: Legion is the third installment in the series and transports players to a futuristic, dystopian London under the watchful eye of an oppressive private military company.

Rather than playing as a single protagonist, the game introduces a multiple playable characters system in which players can recruit virtually any NPC that appears in the open world.

To progress through the story, players must organize and manage teams of hackers, mercenaries, fixers, and criminals whose diverse backgrounds and skill sets aid in destroying the enemy’s resources.

This leads to more open-ended gameplay compared to previous entries as players can employ different tactics to achieve their goals by leveraging NPCs’ unique abilities.

Following its release, Watch Dogs: Legion received mixed to positive reviews as critics were divided over the game’s multiple characters system, open-world design, and mission variety.

DLC Expansions

Bad Blood – A story expansion set one year after Watch Dogs that follows the exploits of Raymond Kenney after Aiden Pearce left Chicago; adds ten story missions, new side content, and an RC car gadget.

T-Bone Content Bundle – Includes a new “Mayhem” co-op difficulty setting along with an outfit and vehicle based on the original Watch Dogs character Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney.

Human Conditions – Adds three new stories set in San Francisco’s science and medicine industries alongside new co-op missions featuring a new enemy class called the Jammer.

No Compromise – Features a story mission as well as new outfits and weapons for Marcus.

Root Access Bundle – Adds a new Zodiac Killer mission along with various outfits, cars, skins, and weapons.

Psychedelic Pack – Features a new outfit along with skins for Marcus’ drone, weapon, and car.

Bloodline – A story expansion set months before Legion that features the return of Aiden Pearce and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 as playable characters; adds ten story missions and new side content.

Assassin’s Creed – An update that adds Assassin’s Creed-themed missions, weapons, abilities, and gadgets along with a new playable character, Assassin Brotherhood member Darcy Clarkson.

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