Anthem: Freeplay Guide (World-Events, Locations, Hidden Places)

We’ve listed all the tips you’ll need for freeplay in Anthem. Read the ultimate Anthem freeplay guide here!

While playing Anthem, at one point or another, you’ll find yourself heading into Freeplay, where you are given free rein to explore the expansive world of Bastion. In Freeplay, you can discover hidden areas, farm for crafting materials and take part in limited-time world-events.

Although Anthem has a plethora of activities going on at any given moment, its map doesn’t do a great job of indicating where you should head to next. So we’ve created this guide to help you on your journey to unlocking everything Anthem has to offer. Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

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World Events

There are currently 16 world-events in Anthem that rotate between a fixed number of spawn locations. While this can make finding a specific event difficult, there are some tips that’ll make things a bit easier. Here is a list of every world-event in Anthem:


  • Titans are towering creatures that can easily take you out if you’re not careful. Learn their attack patterns, and you should be fine, but expect a challenge.
  • They frequently appear in the Valley of Tarsis, Great Falls Canyon, Monument Watch, and the Emerald Abyss.

Dominion Patrol

  • You are tasked with putting a stop to a Dominion Patrol.
  • To complete the event, you’ll need to destroy all Dominion equipment before it’s released.
  • Failing to destroy the equipment causes a Titan to spawn.

Skorpion Infestation

  • Help thin out a group of Skorpions that are encroaching on a settlement.
  • Search the area, killing any Skorpions nests you come across.

Shaper Artifacts

  • Your help is requested after a Shaper Artifact goes off nearby.
  • Collect and return all of the missing pieces while fighting continually with spawning waves of enemies.

Arcanist Secrets

  • You learn that a nearby Arcanist group needs help finding an Arcane Vault.
  • Find and collect the nodes within a set time while fighting enemies.

Sentinel Support

  • You learn that nearby Sentinels are being ambushed.
  • Revive the Sentinels and join them in battle against waves of enemies before escorting them to their objective.

A Call from Corvus

  • You learn that a Corvus Agent has gone missing nearby.
  • After locating the agent, join them in battle against waves of enemies.

Strider Distress Beacon

  • You learn that a fallen Strider is requesting help nearby.
  • Help repair the Strider while fighting waves of enemies.

Outlaw Incursion

  • You learn that a nearby area has been taken over by an Outlaw Gang.
  • Defeat waves of enemies.

Fragment Recovery

  • You learn that there are shattered fragments of a Shaper device nearby.
  • Recover the fragments while fighting waves of enemies.

A Freelancer in Need

  • You learn that a fellow Freelancer needs help nearby.
  • Locate the Freelancer and help them recover a fragment from the Scars.

Enemy Encampment

  • You learn that an Enemy Encampment is nearby.
  • Eliminate the Scar by destroying all of their defenses and supplies.

Scar Incursion

  • You learn that Scars have taken over a nearby area.
  • Recover the fragment pieces and destroy the enemy’s camp.

Scar Threat

  • You learn that Scars have been gathering resources nearby.
  • Destroy the enemy’s stockpiles while fighting constant waves of enemies.

Scar Foothold

  • You learn that a nearby Scar camp is gaining strength.
  • Destroy the enemy camp.

Shaper Storms

  • Indicated by severe weather changes.
  • Manage to survive the hellish storm, and you’ll be rewarded with powerful loot.



Above you’ll find a map of locations where world-events frequently spawn. You can check out which events are currently active by checking the Newsfeed in Fort Tarsis, located by the Freelancers job board near Yarrow. While events can appear in a variety of different areas, there are some common themes for each region.

Valley of Tarsis

  • A wide variety of events spawn here, including Titans.

Fortress of Dawn

  • Events that spawn here usually involve Skorpion nests.

Great Falls Canyon

  • A wide variety of events spawn here, including Titans.

High Road

  • Not a lot of variety. Events tend to spawn in the Northern and Southern parts of the region.

Monument Watch

  • Decent amount of events spawn here, including Titans.

Academy Ruins

  • Events that spawn here are usually combat-focused and involve Shaper relic objectives.

Eastern Reach

  • Not a lot of variety. Events tend to spawn in the Northern and Southern parts of the region.

Hidden Places

Free Play

These locations are used during parts of missions but can also be accessed during Freeplay. Visiting these areas will have you fighting against one of the game’s three enemy factions (Scar, Dominion, or Outlaw), and usually end in a big battle against a Legendary enemy.

Along the way, you’ll find tons of crafting materials and be rewarded with loot from chests and enemy drops. Each hidden area is marked on your map, so make sure to check them out while searching for world-events.

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