Best Games Like Legend Of Zelda

We are big fans of Legend of Zelda. If you are too, then see this list of the best games like Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular video game franchises around today, accumulating a loyal army of fans willing to check out anything and everything Zelda related.

The main series, along with numerous remakes and spin-offs, continues to find new ways to entertain players while they explore the Kingdom of Hyrule as the hero Link. Many of the best games like The Legend of Zelda reference its fantasy-inspired world and engaging gameplay while telling completely new stories.

Here, we will be highlighting the best games which offer a similar experience to playing The Legend of Zelda and are available on current-gen devices. Make sure to check back as we will be updating this list in the future with new entries.

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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King makes no attempt to hide its admiration for Zelda games, featuring a graphical style that bears a striking resemblance to A Link to the Past and a protagonist who uses a sword, shield, and boomerang to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

The game’s story is shared from the perspective of a grandfather telling his two grandchildren a bedtime story about a fantastical knight named Lily. Once it switches over to gameplay, players find themselves controlling Lily as she sets off on a quest to save her king after he’s cast into a deep sleep by his evil brother.

Complimenting its interesting story is a solid, 2D gameplay that sees players exploring dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies, each of which requires you to combine Lily’s equipment in unique ways.

Ittle Dew was a charming and visually engaging experience that was ultimately held back by a couple of shortcomings that the sequel looked to resolve. Ittle Dew 2 takes the indie top-down action game to new heights without sacrificing the quirky humor and vibrant art style that fans of the original admired.

The game sees titular hero Ittle and her magical fox companion Tippsie stranded on an island after their raft is destroyed. In a set-up that feels similar to Link’s Awakening, Ittle is tasked with recovering eight pieces of her raft found in various dungeons throughout the island, which players can complete in any order.

Hyper Light Drifter is a stunning 16-bit pixel art action-adventure RPG in which players control a hero cursed with forgotten knowledge and plagued by a deadly illness, known as a Drifter. Fearing that death may be drawing near, the protagonist decides to venture into the mysterious lands of Buried Time in search of a cure.

What ensues is a grand-scale, atmospheric journey through menacing environments filled with branching paths and secrets to uncover. However, standing in the player’s way is a legion of vicious enemies whose attacks demand quick reflexes and mastery over dodging, deflecting, and hack n’ slash techniques.

Supraland blends the best parts of Zelda, Metroid, and Portal to deliver a charming puzzle-based adventure game brimming with personality and satisfying gameplay. Whereas Zelda games have a reputation for holding the player’s hand for far too long, Supraland assumes you’re both intelligent and well-versed in video game mechanics, offering a barebones story in exchange for total freedom at the start.

Players explore a dense, interconnected sandbox containing some areas that can only be accessed after obtaining new abilities.

However, new powers you acquire aren’t designated to serve a single purpose, as a majority of the game’s abilities have hidden uses and can often be combined with other ones in interesting ways. Well-designed, creative puzzles encourage you to experiment with different solutions until you find one that works.

RiME is a graphically beautiful 3D adventure-puzzle game that sees players controlling a young boy who awakens on a strange island after enduring a powerful storm. Guided by an adorable fox, players begin exploring the island’s long-forgotten ruins in search of answers while being stalked by a flying monster.

At the edge of the island lies a massive tower whose foreboding presence instills a feeling of both fear and curiosity. However, to reach the tower and unlock its many secrets, players will have to first make it past a series of ancient puzzles that manipulate the concept of shadows, perspective, and the flow of time.  

Minit is a quirky 2D Zelda-like with minimalist black-and-white pixel graphics centered around a unique mechanic—the entire game is played sixty seconds at a time. While the idea can be difficult to wrap your head around at first, the game does a great job of bringing you up to speed.

After journeying outside the comfort of their home, players will find themselves helping out the locals with a variety of tasks ranging from fetch quests to defeating enemies, all while revealing secrets about the game’s world and the curse that’s causing the one minute day cycle.

Forager is a 2D Zelda-inspired exploration survival game set in a colorful open-world. In it, players are tasked with gathering resources to construct an ever-expanding base capable of housing a myriad of different crafting/cultivation stations.

As players continue to explore, they’ll be able to unlock and travel to diverse biomes brimming with puzzles to solve, dungeons to raid, and secrets to unlock. The game offers 64 different skills for players to master and uses a free-form upgrade system that tailors gameplay to fit your preferred playstyle.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 sets out to be more ambitious than the original at every turn while featuring more exploration-based gameplay that feels reminiscent of Zelda.  The game has you rebuilding civilization in a world where nearly every person has lost the ability to craft even the simplest of objects.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to use useful new tools, including a BOTW-inspired paraglider, and acquire allies to help manage your village’s day-to-day operations.

The sequel introduces a bunch of new features and QoL improvements such as more inventory space, the ability to glide and dive underwater, a new tool for collecting and filling areas with water, and online multiplayer support for up to 4-players. While combat is present, a majority of the game revolves around crafting and building.

The Binding of Isaac is an indie roguelike that comes from the mind of Super Meat Boy designer Edmund McMillen. The game was initially created for a week-long game jam but was later expanded into a full-fledged flash title that would late be improved and rereleased as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Loosely inspired by the biblical story of the same name, Rebirth sees players controlling Isaac, a child forced to flee the basement of his house upon learning his mother has gone insane, believing to have spoken to a religious spirit.

Although it’s dark tone and graphic imagery may overwhelm some players, the game’s top-down perspective and compact dungeons play almost exactly like classic 2D Zelda.

Upon its first release back in 2006, Okami was praised for its distinct art style and Zelda-inspired gameplay. As one of the last titles released for the PS2, it went largely unnoticed by many players.

However, an HD remaster has granted it a second chance at life on current-gen consoles, where its cel-shaded environments and ink-brush art style can reach their true potential.

Okami HD combines a series of Japanese folklore while telling a story of a land consumed by darkness that can only be saved by the sun goddess Amaterasu. This spiritual being takes the form of a white wolf that players control.

The gameplay is a mix of combat, platforming, and solving puzzles with the use of Amaterasu’s celestial brush, which uses gestures to perform miracles.

Moonlighter is a 2D pixel art action RPG in which players control a shopkeeper named Will who’s unsatisfied with his career in retail and dreams of going on great adventures. The game features a day/night cycle where days are spent managing a shop and upgrading gear and evenings are for exploring Zelda-esque dungeons, defeating enemies, and gathering resources.

Risk vs. reward is at the core of Moonlighter‘s gameplay loop, as delving deeper into dungeons may yield more valuable materials while also increasing the chances of dying and losing a large chunk of the loot you’ve accumulated.

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