In Anthem your level is directly connected to a number of stats and equipment. If you want to maximize how much damage you’re dealing, how powerful your weapons are, what power-ups you have access to, unlock all four Javelins, and most importantly, unlock Grandmaster 3 difficulty, you’ll want to hit level 30 as soon as possible.

Since playing through the main story will leave your character around level 20, you’ll have to develop an effective strategy in order to get the most out of Anthem’s different mission types. That’s why we’re here to help guide you through the best methods for maximizing your XP gains and leveling up quickly. Make sure to check out our other Anthem guides:

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    Group Up

    Story Missions

    Anthem rewards players for teaming up with bonus XP based on how many players are in a squad. In order to make sure you’re earning as many experience points as possible, keep your missions set to public, not private. It may be unpleasant to play with strangers for some time, but taking on harder difficulty missions with a full squad greatly pays off.

    Play On Hard Difficulty


    This leads us to our next tip: play every mission on “Hard” once you’ve gotten a firm grasp on how combat and traversal works. It may sound intimidating at first, but Anthem’s definition of Hard is much closer to Normal, with just more enemies spawning. You’ll receive more XP and better rewards than on lower difficulties.

    If you find yourself overwhelmed, refer back to our first tip and keep your squad open for others to join, you might just end up getting lucky and get matched with high-level players.

    Complete Expedition Feats

    To Level

    During missions you’ll find yourself completing smaller challenges called “Feats”. If you open up your inventory menu during a mission, you’ll see how far you are from completing each feat. These can vary and are usually related to activities you’ll find yourself already doing, like reviving teammates, getting multi-kills, performing combos successfully, etc.

    Completing feats gets you additional XP on top of what you’d receive from completing a mission so they’re worth paying attention to. Additionally, they’ll make you more aware of Anthem’s different gameplay mechanics and improve your overall performance. You can complete feats in both Freeplay and Quickplay.

    Complete Contracts


    Contracts in Anthem can best be compared to side quests and can be picked up from NPCs like Yarrow and Brin, or from notice boards around Fort Tarsis. Once you’ve completed all the Normal difficulty contracts, you’ll begin finding Legendary contracts, recognizable by their purple icon.

    Completing contracts earns you more XP than usual missions. Once you’ve exhausted all of the assigned contracts, you’ll have to kill some time in Quickplay for new ones to show up.

    Farm XP in Quickplay


    In Quickplay, you’ll be joining squads that have an open slot. This means you can be placed into any mission or stronghold in the game, including the final one, so it’s probably best to wait till you’ve completed the story if you want to avoid spoilers.

    This mode is perfect for farming more experience points and you might be lucky enough to join a mission in progress that’s close to the end, making for the easy XP gains.

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