Best Games Like Candy Crush

Can't get enough match-three puzzle games? Check out this list of the best games like Candy Crush for PC and mobile.

The top games like Candy Crush consistently find ways to keep us coming back for a burst of dopamine.

While Candy Crush is arguably the most popular match-three puzzle game around, you’ll find similar games can be just as fun.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best games like Candy Crush for PC, consoles, and mobile that offer equally satisfying match-three puzzle gameplay.

We encourage you to check back in the future as we continue to update this list with new entries!

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Exclusive to Apple Arcade, Zookeeper World is the latest installment in the action-puzzler series Zookeeper and introduces some fun new features.

In it, players are tasked with solving simple match-three puzzles to create their own zoo and fill it with cute animals, plants, and decorations.

As you complete requests from visitors and your boss, your zoo rank will increase, attracting new guests and animal species as well as triggering unique in-game events.

Reminiscent of addictive puzzle games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled, Grindstone is a puzzle-battler with a simple yet endlessly satisfying formula. 

In it, players take on the role of a rage-fueled swordsman as he slices his way through rows of monsters.

Every turn requires you to determine the path for your warrior’s sword to move, aiming to connect multiple killings in a row.

Anyone fan of Candy Crush is likely to enjoy Bejeweled, which took the puzzle world by storm back in 2001 when it was first released for web browsers.

Having influenced the match-three genre, Bejeweled has gone on to establish itself as a mobile staple thanks to its colorful aesthetic, fun puzzle gameplay, and visual flair.

While there have been countless iterations released throughout the years, we recommend picking up one of the more modern incarnations with Bejeweled Blitz.

Although it’s technically a match-four game and not match-three, Two Dots manages to scratch that Candy Crush itch by exploring similar game mechanics.

Players are presented with a board full of different colored dots that must be connected to create a line that clears dots from the board while revealing new ones.

Like Candy Crush, new win requirements are introduced as you progress, and the game’s freemium model is fairly lax and rewarding.

As more licensed properties leverage mobile game spin-offs, we’re bound to see plenty of Candy Crush clones take a stab at recreating its addictive formula.

Such is the case with Futurama: Game of Drones, which features an abundance of characters, environments, and storylines based on the hit animated TV show.

Whether or not you’re a Futurama fan, there’s plenty to enjoy for anyone searching for a straightforward match-three puzzler with a few unexpected twists.

Next up, we have a three-match puzzler for Candy Crush fans who have at least some familiarity with the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

While it’s not necessary to have read every book or even seen any of the films, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a lot more fun if you have some context for the series.

The game includes appearances from iconic and beloved Harry Potter characters across 1,000+ levels that build upon the tried and true match-three formula.

Numerous efforts have been made to modify the Pokémon concept for smartphones, resulting in successes like Pokémon Go and numerous unsuccessful attempts that have been disregarded.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile falls under the former while combining RPG battling with match-three puzzles where you match tiles to perform powerful attacks.

The more you play, the bigger your stable of Pokémon becomes, allowing you to switch up your strategy and employ new tactics in tougher battles.

Boasting colorful visuals and cute blocky bears, Triple Town is a great recommendation for Candy Crush fans who like wholesome puzzle games.

In it, you’re tasked with building a kingdom by matching tiles together and leveling up elements to create bushes, houses, and other objects for your town.

Adorable bears will try to stop you, requiring you to defeat them in battle; there’s also a premium Peaceful Mode that skips straight to the matching and building parts.

Despite carrying a premium price tag, Puzzle Quest 2 is worth checking out for anyone who enjoys well-executed match-three puzzle gameplay akin to Candy Crush.

The game separates itself from other games in the genre by introducing RPG combat and a fantasy motif that makes for a more immersive experience.

Like Candy Crush, the single-player campaign is massive and rounded out with side activities like dungeon crawling as well as new skills you can unlock just by playing.

Match Land is another fantasy RPG that relies on match-three puzzle-solving gameplay a la Candy Crush.

In it, you assemble a squad of heroes consisting of healers, swordsmen, mages, and more that can dish out damage against ferocious beasts.

It features a lot more depth than your typical match-three puzzler, with players chaining together multiple attacks before the clock runs out.

The remaining games on this list can be best described as Candy Crush clones that incorporate different themes or visual elements.

First up is Farm Heroes Saga, which casts you as a farmer on a journey to wrangle up infuriatingly cute vegetables by matching their respective tiles.

Much like Candy Crush, gameplay centers on combos, chain reactions, bonuses, and power-ups that allow you to rack up points quickly and aim for the top score.

In line with Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue Saga is aimed at any Candy Crush fan that enjoys cute and cuddly animals as much as match-three puzzles.

It’s the perfect game to play for long stretches of time due to its reliance on a life system rather than the classic energy system present in most match-three puzzlers.

Instead of candy or vegetables, players are treated to a host of adorable pets that drop from the top of the board every time you match three tiles.

Toon Blast manages to surpass Candy Crush in terms of both colorful aesthetic and on-screen chaos by introducing a host of whacky cartoon characters.

From a gameplay perspective though, it’s standard match-three fare, with players having to identify and swap tiles in order to clear sections of the board.

The UI and gameplay will feel familiar to anyone who’s played any King puzzle games before and things only get harder the more levels you complete.

Bubble Witch a standalone puzzle franchise that captures the joy and excitement of match-three puzzle games like Candy Crush.

Designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, Bubble Witch 3 sees you using a magic wand to break apart bubbles and connect matching pieces.

It features a colorful theme and readable UI that’s further complemented by a host of fun rewards and special in-game events that will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re tired of Candy Crush’s yummy candies, try playing Cookie Jam for a matching game with desserts. Play today at

In it, you must try and solve 6000+ puzzles focusing on matching cookies and sweets while trying to create the largest chains possible.

Of all the Candy Crush clones, Cookie Jam is easily the most popular and successful at recreating the hit puzzler’s satisfying gameplay loop.

Straying away from delicious baked treats, Juice Jam is a popular fruit-matching puzzle game that plays similarly to Candy Crush.

Players are tasked with creating juicy combos by chaining together fruit tiles while preventing their evil boss from scaring off happy customers across 3000+ levels.

Of course, you’ll do more than just make tasty concoctions, as Juice Jam features puzzles and daily events centered on cupcakes and other sweets.

Arguably as popular as Candy Crush itself, Homescapes is a free-to-play puzzle game by Playrix, the same company behind the hit farming game Township.

In it, you assume the position of a butler named Austin as he gives his parent’s mansion a makeover, going from room to room sprucing the place up.

Much like Playrix’s other titles, Homescapes combines life-sim elements with classic match-three puzzle mechanics to create an addictive gameplay loop that’s hard to put down.

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