Best Games like Factorio

Searching for more automation and base-building games? Join us as we explore the best games like Factorio on Steam and other platforms.

The top games like Factorio give players the appropriate tools to tap into their imagination and start designing intricate structures with automated machines.

As you would expect, this covers a wide range of genres including strategy, survival, and base-building games like Factorio.

To shine a light on the ones worth playing, we’re highlighting the best games like Factorio on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Make sure to check back in the future to see new recommendations for Steam games like Factorio!

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First up on our list of the best games like Factorio is Farlanders, a turn-based strategy city builder about growing a Martian colony.

Using specialized tools to terraform the planet and provide colonists with shelter, you’ll work your way up to a self-sustaining society.

As you would expect, a key component is building factories to churn out resources and meet the demands of your growing population.

This requires you to utilize terraforming tools to dig underground where you’ll uncover new areas, find mysterious artifacts, and farm rare minerals.

If the thought of taking your building skills to outer space excites you, then Astro Colony might be the perfect game like Factorio for you.

In it, you’re given the task of exploring an endless universe to create highly-efficient colony constellations using every resource at your disposal.

Starting small, you’ll eventually work your way up to building elaborate conveyor systems with automated production lines.

However, you won’t get far without taking care of your astronauts and making sure their needs are met every step of the way.

Final Upgrade is another mechanization game like Factorio that tasks you with spreading humanity’s influence across the cosmos.

However, to get there, you’ll have to build up a stable of space factories and trade routes to manufacture goods and transport them efficiently.

Like Factorio, this entails a large amount of research into multiple paths of development, all the while competing with artificial intelligence.

On top of that, Final Upgrade features a ship creation component that sees you designing unique blueprints that can be shared with others via Steam workshop.

Next on our list of the best games like Factorio is Atrio: The Dark Wild, an indie survival crafting game from developer/publisher Isto Inc.

Set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world, it sees you bending nature to your will to survive in the face of predators and other threats.

To be successful, you must capture and even exploit wildlife as well as parts of the environment, using their components to construct automated machines.

Doing so not only unlocks new technology but also parts of the world where more resources and dangers await you.

IXION offers an ambitious blend of city building, space, and strategy survival gameplay reminiscent of Factorio.

In it, you’re charged with managing a space station and guiding its people to find a new home somewhere in the cosmos.

This entails traveling across deep stretches of space while gathering resources and identifying potentially habitable planets.

All the while, you’ll have to keep an eye out for your colonists’ health as well as repair any hull damage taken from external hazards.

Currently in Steam Early Access, Timberborn is a city-building game like Factorio that focuses on sustaining a colony of architecturally gifted beavers.

In it, you choose to control one of two beaver factions: nature-friendly Folktails or the ever-industrious Iron Teeth, before heading off into the forest to start building.

Growing your settlement brings many challenges like stockpiling food and generating enough water to survive wet and dry seasons.

Eventually, you’ll move on to crafting sophisticated machinery and turning timber and metal into water wheels, sawmills, shredders, and even engines.

Moving along, Cosmoteer is another base-building game like Factorio that takes place in space and has you designing the starship of your dreams.

This is made possible thanks to the game’s intuitive ship creation tools that allow you to fully customize its shape, floor plan, and modules.

Since your ship’s design is key to surviving, you’ll have to be careful about where you place weapons, engines, hallways, and crew quarters.

Designs can be shared with other players using Steam Workshop, and you can team up with other players in online PvP and co-op.

Hydroneer focuses on the mining aspect of Factorio’s gameplay while layering on terraforming game mechanics.

This lets you reshape the world to create expansive caves, quarries, and mountains to speed up production and acquire different materials.

Building and powering machines rely on a flexible modular system with a ton of room for customizing and optimizing your networks.

Furthermore, any resources you gather can be used to craft new material types, weaponry, and decorations for your bases.

 Like Factorio, Satisfactory centers on automation, resource management, and the never-ending quest for efficiency.

Things start off small until you’re eventually drowning in conveyor belts, machine assembly lines, and storage containers.

Refined materials prove useful for crafting weapons, tools, buildings, and even vehicles that will take you to new parts of the world.

Still in Early Access, the game has been well-supported with new content updates based on player feedback.

In stark contrast to Factorio’s hostile world, Astroneer takes place on a bright and colorful alien planet devoid of enemies.

That’s not to say the game is without its challenges, as oxygen and power limitations are constant issues you’ll have to overcome.

What sets Astroneer apart from other base-building games is its Terrain Tool, which allows the wielder to bend the environment to their will.

This has many applications benefitting traversal, production, and creativity as you can completely reshape the world to bypass any hazards blocking your path.

Oxygen Not Included is a challenging space survival sim with a similar degree of difficulty as Factorio.

In it, you’re tasked with establishing and expanding a colony living beneath an alien planet where oxygen is extremely limited.

To survive, you’ll have to assign crew members to stations, gather necessary resources, and research new technologies.

The stakes are pretty high, seeing as one lousy call can easily result in a large portion of your colony having its existence wiped out.

Similar to Factorio, RimWorld features a near-perfect blend of base-building, survival, and strategy gameplay.

In it, you pick from several biomes before crash-landing with a team of colonists on a randomly generated alien planet.

Your colonists have physical and emotional needs that must be met for your community to flourish, including adequate housing and base amenities.

This rewarding gameplay loop is further complemented by an AI-driven storyteller that’s known to create hilariously morbid and ridiculous scenarios.

If you enjoy tower defense and resource management games like Factorio, you’ll probably like Mindustry as well.

In this game, you’re tasked with building assembly lines to transport ammo, refine materials, and construct turrets to defend against enemies.

Like Factorio, there is an assortment of customizable rules that help shake up the experience long after you’ve beaten the campaign.

Furthermore, you can use Mindustry’s map generator tool to create unique environments and adjust the placement of terrain, rivers, ore deposits, etc.

If you’re looking to take your factory-building skills to the next level, then look no further than Dyson Sphere Program.

This space automation sim lets you carve out your own galactic industrial empire from the ground up using advanced science and technology.

Taking on the role of an engineer building massive star-orbiting structures, you’ll harness the power of constellations to generate energy for planet Earth.

Similar to Factorio, the main emphasis is on automated production lines and transportation, but on a cosmic scale with increased risks.

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